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Chapter 4: Hospital Wing Pillows

Lily was left in her stupor for only two minutes before Sophie came crashing through the hospital wing door. Madame opened her office door only to close it with a loud bang when she saw who it was. No one could control Sophie's clumsiness, not even Sophie.

"Lily! Are you alright?!" Lily felt her right side dip down as Sophie flopped herself onto the bed.

"Soph, if I really wasn't, do you think upturning the bed would have helped?" Lily asked making sure her brains were still intact.

"Oh, please Lils. I know all about your blackouts. I just didn't want Madame to suspect anything." Although Sophie may be boy crazy, she did think before she acted. Most of the time. "Did I just see James Potter walk out of the wing not too long ago? Without an angry expression!"

"We don't fight all the time." Sophie made a disbelieving noise in her throat. "We don't." Lily repeated chucking a pillow over in the direction of her friend's voice.

"Sure. Whatever you say. Lils. You know… he was the one who caught you when you fell."

"What do you mean? I was sitting when I blacked out."

"No you weren't. All of a sudden you stood up. You should have seen his face, Lily! I think he knows more than he lets on." Lily thought back to the strange conversation and silently agreed. Of course in thinking about the conversation, her thoughts traveled to how it ended and a blush bloomed across her face. Sophie was never one to let details escape her notice especially when she had to constantly watch her best friend for signs of blackouts. It was no wonder the slight red hue of the girl sitting not three feet away registered on her radar. "Lily did something happen between you two?" Lily's no was just a little too quick. "Oh…. I know who Lily likes," she sang.

Lily tossed her last pillow in Sophie's direction satisfied by the oomph sound. "You already knew, stupid."

"I know but now the pace is picking up in this exciting tale of adventure and romance." Lily sorely regretted her lack of pillows.

"My life is not one of your romance novels," she forced out.

"Miss. Fintiments, Miss. Evans needs her rest." Madame's voice rang out.

"Opps! Don't worry Lils; I'll come to spring you tomorrow." Sophie cheerfully promised. She gave her a quick hug and raced out the door crashing into a couple of bed corners. However, instead of hearing the closing of the heavy door, Lily heard the ominous giggles of her sister-like figure. "Unless, a certain Potter comes first." The giggles turned to laughter only to cut abruptly off into an eep! as Lily remembered she had a wand that could summon pillows. A reluctant smile formed on the red head's face.

"Miss. Evans! Why are there pillows everywhere?!" Opps.