If we kissed?

By Devon Masterson-Bond

Chapter One

AN: This is an OVIH for Sympathy for the Devil. OVIH One Vision I had (a term I made up to explain the endless plots that I cannot always pursue)

It has nothing to do with Sympathy other than I use the same characters. The plot is completely non-related.

Sesshomaru sighed as he walked into the banquet hall of the Eastern Lord. This was not a place he expected to visit at least not for the reason that he was present for. As Lord of the Westernlands, he was required to attend such functions. In this regard, he was his step mother's escort in his departed father's stead and emissary of the West. Then let's not forget to mention that this was Inu Yasha's first function as a full grown, singe adult. Izayoi was quite excited where as her two sons' response left little to be desired.

"Asuka and Shinji would have been so pleased," she whispered. Her smile was radiant despite the look of sadness that flittered over her features for a second. Two of her best friends and her dearest husband were lost in the demons wars. East and West vs. North and South; a lot of heartache and negotiation led to them having the peace they had enjoyed the last two hundred years. A sigh passed her lips for a second. When would she join her love? She had already lived beyond her life span…but she promised that she would look after the children. Now the first one, and the least likely one, had gone through the mating ritual.

"You both look so handsome," she patted Sesshomaru on the arm affectionately as he escorted her past several nobles.

"There is no need for such sentimentality to be used in reference to me." Inu Yasha narrowed his eyes from his mother's right side at the comment. Just wait until this night was over!

Izayoi shook her head at her oldest's coldness. She knew what he meant in Sesshomoruese. (I am worried that Inu Yasha will not cooperate.)

"I have already spoken to Inu Yasha. The same conversation I had with you all those years ago. It was quite effective on him."

"I do not respond to idle threats," Sesshomaru bristled as he remembered the conversation quite well. He was still annoyed by the event. "I do as I please."

Izayoi chuckled lightly. "You are quite humorous when you want to be." The three of them came to a halt as they were introduced to the Eastern Lord.

"Lord Kenji, Crown Prince of East and Lady Kaede, I present you Lord Sesshomaru, Crown Prince of the West, his mother Lady Izayoi, and Second Crown Prince, Lord Inu Yasha," Jaken bowed deeply.

Kenji nodded his head and grinned. "On behalf of the Easternlands, I welcome you."

Izayoi stepped forward. "You honor us by allowing us to participate in this joyous celebration."

Kenji took her hand, remaining on his best behavior. "I am glad that you are pleased," he said lowly. He always hated formal introductions.

"Behave now," she said lowly before nodding and moving to Kaede. Izayoi nodded reverently to Kaede who then curtsied to show her respect to an elder. The two then embraced lightly. "Watch out for him. Underneath all of his lechery, he's a good man," she whispered.

"It took quite a bit of digging," she smiled her violet eyes sparkling. Izayoi held Kaede at arms length. The young, raven haired woman wore a blue and white silk kimono with the symbol of the kitsune clan embroidered on it along with a blue silk eye patch. Her hair was twisted into a series and elegant knots and swept up away from her neck. The kimono was slightly off the shoulder to display her status as mate of the Eastern Lord. The fact that she could wear white was a testimony to the fact that she still possessed her purity, which would be a memory by sunrise tomorrow. The older woman was quite impressed with the Kaede's will and ability to stay pure around Kenji. She knew it was not from lack of trying. The kitsune needed to have someone give him a hard time.

"I can be a perfect gentleman," Kenji replied which earned a cough-snicker from IY and 'are you serious' look from Izayoi and Sesshomaru.

Kaede wrapped her arm around Kenji's arm. "You honor us by joining us in celebrating," she said graciously. "If you'll excuse us." She led him away.

The last of the introductions had finally been made and now the festivities could begin. Music from past times flittered across the room from the live orchestra and several couples began to take the floor. "Excuse me," Sesshomaru replied before walking in the direction of familiar ebony tresses. "Kouga."

"Sesshomaru," the wolf prince greeted. "It's been awhile."

"It has."

Kouga shook his head watching a pretty red head from across the room. She was a hot little number. "Ever think about settling down?"

