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"Setsuna. Wake up." said a sing-songy voice.

"Oh Mama, I don't wanna wake up. Five more minuets." murmured Suna before rolling over, away from the open door letting in the blindingly evil light.

A less singsong voice snorted. "Do I look like your mother?"

"I don't know Yusuke. God has taken a face similar to yours." said another voice, this one was female.

"Can't you people let me sleep?!" groaned Setsuna. She opened her eyes to glare at her older sister and boyfriend, and then she turned again to press her face into her pillow.

Yusuke went beside her and sat on his knees beside the bed. "Ya know if you do that for too long you'll suffocate." Her body suddenly sagged. "C'mon Sets'." he poked her in the rib. "Stop playing and get up." He stood walking to the door and Bunny. When his girlfriend didn't get up he went back and sat on the bed. He touched her back. "Setsuna?"

He rolled her limp body over and saw her face was red. From laughing. "Setsuna!" He said shaking her. "Don't you dare scare me like that!"

Both the amused girl and pissed boy were surprised by a sound at the door. Bunny was doubled over suppressing laughter. "Is Bunny…"

"Giggling?" asked Yusuke and Setsuna simultaneously. Her hysteria was interrupted by the door bell ringing.

"I'll get it." said Kurama walking by the door. The group immediately sobered up. Kurama had that affect on people ever since Raye died.

"I've done so many bad things,

I can't say I'm proud

I have cut my own wings

Even though your sobs were loud"

They followed him to the door. A Hispanic boy faced them. He looked directly at Bunny as if no one else was there. His eyes were as black as obsidian. She felt power drawing at her soul.

"I wish I could say I've changed

So you would take me back

I haven't let go of my chains

But I let my own pain slack."

She then noticed the bundle in his arms. He held it out and said "This is an old friend of yours."

"I'm making steps

I want it badly

No regrets

I love you madly."

She took the bundle and looked into it, her eyes filled with tears.

"Isn't this against the Rules?"

The boy smiled and shook his head. "Have I taught you nothing child? A willing sacrifice can never be held." He then looked at the baby. "She was reborn." He whispered.

"I'm here for you

Will you forgive me?

I never knew

That I could never see."

Then he looked up. "On the next blue moon there will be a ritual. It was once performed many life times ago. That is all I can tell you. If you perform the ritual again…" He sighed. "Something good will happen." He said apologetically. "I am sorry. I cannot tell you more." He then turned around and in-between one blink and the next disappeared.

"Just forgive me

And let me live

All I want is

One more second chance."