AN:I know that this isn't a long chapter, but it helped me plan a bit. So enjoy!

Chapter 6:

Anakin lay in bed thinking while Padmé slept. Were they going to have to leave Courscant to seek out safety? Or were they just going to get through this the same way they had overcame so much else as a family in the last few years.

After a bit longer of not being able to sleep, he got out of bed and walked towards the veranda that came off the living room. As he was walking past Luke's room, he stumbled slightly then caught himself.

"Ouch!" Leia said.

Anakin had been in such deep thought that he hadn't noticed Leia was sleeping on the floor in front of Luke's door. He helped her up off the floor.

"what are you doing Leia?" he whispered.

"Making sure that Luke doesn't have any more nightmares."

Anakin led Leia through the apartment to the veranda.

"What makes you think sleeping outside of his room would help him?" he asked, once they were outside.

"I thought that if he knew I was close to him, it might help him more." she softly said. "was I wrong daddy?"

"I can't answer that princess," Anakin said pulling her close. "You and Luke share a bond that few have. You are twins. You helped him once and maybe you can help him once again. But I don't think sleeping outside of his bedroom is the way to do that."

"Ok daddy."

Yoda frowned. Something wasn't right in the Force. It wasn't the current issue with Mara Jade nor was it the issue of Luke Skywalker's nightmares.

This was something deeper.

Something worse.

And whatever it was, it wasn't good.