When six thirty finally rolled around, everyone was standing in the yard. A low table was placed in the middle of a circle made of rocks. On top of the table was a bowl of water and a jar of Myrrh oil.

"So how exactly is this gonna go?" asked Yusuke pensively.

"You three boys will stay outside the circle at all time. I'm not sure what will happen if you break it. The magic would go wild and someone might get hurt." Setsuna continued, "The girls and I will be inside the circle conducting the ritual. We'll first cast the circle; easy enough. Domini will be earth, I air, Bunny fire, and Raye will be water. After we call down the elements and cast the circle we call down the moon, then using the power of the Gods we will theoretically transfer the power to Raye."

"Theoretically?" Kurama asked.

Dominique smiled "The Gods sometimes have different intentions than what you have in mind."

"We better start. Twilight fast approaches." Bunny pointed out.

"Right." Setsuna took Raye from Kurama, carrying her over to the bassinet put at the western quarter of the circle. After she set her sister down, she crossed over to the eastern quarter. Dominique was on the northern side, Bunny on the southern.

Dominque through back her head "Earth I call thee, spirit of the north. Bring to this circle your strength and power." Out of the trees stepped a doe. She walked to the very edge of the circle and sat, stairing intently at Dominique.

Setsuna's voice rose "Air I call thee, spirit of the east. Bring to this circle your vitality and power." An eagle swept down to land at the edge of the circle. He looked patiently at Setsuna.

Bunny then spoke "Fire I call thee, spirit of the south. Bring to this circle your passion and power." A salamander crawled out from under a stone, stopping at the edge of the circle. He peered up at Bunny

Raye's voice, though heard only in her companion's minds, was no less powerful. 'Water I call thee, spirit of the west. Bring to this circle your wisdom and power.' With a croak a frog hopped to the edge of the circle. He happily fixed his eyes on Raye.

"We call the elements to bind and protect this circle. Let only love enter and leave. As you will it so mote it be." They said together

Dominique started walking the perimiter of the circle, going clockwise. "As we walk this circle we establish the boundary."

When she reached Setsuna, they both walked and chanted "No negativity may enter, for only love is felt."

When they reached Raye Setsuna picked her up and they continued "No power may escape, for all will be used."

They finally reached Bunny and began walking to the start "We are part of the circle and the circle encloses us all." When they reached the beginning point they said "The circle is now cast, and forever it remains."

They walked together to the alter. They positioned the bowl of water so that the rising moon was reflected. Setsuna removed the stopper of the oil and poored some into the ball. The affect was that of the light filling the entire bowl.

"Mother moon we call you

Your light burns right through

Your power calls us

Your blessing befalls us."

Their voices rose in song

"Mirror water

We're your daughters

enfold us in your gentle embrace

Turn to us your bright face."

They dipped their fingers into the water and touched their foreheads with the dripping water. They sat down, Raye propped into her baby seat. They sat as a smaller circle like the very one they were in. They clasped hands.

"Veles I call thee

Father of mystery

We call you not for darkness or deceivers

But rather magic and believers

Bless us with your power

In this magical hour."

Dominique sang. If the girls eyes were open they would have seen a laughing bearded man standing behind her. He winked at the boys before he turned back to the circle of women.

"Skatha attend this rite

Goddess of death and night

We ask not for prophesy

But rather reciprocity

Lend us your power

In this magical hour."

Behind Setsuna stood a woman with long golden hair. Her soft features looked stern. She tossed her head, throwing shadows in the moonlight before she looked to the circle.

"Hecate join this circle

Both Goddess and an oracle

We are at a crossroads tonight

We need your guidance in this rite

Give us your power

In this magical hour."

Out of shadows a hag stood, propped up with a cane. Her face was hidden in the hood of her cloak. Her cackle could almost be heard as she gazed on the girls.

"Isis I do call

Mother of them all

You know every spell

In the Underworld you dwell

We need your power

In this magical hour."

A tall woman appeared. She had long black hair and kohl lined her eyes. She smiled sadly and touched Raye's hair before she turned her attention to the rest of the circle.

"Deities of magic and change

Those of all range

We call you down to us

Let your magic run through us

Guide us on our path

Keep us from destinies wrath

Time means nothing in this place

We can lay all rules to waist..

Transformation is our guide

Send your power inside."

The air filled with butterflies. They surrounded the girls until it was too thick to see.

"You shall get what you deserve little ones." a deep masculine voice said

"whether it's what you intended or not." a luscious woman said, laughter in her voice.

"What was meant to be will be." cackled an old, dry voice.

"You shall be reborn once more." ended a voice softly.

God's power, Goddess's desire

What will be shall be

Prophesy for eternity

Three Angels they fell

Found love, not hell

Grew to be more

Than they ever were before

Though justice was now dead

The just were still led

Old meets new

With the past you were not through

Now you change

Transform to something strange

Power fills your blood

A light in the flood

Now live on

Even with a little one

Completion is in store

And you shall not want for more

This time comes to a close

As it is above. So it is below."

With that the butterflies, Deities, and animals were gone.

The girls stared up at the stars. "What a rush."

"Raye!" they all turned to see their sister, no longer a baby but a teenage girl. The sisters hugged. "It's so good to have you back."

"Um guys?" they looked over to see the boys standing just outside the circle. "Is it all done yet?" Yusuke asked.

"Oh. Almost."

Dominique stood facing north "I thank thee earth for attending this rite. As long as I have this body and life we are kith and kin.

"I thank thee air for attending this rite. As long as I have breath and life we are kith and kin."

"I thank thee fire for attending this rite. As long as I have heart and life we are kith and kin."

"I thank thee water for attending this rite. As long as I have spirit and life we are kith and kin."

"The circle is cleared yet the circle remains. Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again."

The girls stepped out of the circle. Setsuna headed to the house. Dominique sat on the ground, savoring the feel of the night.

Raye walked to Kurama. "I hope the whole me being a baby thing hasn't changed anything."

He smiled "It hasn't."

She jumped and put her arms around his neck. His hands found her waist and they hugged, Raye sobbing a little.

Bunny put her arm around Hiei's waist, while Hiei lay his arm across her shoulders. "All the drama's over." Bunny sighed.

"Somehow I sincerely doubt it."

Setsuna appeared in the doorway just as everyone made it to the porch. Her face looked pale and her eyes were much to large for her face.

"What's wrong?" Yusuke asked, concerned.

"I'm pregnant."

Author: wonderful ending wasn't it?

All: WHAT??????

Setsuna: How the fuck can you end it there?

Author: easy. I'm evil.

Raye: apparently.

Bunny: so… will there be a third story?

Author: Maybe. Or an epilogue or something. There's also gonna be an "alternative ending" that's pure humor. It never happened. Kinda like clue.

Random person #235: Why???

Author: Cause Raye-chan's making me.

Raye: yep!

Author: so in conclusion. This is the last chapter of Someway is made for love. Except for the alternative ending. And the epilogue. But other than that it's the end.