CHAPTER 9: A special night
"Hey, who's Shuyin dancing with over there?"

Paine, Baralai and Gippal all looked in the direction Rikku was pointing at, "Isn't it that girl that just walked in? How does he know her?"

The silver haired girl sat back and had a calculating look on her face, "This doesn't look good for Yuna." She said her eyes still on the dancing couple, "Does anyone know where she went?"

They all shook their heads and she sighed. Rikku didn't understand. "What's wrong, Paine? Why doesn't it look good for Yunie?"

"Because, chicken head, this girl has made quite an entrance and no one seems to know who she is... she could end up being voted for queen." She explained in her ever dull voice.

The little blonde gasped and put a hand in front of her mouth, "Oh, but that's not supposed to happen!"

Paine grunted, "No shit Sherlock."

"No one has recognised her yet? That's pretty impressive, means her disguise is good." Baralai whispered, taking his glass of rum-coke. Paine nodded.

"Or that no one expected her to be here." She thoughtfully whispered. Gippal briefly glanced at her from over his glass of martini.

"What are you trying to say, Dr. P?" he asked, setting his glass back on the table.

"Nothing yet. But I feel like something is going on, and I'm trying to figure out what."

Gippal chuckled, "I didn't know you were curious by nature, Paine, I'm surprised."

"I'm just trying to prevent a friend of mine to get hurt." She whispered in a low voice, looking intensely at him. He returned the stare with a smile and felt a feeling of victory sweep over him as he saw her turn her head towards the dance floor again.

Deep inside, Gippal knew that Paine was suspecting something and that she wasn't the type to give up easily. He knew her enough to know that she could be vicious at time too, but more discreet than Yuna. She and Tidus were her closest friends and like her protectors, but Tidus was more accessible than her. You could easily tell when the blonde was on the verge to make a misstep and use him for it, but you couldn't even think about playing Paine. Intelligent, vicious, mysterious and as hard as a rock. Dangerous combinations for a guy to approach without caution. He did wonder how Baralai could put up with her. She probably was good in bed.

That was the reason why he was on his guard as she stood up, saying that she went to the bathroom. Of course, that was not where she was headed. She was going to inform the all-mighty goddess of her lover's apparent new interest. No way.

"You know, you could just wait here for her to return. I'm sure she will be here in time for her own coronation." He whispered with a smirk on his face, "For all we know the girl Shuyin's dancing with is not even from this school. Explaining why no one recognised her and in that case excluding her from the contest."

Paine frowned slightly, a suspicious look in her eyes as she looked at him again. "Why do I sense that you're trying to prevent me from talking to Yuna about this girl? And why did you even suppose that I was going to join her? Was my telling you that I was going to the toilet not a clear alibi after all the drinks I drank since we got here?"

This time Baralai's and Rikku's eyes were fixed on him as well, their faces silently expressing a vague confusion.

The blonde sighed and chuckled, "Why are you being so offensive, Dr P? You almost sound like I accused you of murder." He smirked at his own joke and took his glass from the table, "And besides, I'm not preventing you to do anything. Yevon gave you legs to walk this beautifully screwed up world as you pleased. Who would I be to prevent you from doing so?"

Ruby eyes glistened with held back amusement, "Then you won't have a problem with me going to see Yuna?" she whispered, one eyebrow raised, challenging him.

He chuckled and shook his head, "Go see if I care, but you would only prove my suppositions right."

She turned herself around and laughed, "You can go see if I care too."

As she walked along the bar to reach the exit, his eyes darkened and he stood up as well. Rikku called out his name beside him and he looked down at her questioning face.

"I'm going to see where Tidus' is, I've got something to ask him." he explained to her, hating himself for having to lie to her. He was going to see Shuyin, before Paine would ruin their entire battle plan. Baralai frowned a little, but didn't ask. He never liked to meddle himself in other one's business, so he preferred to keep his mouth shut and his assumptions for himself.

As the song ended and most couples returned to their tables, Gippal decided to follow his target to theirs and talk with them there. After he heard the news of Yuna's whereabouts, he nodded in approval. This changed the entire look of things. He told them in return what happened on his side, which made Lenne take a sharp breath in fright. But the blonde assured her that Paine maybe had suspicions, but that she couldn't possible know that it was Lenne in disguise.

