This is my first Kyou Kara Maou fanfic. Oh how I LOVE the Yuuri/Wolfram paring! Enjoy!

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Watch Your Back

Once again the Mazoku prince found himself at an inn within human territory, and he was slightly less than pleased. Yuuri always was so impulsive whenever a situation arose. He wanted to help everybody and therefore was constantly rushing to take other's problems upon himself. Of course, Wolfram would never let him go without him. He wanted to protect the one he loved, and there was always the issue of leaving the Maou alone with Weller-kyo. He growled at the thought.

As a necessary precaution, Wolfram was taking his turn to stand watch in the hallway. Bored to death, he shifted his weight from one foot to the other. He almost wished something would happen so that he wouldn't just be standing there. He glanced at the door behind which the young king slept. Almost…

Wolfram would never forgive himself if something happened to his Yuuri. Before, he had needed every chance to prove himself to the black-haired boy. But now he felt even more reason to protect the king, if that was possible. A couple weeks ago Yuuri had kissed him for the first time.

Wolfram smiled to himself as he remembered. He sat down in front of the door with his sword across his lap. Nothing was going to get in between the blonde and his fiancé.

Sleep was just beginning to cloud Wolfram's mind, when the door opened quickly from behind him, and the prince landed unceremoniously on his back. He would have been alarmed if it had not been for the grinning figure kneeling above him.

"I swear… I didn't do that on… on purpose Wolf," but it was obvious that the dark haired boy was trying desperately to keep from laughing.

The prince crossed his arms and glared. "Forgive me for not seeing the humor in this situation."

"Oh c'mon Wolf, you look so cute when you're on your back." Yuuri was no longer able to contain himself and burst into laughter. Wolfram tried to hide the color that came to his face as he quickly sat up. When Yuuri had controlled himself, he stood up and offered Wolfram a hand. The blonde accepted, but as soon as he was upright he was drawn swiftly forward and soon found himself falling for the second time in five minutes.

The landing was much softer this time. When he opened his eyes Wolfram found himself sprawled on the bed with Yuuri, grinning again, beneath him.

"I couldn't sleep," Yuuri whispered mischievously. Wolfram found the whole situation extremely tempting.

"I'm supposed to be standing watch," he said hoarsely, kicking himself mentally for being so damn rational at a time like this. But even as he spoke the door behind them closed with a soft click.

"I think Conrad has it covered." Wolfram soured instantly and glared at the door. Yuuri took him by the chin so that they were facing each other again. "Don't be like that Wolf. You can't possibly be jealous of him now." The prince studied his pouting fiancé beneath him and gave his trademark smirk.

"You know Yuuri; you look so cute when you're on your back."

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