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Hey Let's Switch Turns!


It was a beautiful Friday at PS 118. The air was crisp, turning with possibilities. It seemed like anything could happen today. All the students were on edge for a fun packed-full weekend, watching the clocks eagerly and playing with one another at recess. It felt like a day when nothing could go wrong. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and everyone was getting along.

"Watch it, Football-Head! I'm walkin' here!"

"Anything you say, Helga."

Well, almost everyone.

Alas, there was to be no peace at PS 118. The two were at it again, and by two it was generally meant to be the fourth grade nemeses: Arnold and Helga. For some reason today, Helga could NOT leave Arnold alone. Arnold, while mellow and easygoing, was reaching the end of his eternal patience with Helga while she danced on his last nerves.

First in the morning when she threw six spitballs into his head. Then at lunch when she cut in front of him in line and then threatened to push him down when he complained. And just now, she just did an impersonation of him in front of everyone - in front of him even!

Even he had to admit that Helga before had always stopped bugging him after a certain period of time, but today was different. "Leave me alone, Helga!" he had yelled, but Helga took it as a challenge to push him more. It seemed the more he deflected her insults, didn't give into her bait, and walked away from her - the more she just wanted to press his little buttons until his head went 'sproing' and she broke him. It was like she couldn't control herself today, unlike any other day.

Why? WHY was today so different? It was like the energy was charged in the air to make people do weird things - and in this case, it was all in preparations for what was about to happen. Fate was about to intervene in the two's case for better or for worse - their lives would never be the same again.

Arnold walked away from Helga as she trailed behind him. He tried his best to ignore her, not looking at her at all. She smirked and folded her arms across her chest, getting in his way. He stopped and looked up at her, tense after a day of confrontations with the willful girl. What did she want from him now?

"What do you want now, Helga?"

"Just had a question to ask, tis all..."

"What? I want to enjoy the rest of my Recess in peace."

Aware that there was an active audience watching them, Helga snuck a smile on her face and shrugged. "It's just a small question, Arnold. You don't have to answer it if you're too chicken to."

Arnold sighed and rolled his eyes, giving in. "What?" Helga grinned as she went in for the kill.

"How long have you been lost?"

"Excuse me-"

"Because I saw a poster this morning from the circus that said 'Lost Freak! Do not return'." Helga laughed brutally as the other kids started laughing too.

Arnold just made a frown, displeased with her and himself for having walked into her trap. "Just leave me alone, Helga," he said and walked away from the laughing kids. This time he made sure she didn't follow him as he delivered a glare. She stopped laughing as soon as everyone was gone.

Helga went into a corner behind a dumpster where she took out her locket and sighed. "Oh my dear sweet beloved. Why must I torment you so? Why can't I be outright with my affections and tell you I am deeply in love with you? How I wish I could tell you how handsome and dashing you look when those locks cornflower colored hair fall onto your face so gracefully. Your ocean green eyes so turbulent and mystifying that I could drown and faint in your arms and stay there forever..." she stopped as soon as she felt hot breathing on her neck and soft wheezing. Helga glared ahead and brought up her hand to hit Brainy again.


Brainy fell down, bruised yet strangely happy, and Helga stomped away. She stopped for a moment and leans against a wall as she closed her eyes.

'I bet your life isn't as easy as mine Arnold. I wish I could be you just for one day to see how it's like to have people like you for once.' She frowned as she thought of "home." Half of the time she didn't even feel wanted there, let alone like she was actually part of a family.

"I'd like to be you, Arnold," she said softly as she stared at him from across the playground. "Just for once."


"Man, Arnold. Helga has got it in for you today," Gerald commented as he took a bite into his sandwich as Arnold just shook his head and laid it down on the table.

"I used to think that Helga had something good in her but now I just don't know." Arnold closed his eyes as Gerald kept talking.

"I just don't know why she's so ticked off today. Usually she just bothers you once then that's all until you see each other again. Something bug must've crawled up her butt this morning.." Gerald kept talking as Arnold started to think about it.

He started wondering about how life was for Helga. He knew she was a good person but everytime he tried to get past those walls, she'd angrily shut him out and kick him for it, sometimes literally. He tried so hard with her but it always seemed to backfire in his face. And to be honest, he wasn't sure he wanted to keep trying. He didn't know what she had to complain about - after all, she had everything a normal kid could want.

'She has it so easy. At least she has a real family. A mom, a dad and a sister! I wish I could be her for one day than I could know how it's like to have a real family. Just for once.'


Something happened then as they thought the exact same thing at the exact same time. As if some Great God decided to do mischief or bring these two together as an act of matchmaking. The two nine-year-olds were caught in a black hole as they closed their eyes and thought their wishes.

"I wish I was you," they both thought, closing their eyes.

And that just sealed the deal.


Arnold opened his eyes to see Phoebe talking as she ate her lunch. Arnold turned around and didn't see Gerald in sight.

"Um, Pheobe..where's Gerald? I could of sworn he was here a second ago.." Arnold stopped. This didn't sound like his voice. It almost sounded like-like, Helga's. Naaah. That couldn't be. Could it?

He blinked and yawned, looking at the confused Phoebe.

"Helga, are you okay?"

"Huh? What do you mean, Helga?" He blinked more, unable to keep his eyes open for more than a few seconds.

He felt tired, almost unearthly so. And couldn't help it through his confusion that he slipped into black again.


"Hey Arnold! Wake up man! Don't sleep all through lunch!" Helga could faintly hear Gerald's voice and someone shake her.

"I'm fine! Criminey! Can't a person get some shut-eye?" She cracked open her eyes to see Gerald shaking her.

"Get off me, Tall Hair Boy! What's the big idea? Who told you that could touch me, Geraldo?!" She didn't notice that her voice had become more... Arnoldish.

"What? Hey Arnold, you're starting to sound like Helga, man! Watch out or you'll turn out like sourpuss Pataki." Gerald held up his hands and went back to his sandwich. She glared at her through sleepy eyes. How dare he insult her right to her face. Why I outta, she thought before stopping her fist from knocking all of Geraldo's teeth out.

Helga stopped dead. She froze as she stared at the ground.

'He called me... ARNOLD??' She looked at herself and saw no pink dress, no big white shoes but a teal sweater, a checkered shirt tied around her waist, and black shoes. She looked at her hand to find that it wasn't her hand.

"Oh MY GOD!" She yelled as she felt darkness take it's toll on her.

"Arnold! Arnold! Hey, somebody get the nurse!"

To Be Continued!

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