Me- I decided to this story since I was bored. What happens when the melee crew decides to not fight for once? This story. Enjoy.

We hear screams of awful things shouted out by the melee crew.

"Hm…torturing us for your amusement, I like it!" Ganondorf thought out loud.

The other 25 other smashers looked at him in silence before they were teleported to a forest. Now…enjoy.

The smashers appeared in a forest and in a circle. In the middle of the circle of 26 two floating gloves…levitated there.

"Glover?" Nana asked.

"No." The right hand said.

"Santa?" Popo asked pointing to Ganondorf.

"Giving children lethal presents brilliant!" Ganon thought again.

Again everyone was staring at him.

"Anyways, you have to compete in games so thought you can win a prize of your choice." The left hand announced.

"We will play 26 games and when there are two winners left they must battle to the depletion of stamina." The right hand said.

The smashers thought of a possession they might want the most. Most of the smashers thought parents. Others thought of "delicate little secrets" like Ganondorf. Others thought pf consuming food. And others had other plans.

"The first event is inspired by that "Family Guy"" The left hand said.

The others knew it was dangerous.

"The event is dodging bullet." The right hand said.

"Basically we guns that have tasers in these guns and all we hav3e to do is shoot you and the last person or thing standing wins." The right hand announced.

Pichu raised his "innocent" hand.

"Yes, you can sabotage other players by tricking." The left hand answered.

Pichu put a fist into the air and yelled its name.

"The event begins in an hour you may go and think on how you might win." The right hand announced.

"Oh, whoever wins has to vote a loser off, or someone the fans don't like a lot." The left hand said with a hint of satisfaction in its voice.

They dismissed themselves to think of a plan.

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