"Ok then, Shuyin and I will pay her a little visit in her room and 'talk' to her there. I think it would be for the better if you just stayed here, Lenne. And I must congratulate you on your costume, you look astonishing."

Lenne slightly nodded, smiled and watched both guys stand up. "Ok, I'll just wait here. Uhm, does anyone know at what time the coronations are?" she whispered, reaching for Shuyin's watch on his left wrist.

"I thought Yuna say something about around 12.15, what time is it now?" Shuyin said slightly frowning.

"11.45. We've got some time." Gippal answered turning away to leave. "Come on, Casanova."

"Are you talking to yourself again?" Shuyin joked, walking up behind the God of War, "I'm not the one dressed up like a runaway geek from some sort of asylum."

"One that can fry your mere mortal ass, if you don't hurry up a little, sorry motherfucker."

"Now that must've been directed to yourself!" Shuyin slowly whispered, faking rage in his deep blue eyes. Gippal just continued his way towards the exit, without looking back.

Lenne giggled and shook her head, "Just go already, Blondie. The clock is ticking."

He gasped in dismay, "You too, Faye! What did I do to deserve this!"

"You shouldn't have got pissed off the God of War that's what. Just go!" the brunette chuckled, waving him away from her. Sticking out his tongue to her, he turned and followed the other blonde who was waiting for him at the grant door.

How she loved that idiot. He always found a way to make her laugh... She sighed and felt her heart beat full of anticipation in her chest. They would just leave after all of this was over. Shuyin didn't want to stay longer than needed and so did she. Smiling to herself, she slowly stood up and made her way to the bathroom, which was located on the left side of the bar and on the right side of the grant doors. It was just for make up check up, and she didn't think she would be gone for a long time.

She never made it to the girl's toilet.

"Hey hey hey... where do you think you're going, beautiful one?" A familiar voice spoke from behind her. She rolled her eyes to the ceiling and grunted.

"Why are you following me?" she whispered in an annoyed tone towards the blonde who was standing against the bar smirking.

"I'm sorry but a sight as fair as yours doesn't go unnoticed."

She gave him a brief smile and turned around to continue her way, but bumped into a rather build redhead in red leather pants and a red oversized shirt that let a small 'v' of his torso bare. She mumbled an apology and wanted to walk around him, but one strong hand curled itself around her waist, stopping her in her tracks and slamming her back against this stranger's abdomen. Lenne gasped in surprise and was too astonished to see what was happening before she realised that she couldn't move her arms that were held tightly against her body in the man's strong grip around her.

"Why don't you keep us company tonight?" the redhead softly whispered in her ear, his warm breath on her skin making a shiver run down her spine. She was just about to scream, when a large hand was placed on her mouth, muffling the sound. "Even if you would have got screamed, no one would have got heard you, the music is too loud."

Lenne blinked in angst, her eyes desperately looking for someone to see what was happening to her. Her heart beat forcefully in her chest now as she saw Tidus approach her with a wicked grin on his face. He approached his lips against the crook of her left shoulder and planted a soft kiss there. "It's been so long since I smelled your scent from this close...I admit that I missed it..."

Lenne whimpered as his tongue flickered out against her skin, redoubling her efforts to try and break free. There was no doubt about it, he knew who she was. Her wide eyes rested on his when he looked at her softly. "I must say that you pulled it off fairly well... I didn't think that you would've got the guts to come here tonight and actually steal the show. Lenne."

He smiled brightly as he saw her eyes widen a little more, indicating that he had been right. "You're going to keep us company tonight." He then whispered in her ear.

Before she could react, a minim sting of pain in her back made her gasp and a few seconds later she saw it all go black.

"You just stay behind the door as I handle her, Ok?"

Both blondes where now standing in the elevator to the second floor. Gippal nodded in understanding and smiled.

"What are you going to tell her?" he then whispered with a grin on his face. Shuyin smirked and shook his head.

"That's only for her and me to know."

"Just say it seriously; you don't know what the fuck you're going to say, huh?"

The other blonde just chuckled and stepped out when the door opened itself. With no hesitation he knocked on the door of room 205 and waited. There was some soft rummage at the other side, which made both men stifle back a laugh.

"Who is it?"

They recognised the voice being as Yuna's and nodded towards each other. Gippal took a step away from the door, to keep himself out of sight.

"It's Shuyin, babe, open up."

Muffled footsteps were heard approaching the door and a smiling Yuna opened. "Hey, I was just about to go look for you." She whispered. He noted that she wasn't wearing any shoes on her feet.

