Godzilla vs

Godzilla vs. King Kong

By C. L. Werner



The young captain struggled to match the steps of Senator Arthur Kolchack as the old man stormed down the sterile, gloomy corridors. The Senator's face was frozen into a mask of determination. He ignored the stammering protests of the captain like an elephant being pursued by a yapping terrier. Finally, with a short burst of speed, the green-garbed captain was blocking Senator Kolchack's path.

"Remove yourself from my way, Captain" growled the Senator. The young captain stood indecisive for a moment before resuming his place at the Senator's side.

"Sir, I must protest," the captain yapped. "General Farnsworth is in meeting with his staff. If you will make an appointment, the General will be happy to see you at a later time." Senator Kolchack stopped and spun about on his heel, glaring into the captain's face.

"The General will see me right now!" thundered Senator Kolchack, drawing the attention of two passing GIs, "I'll blow the whistle on what he's got here."

The captain recovered from the Senator's overwhelming presence and replied contritely. "Whatever secrets this installation contains are of national interest and to divulge them would be…" Senator Kolchack cut the army officer off.

"You tell General Farnsworth that he will see me right now!" snapped the Senator. "You tell him that I know what he has here and unless he sees me the press will too." The Senator paused and sneered at the captain.

"You tell him that I know Kong is here!"

Ten minutes later, Senator Kolchack was walking slowly beside the gray-headed General Farnsworth in a restricted area of the base.

"How much do you know?" General Farnsworth said by way of greeting once they were alone.

"Not much, only, now that you're here, I know that Kong is too. Otherwise, why see me?" the Senator replied pointedly. General Farnsworth merely shrugged.

"I guess that with an operation this wide in scope, leaks were bound to develop," he stated glumly.

"What I don't understand, General, is why."

The General looked at Senator Kolchack for a moment before opening a door on his left.

"You might as well know the whole truth as a part of it" he declared, ushering the Senator before him through the door. Beyond was a large, brightly-lit room with numbers of white-coated technicians working at tables and feeding numbers into computer banks. A squad of armed soldiers snapped to attention and saluted as the General entered. General Farnsworth led Senator Kolchack to a table and pointed at a beaker containing brown-tinted water.

"That is what it is all about," he said. "Spring water from Skull Island." The General paused to laugh. "How those surveyors from Petrox missed it, I don't know, but that whole damn island is riddled with deposits of uranium. The spring water bubbles up through this layer of uranium, becoming somewhat radioactive. Naturally, this radiation is passed on up the food chain by the animals that drink the water.

"Now, radiation can cause abnormal cellular growth. Cancer is a well-known example of this. But some peculiar property in the water on Skull Island causes the radiation to result in not cancer but gigantism."

"Resulting in monsters such as Kong," interrupted the Senator.

"Yes," admitted the General. "Our boys had a tough job clearing out some of the nastier critters on that island when we built Camp Cooper there. And, it was then that we learned of an even more amazing property of this water." General Farnsworth leaned into Senator Kolchack's face.

"Have you ever asked yourself how Kong survived his fall from the World Trade Center or how he survived being shot full of holes after rampaging through Virginia? It is because the water makes Kong invulnerable!" Senator Kolchack stared at the General in disbelief. General Farnsworth hastily continued.

"Oh, I don't mean that he's never going to die. But that water makes him heal almost any wound in a rather short amount of time. Why, once we removed that mechanical heart those university eggheads put in him, Kong grew a new heart! Perhaps the proper word is he regenerated it.

"All those years they were trying to keep Kong alive after his fall they didn't realize they were actually preventing him from healing on his own. Guess Nature knew better.

"Now, Senator, I'm sure that you can see why the military is interested in studying Kong. If we can find a way to impart Kong's regenerative abilities without bestowing giantism as well, we will be able to virtually eliminate our casualties in war. But before we can hope to test this out on volunteers, we have to neutralize the giantism, both for psychological reasons as well as tactical ones. It is hard to maintain the element of surprise or remain hidden when you're ten feet tall."

Senator Kolchack looked at General Farnsworth. "Where is Kong?" he asked. General Farnsworth rose and led Senator Kolchack through a door at the far end of the room. The Senator gasped at what he saw on the other side.

The second room was cavernous, the size of three aircraft hangars. Dozens of soldiers, flame-throwers and disposable LAW rockets at the ready, stood guard over an enormous black-furred form which spanned nearly the entire room. Like some bestial Guliver, Kong's body was secured to the floor by heavy chains. Tubes as thick as garden hoses led into the great ape's veins, carrying sedatives to ensure the giant's stupor. The sound of Kong's breathing filled the room. Senator Kolchack turned angrily on the General.

"My God!" he exclaimed. "He's twice as big as he was before! He must be at least 150 feet tall!"

"Actually, Kong is 165 feet, 8 inches" replied the General matter-of-factly. "As you can see, giving him more of the Skull Island water has caused him to continue to grow."

"I won't have it!" thundered Senator Kolchack. "Not here, not in my state! If Kong ever got loose again… I owe it to my constituents to give you an ultimatum, General. Get Kong out of here or I'm going to have CNN in here!"