"I have no intentions on settling for anything." Amber orbs took note of several females vying for his attention. Interesting.

"Spoken like a man that plans on being lonely the rest of his life," he chuckled. "Hell, I don't blame you, being bossed around the rest of my life doesn't seem appealing to me either. I never thought Kenji would ever mate. He's too much of a lech."

"I admit that it was highly unexpected, however he seemed satisfied."

"You mean he will be when he returns from where ever he and Kaede went off too," Kouga snickered. It was not a secret amongst the three friends that Kenji had been celibate during the courtship. What surprised them was that the fox was able to maintain the status. Kenji was known for being an 'any time, any place' lover. Just in knowing him so well friends, and any others that knew him reasonably well, knew that the lack of presence by Kaede and Kenji meant only one thing.

"At least he still has his impatience," Sesshomaru observed.


"Never would I allow a woman to affect me."

"You probably haven't met the right one," Kouga said wisely. He saw a raven beauty from across the floor. In the natural order of things, several males attempted to strike up a conversation and none were successful. "Or maybe she isn't interested." His eyes were still on the beauty, she seemed familiar somehow.

Sesshomaru snorted. "Hmpf. That is highly unlikely."

Kouga turned his attention to Sesshomaru. "Would you care to put that to the test?"

"I have nothing to prove to you, Kouga, with whom and when is at my discretion."

The dark haired demon threw his hands into the air. "No need to be annoyed. I just noticed a pretty thing over there and no one had had any luck. It would make a nice challenge."

Sesshomaru did not reply to the last comment. He was curious about who Kouga was referring to. An eyebrow arched. Shiny obsidian hair, smoldering chocolate eyes, pouty pink lips; he needed a closer look.

Rin shifted uncomfortably in her kimono. She always hated formal functions. They always required such uncomfortable stuffy clothing especially now that she was older. What she would not give to be in a pair of jeans riding her bike right now? But this was her brother's day and she had to admit she was proud of him. Kenji settling down was a punch line of a joke up until he met Kaede. A smile crossed her lips as she thought about it, Mama would have been pleased.

A hand touched her shoulder. Fortunately her twin's scent reached her delicate nose or he would have been on the floor for his impudence. "You're leaving, Shippo?" she asked reading his expression. "You know this is Ken's big day and our…"

The red head nodded. "I know, but he and Kaede have run off somewhere."

Rin wrinkled her nose as a picture of her brother claiming his bride formed in her mind's eye. That was picture that she did not need. "Couldn't he at least wait until the party was over?"

Shippo nodded his head in sympathy. "You know Ken; at least it's his mate."

Rin sighed. "So you're telling me all of this because you're about to run off with some hussy and I'm in charge, right?" her brother was following in his elder's footsteps though not quite as bad.

"Souten is not a hussy, and we're going out with a couple of others."

At least Souten was a nice girl unlike some of the others. "Don't break her heart Shippo," Rin replied. She hugged him. "She's someone's sister too. You know how you and Ken can be about me."

"That's different."

Rin rolled her eyes. "No it isn't. I'm a sister to you and fresh meat to men."

A slight gleam formed in teal eyes for a moment. "Well no guy better lay hand on you."

"Oh, please, I trained with you and Kenji,' Rin said bitterly. "You two are the best cockblockers in history."

"Damn right," he replied kissing her on the cheek before she changed her mind about letting him ditch her at the party. "See you later."

"You owe me," she mumbled under her breath. Brothers were such jerks. They left their sisters holding the bag while they ran off… Rin sighed at least the party ran itself at this point. Now she only had to awkwardly dodge guests' questions.

"Excuse me," a male voice crooned in her ear grabbing her arm. Rin pulled away, and looked into bright green eyes. "I noticed you from across the room."

"Then you already noticed that I am not entertaining advances while at my brother's and his mate's party."

Green eyes narrowed slightly. "I'm sure he wouldn't mind given his…reputation. I think he would be pleased that his dear sister followed in his footsteps."