"Really? Can I come in?"

To his surprise, she opened the door a bit further and stepped out of his way, allowing him in. As he turned around to close the door, he winked at Gippal who had a suspicious look on his face. Why did she let him in so easily? Why didn't she put up an excuse and let him wait outside or something?

The door closed and he was left in the hall pondering. Maybe the professor had already left... or maybe he was hiding somewhere in the room. He smirked at the thought. But she had opened the door rather too quickly for someone to be able to hide effectively. But then again, maybe he had hidden himself in the shower or something. He shook his head, it didn't matter anyway. The outcome would be the same.

He rested his head against the wall and waited. A dark smile formed itself on his lips as he saw the door to the elevator open itself to let out the Goddess of War.

"What are you doing here, goldilocks?" Paine muttered, stopping in front of him.

"Waiting for Shuyin to come out." He simply answered, his arms crossed over his chest and eyes closed. He could tell that she was surprised to hear him say that. "And it is kind of private, so I wouldn't go in."

"Really now?" she whispered and also crossed her arms over her chest, a smirk on her face. "Then I'll just wait here with you then."

"I couldn't have asked for better company." He sarcastically whispered back, his eyes still closed, smiling.

If Paine was here, then that meant that Yuna hadn't been informed yet.

His smile widened itself and he softly chuckled. But he couldn't see that the silver haired girl standing next to him was smiling as well, her eyes glowing with anticipation.

She knew that there was one blonde who was in for a big surprise tonight. And it wouldn't be a pleasant one...

"Sit down, Shuyin. I need to tell you something."

Yuna sat down beside him on the bed and sighed. "I don't know how to put this, but..."

Shuyin took off his mask and the smile he had been wearing on his face slowly started to fade away as he heard her serious tone. He gulped and waited for her to continue.

"I think that it would be best if we broke up." She whispered, looking him square in the eyes. The blonde frowned, letting the meaning of her words sink in. Yuna looked away and stood up from the bed. "You see, it's just that I can't stand the fact of you creeping around and kissing other girls behind my back."

What the fuck! No way, no way! How'd she know!

He didn't let his inner emotions reach the surface and tried to fake milt disbelief with a small comforting smile. "Who the hell told you such a thing?"

Cold shivers ran down his back when he heard her icy laugh. "Why even bother? I know who it is anyways... there's no need for you to protect her. But I honestly don't understand." She raised her shoulders and then shook her head, "No, never mind I don't even want to understand, it's just too gross to even think about it."

Shuyin stood up and walked up to her, anger reflecting itself in his eyes. This was going to be the last time that bitch ever would talk badly about Lenne. "Shut the fuck up, at least she has brains, unlike you."

She looked up at him, like he had slapped her in the face. "Oh, Shuyin. So it was true. How could you. I really thought..." her voice had become almost tearful and her lower lip began to tremble lightly as if she was going to cry.

"Stop it!" he yelled, grabbing her by her shoulders, knowing that she was just playing with him. She gasped and smiled at him, pursing her lips to him. He pushed her off him and she crashed on the floor, still looking at him with her evil smile.

"Who the fuck told you!" he screamed down at her.

"That is exactly the kind of behaviour that has got you expelled, young man." A deep voice came from behind him and he quickly turned around to find professor Auron stand at the other side of the bed, his arms folded on his chest.

Shuyin frowned and shook his head, not understanding why this man was standing there when he had obviously screwed Yuna, seen the state of his swollen lips and messed up hair. He also wasn't wearing his shoes. Forgetting for a moment that he was addressing a teacher, he growled, "How can you even stand there and give me a lecture while we both know that you fucked a student! I'm not the one who is going to get expelled, you are!"

The older man chuckled and shook his head; "I'm afraid not... you see this paper?" he held up a piece of paper and approached him. "It's a signed certification of you're expulsion from our school."

The blonde frowned in disbelieve, gritting his teeth, "But..."

This isn't fuckin' happening!

"Why am I getting expelled?" he then managed to say in a normal tone.

"Your grades are lamentable, you seem to show no interest in the classes you take, you sneak into empty rooms to have your little meetings without permission and your behaviour towards teachers is disrespectful. On top of all that, the headmaster seems to have a grudge against you." He simply said, a small smirk playing on his lips. He naturally guessed what his next question would be so he answered in advance, "He says you fucked around with his only daughter. He doesn't tolerate that. It seems that she got hurt by you and that you have a bad influence on her. He called me up earlier and said she was with you tonight, is that correct?"

