Godzilla vs

Godzilla vs. King Kong

By C. L. Werner


In the private office of Vander Van Hise, president of MARS USA, all was quiet. The man sitting in the chair behind Van Hise's desk was silent. He was a young Chinese man, wearing a black business suit and topcoat, a white cravat around his neck. A lit cigarette was in his left hand, held upright, slowly burning down towards the filter. The man's eyes were focused upon the door leading into the office.

The door at last opened, and the figures of Vander Van Hise and vice-president Maxford entered the room. They did not notice the man seated behind Van Hise's desk until that man spoke.

"You took a long lunch," the Chinese man stated in an unemotional voice. The heads of Vander Van Hise and Maxford snapped around and faced the Chinese.

"Who the Hell are you?" Vander Van Hise shouted at the smiling Chinese. The president of MARS sighed as he realized that he was probably speaking to a representative of one of MARS' foreign divisions. In a slightly calmer voice, "We were detained at court. We've been indicted by the government of the United States."

"You were very sloppy," the Chinese man said, no longer looking at the two executives. "I hear that your agent killed himself, but not before leaving enough evidence to trace back to this office."

"They won't prove a thing!" Van Hise snarled. "We have the best lawyers money can buy."

"Still, the US military is withdrawing all contracts from MARS," the Chinese man stated. "The company's name is being smeared across papers across the globe."

"What are you getting at?" challenged Maxford, advancing toward the smug Chinese.

"You have embarrassed MARS, caused the company tremendous financial loss and incredible devaluation in market shares."

"What are you saying?" Vander Van Hise said, glaring at the Chinese man with suspicion.

"You are being let go," the Chinese man dropped the cigarette. In a single smooth action, he leapt from the chair, a pair of matched automatics appearing in his hands as if by magic. Four shots sounded in the office as four bullets left the pistols in rapid succession. Maxford dropped, a bullet between his eyes and another in his heart. Vander Van Hise had started to fall to the floor as soon as the Chinese had started to move. As a result, one shot had missed him completely and the other had struck his shoulder.

The assassin walked over to the screaming executive. He glared down at Vander Van Hise and pointed the automatics at him.

"Who the Hell are you?" the wounded man demanded again. The killer smiled down at him.

"When you get to Hell, there will be many who can tell you," the killer did not hesitate but sent a bullet from each automatic slugging into Vander Van Hise's head and heart.

As the Chinese man stalked away from the bodies of his victims, the first of the security guards rushed into the room. The killer almost seemed not to even look at them as he dodged to one side of the office, sending a barrage of bullets hurtling at the guards. The projectiles slammed into the uniformed bodies, lifting the first guard off his feet and crashing into a glass-topped coffee table. The second guard managed to fire his own pistol once. The shot went wide and a return salvo from the automatics ensured that the guard would not get a second chance.

The killer rose from the floor and proceeded to walk toward the door. There were thirty security guards on duty in the MARS Los Angeles building. Sometimes, Jeffrey Chow hated to accept the easy assignments.

Dr. Weissmann busied himself with the final adjustments to the control panel. The old geneticist stared again at the enormous creature behind the fibre-glass panel. He smiled benignly at the creature and returned to his task. After a moment, the adjustment was completed and Dr. Weissmann approached the glass.

"I am sorry, my friend," the eccentric scientist said to the creature behind the glass. "For the time being, I am afraid that you will have to sleep. Your brother made quite a mess of Tokyo." Dr. Weissmann smiled again. "I know it wasn't his fault, but they will still blame him."

Dr. Weissmann shook his head sadly and began to walk away from the glass, keeping his eyes on the beaked creature beyond the glass.

"Someday they will have need of you, my friend. They will forget all about this mess with Gigan." Dr. Weissmann nodded to himself. "You will see, one day the monsters will come back and then they will say it is time."

The old scientist hobbled toward the heavy metal security door which led out of the room.

"One day they will have need of you," he said over his shoulder to the creature. "One day they will say it is time for Borodan to defend Japan."

A huge black shape rose from the water. The surf lapped about its legs as the monster set foot upon the shore of the island. The behemoth's roar echoed from the distant mountain peaks. The small group of soldiers and scientists stationed on the island heard the sound and trembled.

Skull Island's king had returned.