An ebony eyebrow rose in amusement. This guy had to be insane. What brother in his right mind would want his sister ride every male she came across? It was already embarrassing for the sister to know that her bother was popular in and out of the bedroom. The thought of Kenji approving her engaging in sexual activity was humorous. He would kill her.

Rin covered her mouth elegantly to stifle her laugh. "Thank you for that." She patted his shoulder then walked away.

"You think you can just blow me off," he growled grabbed her arm roughly. "No one says no to Hasai."

Brown eyes looked down at his hand clasped around her arm. "No, Hasai." She pulled her arm from his grip trying to be as dignified as possible. Ultimately she was the Princess of the Easternlands. The position required elegance, respect, and above all else discretion. Rin smiled as she reached inside of her sleeve.

"Anything wrong, Rin?" Inu Yasha greeted standing behind her with his arms folded. He raised an eyebrow daring the dismissed suitor to continue his harassment.

Saying nothing Hasai walked away, he would foxtrot another day. "I could've handled myself you know." Rin turned and hugged Inu Yasha.

"If I have to behave at this thing you damn well have to too," he snapped. "Besides I was getting bored mingling."

"Well now that we're out of school, we'll have to do this more often," Rin pointed out.

"You mean you will," he corrected.

"And you will be right beside me along with my wayward twin." She kissed Inu Yasha on the cheek and stepped around him. "I got a letter from Kagome yesterday."

Inu Yasha's ears twitched a little but his expression did not change. He was not the slightest bit in the human studying to be a miko. Sure, they all met at the bar she worked part time. He still was not interested even if she was the hottest bartender on the planet. The woman was too argumentative. She got a long perfectly with everyone but him. "What are you telling me for?"

"Inu Yasha don't treat me like an idiot. I have Ken and Shippo for brothers; I know a connection when I see one. You two are good together." Rin smiled and pressed a piece of paper into his hand. "She's the only one I'd trust to take care of you."

"I can take care of myself." He turned away stubbornly then yelped when Rin pulled on of his ears.

"Inu Yasha stop being an idiot before you end up alone. I will be okay, go find you own happiness. You'll always be my best friend." She let go.

Inu Yasha rubbed his ears glaring at Rin. "How would you like it if I grabbed you?" he snapped.

"Depends on where." She raised an eyebrow flushing slightly. Inu Yasha matched her flush and frowned. He loved this girl but just not the way she wanted.

"You and your whole family are leches," he grumbled. Rin laughed and took his hand.

"Oh, I am not that bad." She pulled him along. "Come you have to see my new baby." The party would be fin for a few minutes. She was dying to show someone the latest addition to her family.

"You got another bike?" he asked.

Rin nodded. "Designed it myself and it arrived this afternoon. I can't wait too…" Her sentence trailed when brown, met a second set of amber. In front of her stood the unattainable fantasy of her past. It had centuries since he last acknowledged her.

Probably his last memory of her was the chubby, ratty looking girl that tried to tag along behind him and Kenji. Those days had long gone, thankfully. Of all the days for him to see her, today was one of the best. She was adorned in a blue kimono with fox flames dancing across the material. Her cutting board chest now proudly supported firm mounds that would fit nicely in any man's fantasy. No longer were her teeth and nose too large for her face, as she did grow into them as her mother promised, and her figure became curvy in the sensual sense. Yes, she looked like a completely different person.

Sesshomaru was pleased with the beauty in his view. She was even more striking up close than at a distance. He was not pleased, however, that his little brother had somehow succeeded where others had failed. "Inu Yasha, your mother wishes to speak with you."

Inu Yasha nearly rolled his eyes then remembered his promise to pretend to be social. "I'll check it out later, Rin," he said before moving in the direction he last saw his mother conversing.

"Rin?" Sesshomaru asked curiously. This could not be Kenji's Rin. She was….

"It has been a long time, Lord Sesshomaru," Rin answered graciously. She was amazed she could speak.

It was her. "Apparently."

Rin smirked. "Still as cold as ice, I see." Still untouchable as well. What was it with silver hair and amber eyes? It drew her in like a moth to a flame and all she ever got was burned. Sesshomaru was untouchable and Inu Yasha was unreachable. At least with Inu Yasha they could be friends and she could be happy with that. The day Sesshomaru was declared off the market, she would begin her mourning. She was a hopeless romantic.