"If that's what you want, Senator…"

* * * * *

"If that's what you want, Colonel, I am sure that it can be arranged, though I hardly see the point." Commander Aso looked at the dark-haired Japanese officer who sat before him. The man was handsome still, one of the youngest men to ever achieve the rank of colonel in the history of Japan. Nomura had a promising career ahead of him in the Self Defense Force, but there was a specter of hate that lived inside Colonel Kenji Nomura, a specter which was born in the hook that terminated his left arm. The hand had been lost defending Tokyo from Godzilla in 1984. Nomura had lain buried in rubble for three days before he was rescued. By that time, his hand was beyond saving.

"I beg to disagree," contested Colonel Nomura politely. "The older Godzilla is gone. The younger remains. Japan must remain prepared. Vigilant."

"I understand how you feel, Colonel," said Commander Aso sympathetically. 'I too was obsessed with destroying the beast, only after it was dead could I live again. But this new Godzilla is different. Manageable. We have nothing to fear from him. If Miss. Saegusa can convince an old warhorse like me of this, I am sure that you will come to see it in a more clear light." Colonel Nomura rose to his feet.

"Please forward my request to the Prime Minister. The weapon will be ready for his inspection at 16:00 hours." The Colonel started to leave but turned and addressed his superior once more. "Disbanding the GCC would be a mistake - a dangerous one."

At four o'clock, the Prime Minister of Japan stood between Director Serizawa and Commander Aso in the cavernous hangar of the UNGCC. He had stood here before on several occasions. Here had been unveiled Garuda, Mechagodzilla, MOGERA, Super X-III. Only the Super X-III remained, now keeping the peace in Bosnia. The others were technological casualties in the war against Godzilla - a war which Japan had finally won.

Colonel Nomura bowed low before his nation's leader. When he straightened, it was almost in mid-sentence. "I am pleased that you came, Mr. Prime Minister. As you know, when we recovered the cybernetic components of Mecha-King Ghidorah to construct Mechagodzilla, we also recovered the organic remains of the monster." Colonel Nomura nodded to a waiting technician who raced away.

"We have studied the monster's cells and have discovered it to be synthetic - a clone of the King Ghidorah fought by Godzilla in 1992. We have been able to clone these cells in turn, but not only reproduce them but also alter their structure to better suit our needs. Dr. Weissmann, Germany's foremost geneticist likens the cloned King Ghidorah cells to organic clay. Just see what we have molded that clay into!" Colonel Nomura nodded to the technician, now far below on the hangar floor. The man pressed a button on a consul at his side. The great doors of the hangar opened with a mechanical roar. Another roar accompanied it.

A monster lumbered out from the giant cell beyond the doors - a nightmarish hybrid of beast and machine - a cyborg. The creature's scaly hide was black-blue, a golden 'X' crossing across its chest and more gold scales running down its back. On its back were three wings shaped like fins. Its head was that of a gargoyle, beaked and with a rank of horns running from forehead to back. On either side of the beak was a mandible of shining adamantium, above the beak was a blood-red visor, the only eye the monster could claim. Down its belly ran a line of adamantium spikes while its arms terminated in long scythe-like blades of the super-metal. The monster stopped just beyond the door and stood at attention before the horrified men on the platform.

"He stands 65 meters tall, much smaller than the old Godzilla but actually a little taller than the one with which we are now concerned. He is capable of flight while the 'third wing' along his back soaks up solar energy to feed him, both through photosynthesis and powering his mechanical energy cells. Just above his eye there is a solar cannon, a weapon which has become a part of his body and converts the sun's energy into a deadly beam. The blades on his belly act as a giant chainsaw. The blades on his hands speak for themselves." Colonel Nomura turned and smiled at the silent monster.

"I give you Gigan!"


Vander Van Hise did not like to see the foul brown clouds outside his window, did not like to be reminded of the horrible polluted world outside. So the office of the CEO of the Machen Armament Research Syndicate was lit only by the pale artificial light in the ceiling. The middle-aged executive played absently with a bust of the writer H. G. Wells which acted as paperweight upon his desk. He looked at the other men seated around him in the room.

"As you know," he said in an unhealthy voice, "we have fared quite well in the post-cold war world. While our competitors withered and died in this new 'peaceful' world the Soviets left us, we evolved. We sold America another enemy, an enemy we offered to protect it from. Sadly, as you know, a very profitable enterprise has been ended. Godzilla is dead; we have no need to develop weapons to protect America from him anymore. Our 1/2 scale proto-type robot is liable to be the only one which we construct as Japan assures us that the remaining Godzilla poses no threat. Gentlemen, unless we do something, this is the end of MARS." There was a general rumble of discussion in the room. Van Hise raised his hand for silence.

"I have recently learned that our own monster, King Kong, is still alive and in the hands of the army. The army is moving Kong to a facility in Alaska this week. Now, if something should happen, if Kong were to escape while being transferred, the fallout would be most profitable for us. Without a doubt, our robot would be dispatched to subdue Kong, thereby proving itself in battle. And, a short rampage on the part of King Kong would serve to reestablish the threat of giant monsters in the small minds in Washington and our contract to build a full scale robot will be renewed.

"Gentlemen, I see good things for MARS in the future."