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Chapter One:

A dark, menacing hand reached out from the darkness and grabbed a hold of his beige tunic. He struggled to get away, but couldn't. Out of desperation, he turned to face his captor.

All he could see was darkness, yet there was still something there. He finally could make it out.

It was a mask.

And not just any mask. The mask that his father had been condemned to.

"You, like your father had been, are now mine…" the voice of Palpatine snickered at him from the beyond.

Luke sat up in his bed, trying to calm his breathing down. But he knew that it was utterly useless.

Ever since he had been reunited with his father as well as the rest of his family about two months ago, these nightmares had been coming.

Not every night at first, but a night here and there. Then it became every other night. And now it was every night.

And every night it was almost the same. Palpatine always reminded Luke that he was now a sith and could never be a Jedi. Yet Luke knew better. His father had returned to the light side, and so could he. And as far as Luke could tell, he was a Jedi.

But the dreams still tugged on his soul. What if Palpatine was right? What if he could never escape from the dark side? What if he wasn't as strong as his father had been?

He managed to shield his thoughts about his nightmares from his father. But Leia had managed to break through his barrier and realize what was going on. And he had made her promise not to tell anyone.

She had protested at first, but agreed not to tell anyone.

A knock on the door brought Luke out of his thoughts. He got up and answered it, acting like he was sleepy. He was too bothered at the moment to use the Force to see who was knocking on the door.

"Did you have another dream?" Leia whispered to him as he opened the door.

He nodded yes. Leia followed him into his room and shut the door quietly.

"You have to tell dad sometime. These dreams are tearing you apart." Leia pleaded with him.

"No! You don't understand Leia. He has too much to worry about already. He and Obi-Wan are trying to the Jedi Order back in sync and also trying to help mom and Bail Organa bring all the systems back under one banner of government."

Leia sighed and began to leave the room. "I hope you change your mind," she said before she left.

Luke watched her quietly leave. He knew she was right, but he was right as well.