"I see you have the gift of your mother's tongue."

Rin smiled her mother was quite the character in her life. She was type of person that people absolutely love or absolutely hated; no in-between. It was one of the few things that she remembered about her. "I'll take that as a compliment, Lord Sesshomaru."

"It was meant as one, Lady Rin."

Rin frowned. "Rin"


Rin could feel her cheeks heating up. This was the most he ever said to her. "Sesshomaru," she said trying the name without the honorific. Another rush of heat washed over her and unknown to her started the melting of a glacier within her taciturn companion.

Before further awkwardness could ensue a servant cleared her throat getting the attention of her Lady. "Pardon me, Lady Rin, but the phone call you asked that we watch for has occurred." Rin's eyes widened in nervousness.

She placed a hand on Sesshomaru's arm and excused herself. "Excuse me."

Sesshomaru nodded watching her fleeting form casually before walking away.

"So?" Kouga asked expectantly. "Or did you get shot down?"

Amber eye narrowed at the implication that he could be denied. "I did not get shot down as you put it. I merely came across new information that I did not previously possess."

"And that is?" he grinned.

"Her name is Rin and is the Lady of the Easternlands."

"You're kidding that chubby little girl grew into that? Mother Nature was kind too kind. She's off limits now, too bad, Sess."

"There would only be regret if I were interested in the first place. I was merely curious."

"Right," Kouga chuckled before walking away. "See you tonight."

Sess nodded. He was alone again as he preferred it, that is until some giggling female attempted get his attention. "You know the time would go faster if you mingled," Izayoi suggested.

"I have no need to change my situation."

"I see," Izayoi smiled knowingly. She bad been observing her stepson quite closely and could tell something weighed on his mind. A pensive look had been in his eyes ever since she asked him to find Inu Yasha. Some curious conclusions came to mind, but she would have to observe before taking direct action. "Well I thought I would keep you company for a moment before the ladies pounce on you."

Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes slightly. He did not need to be rescued, pitied, or released. Simply put he was not in the mood. "Where is Inu Yasha?" he asked. For some reason he suddenly cared about the whereabouts of his wayward brother.

A slight smile crossed Izayoi's face which she covered with a sign. "Probably off to find Rin. They are very close you know. I would not be surprised if I ended up having her as a daughter."

Sesshomaru fingers nearly tightened into a fist. That information annoyed him for some reason. He walked away in need of fresh air. The entire atmosphere was stifling him and he needed to get away.


Rin hung up the phone with a smile on her face. The school was impressed with her portfolio and she could start next fall. New York…it would be a fresh start. No brothers stalking her to keep guys at bay (even the cute ones) and no unrequited love times two hanging over her head. Now everyone could get on with their lives, mainly her.

There was so much planning to do. She had to find a loft, arrange travel for her bikes, study up on the culture, tell the men in her life. She could imagine the theatrics Kenji would bring about. Inu Yasha would be hurt, but by then him and Kagome would be I full swing. Shippo being her twin… he already knew of her decision to apply. Sess…he had not acknowledged her existence in 200 years, why would he start now? He looked so handsome in his white kimono and matching hakama. Even in street clothes he looked handsome, Rin sighed as she started the chain again. She hadn't thought about Sesshomaru in a long time. "I'm such an idiot," she sighed putting her forehead to the wall.

"I've been telling you that for years and it never bothered you before," Inu Yasha smirked as he walked into her room.

"Go to hell, Inu Yasha," she lifted her and sighed before putting her head back down.

"I love you too," he snapped moving forward. "Who peed in your ramen?"

Rin smirked at his crude comment. She hated that he could make her smile in spite of everything. "I'm fine. I just have some things on my mind."

Inu Yasha nodded then plopped down on the floor. "Spill it." Rin looked at him confusion. "Every time I ask you what's wrong you say you're fine, but you really want to talk. If I don't offer, I'm a jerk. So I am offering so I won't have to hear about it later," he explained.

