Author's Note: Okay, all readers must repeat after me right now. "This is Jenny's first big fight scene. I will not laugh at her. No matter how weird it might sound, she's trying her hardest to please me. Amen." -laughs- Very well, here goes. By the way, I acted out scenes with my dad's ancient spanish sword, to make sure I knew the movements. (Slow motion of course.) Reviews PLEASE. I promise to have chapters coming MUCH faster from now on.

Sokka nodded solumnly, holding the sword so that his entire arm extended out. "This is for Kyoto..." he sighed. "And for my dad." Zhao chuckled. "How sweet." Kyoto coughed, winced and looked up from the area where Aang had helped her to. "Sokka..." she whispered. "I...I...have faith in you." Sokka could just bearly hear her, and he turned his head, and smiled weakly, but was too nervous to say anything more.

Finally, it begun. Zuko lunged forward, grunting slightly as he slashed his sword to Sokka's side. Sokka jumped to the right in perfect timing, ducking slightly. 'That was close.', he thought to himself. It was true, the sword was a nanosecond from slashing his side. Sokka's turn. Running forward in a rather clumsy manner, Sokka practically threw his dagger at Zuko's left arm. Zuko jumped to the side with ease. He laughed under his breath, and since Sokka was now so close, he swiftly slashed the side of Sokka's neck. Or tried to. Luckily for our young hero, he ducked all the way to the ground, but he did get a large cut. Beads of cold sweat formed on his forehead, and he bit his lip. Too close. Much too close. He was practically staring death in the face. Zuko stepped over him, and bent down, pressing his sword toward the center of Sokka's throat. Kyoto's voice was too hoarse to scream, but her breath came out in sharp, frantic gasps. "Sokka...Sokka..." she murmered. "Sokk...a..." Sokka grabbed the handle of the sword, and tried to push it away. Frantically pulling it away. Grunting and groaning in harsh attempt, besides the fact the gash on his neck stung terribly. Zuko pushed the sword forward, Sokka away, and it became a sort of tug-a-war. All the back-ground noise was blacked out, both boys grew deaf to it.

Finally Sokka managed to push the sword away, and he jumped up. Quickly, just as the younger boy gained balance once again, Zuko plunged his sword into Sokka's wrist. Blood ran down his arm, and Sokka yelled out in horrid pain, dropping his dagger. Zuko laughed out loud, his golden eyes gleaming. He was so pleased, in fact, he threw back his head in laughter. "The Avatar is mine, at long last!" This was Sokka's chance. He grabbed his dagger, and threw it at Zuko's throat. But dammit, Zuko was able to get out of it, making a full turn, where he plunged the sword at Sokka. He actually THREW the sword, letting go of it. Sokka ran to the side, more like a stagger, he was in so much pain. The fight seemed like it would go on forever.

Then, Aang did something most unexpected. He watched the whole fight with guilt pounding in his heart. They were fighting over him. It was his fault. He stepped forward and shouted "STOP!" When he got their attenton for just a moment, he ripped of the wig. "I'M THE AVATAR! STOP FIGHTING!" Then his eyes watered, and he gulped. Lowering his head, he gasped out the words. "Just stop. I...don't want anyone to get hurt. Just take me insted."

Everything seemed to freeze in time. Sokka was so shocked, he dropped his dagger. "Aang..." Zuko's eyes widened in shock. Was he such a fool he didn't see the Avatar before him this whole time? Katara screamed in horror. "AANG! NO! You don't have to do this!" Aang turned back and nodded solumnly. "I have to, Katara. I rather be taken away then Sokka get hurt because of me." Tears formed in her eyes with worry and sorrow. "Aang, please don't do this. Please..." before she could stop it, a tear rolled down her cheek. "Please..." He smiled weakly and winked. "I'll be back." Kyoto stood, completly silent. She couldn't believe it.

Zuko nodded finally, and in a single, swift action, Zhao lead Aang away. Aang looked behind him one final time, and bit his lip. He would find a way to return, the boy was sure of it. Not a doubt in his mind.

Sokka watched, unable to utter a single word. His lip quivered, but not a sound left him. Katara ran to her brother, and buried her head in his shoulder. "Why... did he do... that..." she murmered between sobs. Sokka just let her cry, as he wrapped his arms around her supportively. Finally, he spoke. "He said he'd be will. I think he knows what he's doing, Katara." She hiccuped between sobs, as her shoulders shook.

Kyoto lowered his head sadly, letting tresses of hair fall into her eyes. "Aang...she murmered.