Shuyin couldn't believe his ears... this just wasn't happening!

"Is that correct?" Auron repeated with more urgency in his voice. The blonde brokenly nodded, seeing Yuna smile a much too pleasant smile at him. "Who do you think he will believe if you tell him about all of this? The bad student or the respected teacher and a model student, who is on top of that president of the school student council?"

Of course, she did this, because Lenne wouldn't have got told her father about our problems... I'm going to kill her!

"Several students said that she was having a difficult time at school lately and I checked her grades to see that they were dropping. It is quite impressive the amount of damage you can cause in such a short time, Mr Shuyin. Here." He held out the certification towards the blonde who was fuming.

The facts were written right in front of him and he felt his anger being fuelled up once more when he heard her muffled giggles. He was not going to hit a girl, so he turned around and opened the door to leave.

"And you could've got made a great King tonight, Shuyin... Oh well, guess I'll pick out another guy." She carelessly whispered to him and laughed as he was about to step out.

He turned himself around and whispered in a soft tone, "You know, Yuna... you seemed a really nice girl at first, but with time I started to see how rotten your interior is. One day you'll see that the appearance you're putting up isn't going to help hide your abominable true-self anymore. And when that day comes, I'll be on the front row to kick your face in the mud."

Her laughing stopped abruptly and she glared at him with a foul look on her face.

Opening her eyes slowly, Lenne felt like she had been sleeping on a rock. Every inch her body seemed to cry out in pain. A soft whimper escaped her lips as she tried to sit up but couldn't; her hands had been tied on her back. Running her eyes along her body, all thought escaped her as she realized that she wasn't wearing anything. She then wanted to scream when a large hand went to cover her mouth again. Another crept around her waist and helped her to sit up and held her tightly to a muscled body.

"Shhh... just relax, beautiful."

Her eyes widened as she realised what had happened. Looking around, she realised to her big fright that she didn't recognise the place at all. She softly started to whimper and shook her head.

How long had she been asleep? Where did they take her during that time? Oh my god... this just couldn't be happening...

One tear rolled down her left eye and was stopped by the man's hand on her face. He started to caress her temples with his lips and tongue, making her whimper with each touch.

"Now now, why are you crying? We haven't done anything yet..." he softly whispered in her ear, licking her earlobe. "And I'm sure you'll love it..."

As the hand that was covering her mouth released her, she screamed for help at the top of her lungs and heard the redhead behind her chuckle. "I love them screamers... and don't worry we won't get disturbed here and no one will hear you..."

Lenne shook her head again and sobbed, "Please... why... why are you doing this...?" she gasped as she felt his now free hand travel down between her legs. To stop him, she closed them quickly.


Another voice entered and she recognised it as being Tidus'. He walked around them, butt naked and then stopped in front of her face. "You still owe it to us and bad bitches get punished for being naughty."

Then it came to her, "Kilika?" she whispered seeing him smirk. But while her mind had been distracted, Wakka used the opportunity to nudge her legs apart and place his hand between them.

"No!" she gasped, too late. One big finger probed at her entrance and she bit down on her lip hard to hold back the moan that had been about to escape. She yelped in pain at the rough intrusion and squeezed her thighs shut, preventing him from intruding further.

"Don't fight it... you'll only end up hurting yourself..." Tidus whispered, leaning in a little on her. She opened her eyes and spit on his face. He growled and slapped her, making her long hair fall over her smacked cheek.

"You'll regret that!" he whispered and roughly nudged her legs apart, taking position in between them. The redhead moved himself from behind her and laid her on her back, while Tidus crept on her like a hungry wolf. Wakka walked around them and took Lenne's calves, keeping them apart.

Since her arms were tied on her back, she couldn't offer much resistance and the blonde smirked evilly at her before pushing himself in her with one hard thrust. She let a small gasp escape and held her eyes tightly shut, she wasn't aroused and it hurt so much. Biting back a scream, she waited for him to make another movement that would probably cause her even more pain than the last one. Another thrust and she cried out despite herself, while he chuckled and speeded up his rhythm. "No girl breaks up with me without suffering the repercussions... but because you're so pretty, I'll make your punishment more enjoyable... for me that is..."

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To be continued…