Rin chucked at the intent look in his face. "Don't worry."

"I'm your best friend it comes with the territory," he interrupted. He crossed his arms. "Is it about me or Sesshomaru?"

Rin's face paled in shock then burned in embarrassment. After knowing each other since being pups, he still managed to catch her off guard. She opened her mouth to answer and words failed for a moment. "This is about me," she flopped onto her bed and hugged a pillow.

Inu Yasha watched as she rolled over so that she now lay on her back starring at him from upside down. Raven tresses spilled out from under her like a curtain and pulled onto the rug. "I'm listening."

She sighed. "Inu Yasha we're cool. We know our limits and we're okay with friendship. Sesshomaru… I was a little kid with a crush. That's been over for years; move on with your life."

"Hmm." Inu Yasha looked at her doubtfully. Somehow he still did not feel at ease, but he would leave it alone for now. "So are you going to show me your new bike or not?"

A smile crossed her face as she rolled over and jumped off the bed. "It's beautiful." She grabbed Inu Yasha by the arm and dragged him. He stumbled to his feet slightly but managed to keep up to her pace as she pulled him down the hall. "We'll take the stairs, it will be faster." The two of them went through a door at the end of the hall near the elevators. Rin leaved over the railing and stared down eighty floors to the bottom. Stepping out of her slippers and sliding them under obi, she turned to her partner in crime. "I hope you've been keeping up with your training." She lifted the hem of her skirt exposing her knees.

"Nice legs," he whistled before grinning.

"Nice caboose." She slapped him on the behind then jumped over the edge. The deer caught in headlight look he gave made her chuckle as she dropped a few floors.

"Told ya' you were a lech," he replied a few feet above her. The two fell a few more flights then began to jump from floor to floor in a strange blue and red dance until they reached the bottom.

"Now that was fun," Rin smiled putting on her shoes, "and I am not a lech."

"Whatever at least you're not as bad as Miroku."

"Thank god for small favors," she laughed as they went through the door of the ground floor.

"Lady Rin," one of the garage attendants walked over to the. "Lord Inu Yasha, are you leaving the festivities?"

Rin shook her head. "I've come to show him my baby."

The attendant smiled. "Ah, I should've known."

Now that her intentions were made known, it would be a matter of time before she was tracked. "Yes you should, Nobuyuki," Rin sighed pulling Inu Yasha over to her section of the garage. Six motorcycles were parked in individual parking spaces and all of them purple.

"Don't you know any other colors besides purple?"

Rin's eyes narrowed at his criticism as she stood beside her latest bike, a Kawasaki Ninja. "I am familiar with the scheme black and blue, which you can be too."

Inu Yasha crossed his arms. "Yeah, whatever."

"So what do you think?" she squealed lifting her kimono gracefully as she prepared to mount the bike.

"What does Kenji have to say about this weird obsession?"

Rin shrugged, "He said this better be the only thing I am riding."

"He would," Inu Yasha smirked. "You know most girls like fast cars."

"Blasphemy," she gasped in shock then waved him off, "I am not most girls."

Amber eyes widened. It was true she was not. Rin was the girl that guys would give a limb to be with, why didn't he want her? Was he really that disloyal? "That's true."

"What's that look for?" she asked curiously. She smiled. "I know what will make you feel better. How about a ride, I have been dying to take him out?"

"Don't you mean her?"

"No, him. If my bike is going to be the only thing I am riding, it's going to be a 'him,'" she answered. "Besides it irks Ken."

Inu Yasha shook his head. The woman was insane.

"Lady Rin, Lady Izayoi asked me to bring a message for you and Lord Inu Yasha," a servant said bowing lowly. Rin nodded. "She said do not even think about it and to come upstairs."

"Foiled again?" he chuckled as he observed the miffed look on her face. Rin raised her head in the air and brushed past him. "Calm down." He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into him. He stared into her eyes for a moment. A twinge settled over him for a second at the situation he found himself in yet again.

"We went down this road before, Inu Yasha," Rin said softly. She kissed his nose. "Don't force yourself. I love you just the way you are." She pulled away. "Let's go back."

To be continued…

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