Sokka sat on the edge of the bisen's back. The kiss still burned on his lips. Suki's kiss. His expression was serious, like he was in a trance. His mouth was in a very small smile, his eyes shined intensly.

Katara smirked. "What's keeping you so happy?"

Sokka quickly shook the thoughts out of his head. "N-nothing."

As they flew into the distance, the teenager had no idea that things would forever change.

A few months later….

Sokka was on his sleeping bag, a sort of silly smile spread across his face. "Suki..." he whispered to himself.

Katara walked into the tent, carrying the supplies from a local market. "What!" she asked with a smile. Her brother still hadn't told her. Her brother turned around and faced her. He hadn't been himself lately. "Just thinking." He said with a smile.

Katara simply stared at her older brother and shrugged. "Whatever you say, Sokka. Whatever you say."

Aang walked into the tent after her. His face was serious, almost sad. "Um, can we check on Kioshi Island? I just wanted to make sure everyone was okay. You know…after what happened." He touched the back on his neck and looked at the ground. Aang was still sensitive about what had happened when he was last there. The firebender attack…

Katara put down the supplies and walked over to Aang, giving him a gentle hug. "That sounds like a good idea." She said with a nod.

Looking over at Sokka, she said "What do you think, leader boy? What do your instincts tell you?"

Sokka stared at Aang and his sister for a minute. 'Kioshi Island…Suki' He thought to himself. He nodded quickly "Yeah…sure, let's do it."

Loading the supplies on Appa, Aang, Katara, and Sokka set off. Sokka was almost shaking with antiticaption. Katara laughed. "Don't try to tell me nothing's up with you. You've been like this for months now."

Sokka shook his head, and with a nervous laugh, said "No way am I going to tell you! Now, did you pack any steak?"

Katara shook her head. "Nope, just nuts, tofu, and carrots. Sorry, Sokka, but we have to think of Aang right now."

Sokka groaned and leaned his head back. "Aang Aang Aang…grumble"

Aang blushed. "Sorry Sokka, but we can't bring meat with us. No way…besides, it would hurt Appa's feelings. Right Appa?" the 12 year old said as he elbowed the flying bisan.

The bisan let out a giant groan. Aang flashed a huge grin as he said "See?"

Sokka groaned harder. "Yeah, like that's supposed to mean anything."

A few hours later….

Sokka had his head tilted back, and was snoring. Suddenly, Aang pointed his finger out and yelled in a childish manner "We're here! Look! See Katara!"

Katara said dryly, "Yeah, I see."

Sokka rubbed his eyes and looked out. Then he smiled. "Finally."