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A Horse and His Cabbit

End of the Matter


Akemi had been pushing the dirty snowball for six weeks and her journey from the cometary halo was almost done. The fifty kilometer thick comet was almost perfectly matched to Venus' orbit and would settle into the basin of RyoOhki's Sea with the minimum of violence. Venus was still a pretty violent place but the atmosphere had cleaned up nicely as the sulfuric acid was dissolved and diluted by the tremendous influx of water. The seeding had only been going on for two years, but the hardy algae had begun the process of preparing the planet for open habitation. In two years the ocean would cover seven eighths of the planet and the thick ozone layer would be complete. Setting the giant 'ice cubes down gently had so far brought the planet's temperature to a balmy twenty-four degrees Celsius at the equator with lower temperatures in sight. Air pressure at sea level was only one and a half of Earth normal, with oxygen at twenty four percent.

Inside Akemi's environmental dome, she was preparing for bed.

"Gramma 'Doka, can you tell me again about how mom and papa saved Aunty Tsunami's family and got married in a tree?" The red haired woman smiled at her grandchild and thought back to the day that Akemi was born and about how it was the day she, herself Nodoka Tau Saotome was born.

"Of course I will, Akemi-chan. It was the time that your uncle LinOhki decided that his family would never be anyone's property again. He built Refuge and then went in search of your father…"

After tucking Akemi's avatar module to bed, Nodoka sat back and remembered the days following the battle of a few years ago.

A week had passed.

Washu and Nodoka had spent the time reacquainting themselves with their children.

"Mom! We want to wait a reasonable length of time for our kids to be born…and I think that twenty or so would be more than even you could handle!"

"I think that I can help with that." Washu interjected, "I believe that I have worked out the key to the spring of drowned twin. It is one of the simplest manipulations, merely cloning the adult form. I just tinker a bit and this device placed in a cold water source keeps the split going until there is one Nodoka for every child. Restoration will be simple with a controller for the original that will rejoin two to all clones, including memories."

"That sounds wonderful. I could have the experience of raising every baby at once and not miss anything!" Ranma sweatdropped and looked at Washu with suspicion. Washu responded with a wounded pout on her young looking face.

"Still, if Ryo Ohki is going to give birth mammal style to allow the human aspect to dominate, we both agreed that twins every nine months is more than enough." Ryo-chan nodded her head vigorously at Ranma's statement.

"Your children will have an advantage of a human growth cycle with full cabbit abilities being quickly on line. The modifications that I made in your genetics allows you to slowly restore your Masu component and will be passed to your already conceived children, as long as you give birth in the manner of mammals. As for genetic diversity, if your children intermarry with normal humans for a couple generations your society could become self supporting in the gene pool."

Ranma remembered his long discussion with Tsunami, talking about her sister Washu. "So, Washu-chan, are you going to ascend again, now that you will have a people and followers again? I understand that you were one hell of a good goddess and it wasn't your fault, losing them. We need to talk to Tokimi about that, too."

"If you don't mind my asking, what were you the goddess of?" Asked Nodoka in an awed voice."

Washu responded in a depressed tone. "Don't start worshipping me, Nodoka. My domain was knowledge, for whatever good it did my people. They were artisans, creating things of great beauty that had surpassing utility. Their dedication to creation was their…no…my greatest weakness. Creation was loved and destructive constructs were abhorred, so they were totally unprepared for the antilife that attacked our universe. Most chose to die with their childlike A.I.s rather than run and feel them die through their links."

"The ark that carried the children too young to have linked with an artificial life form was caught by the antilife as we fled the dying universe. I was damaged, as was Tokimi, and both of us lost our people. Our youngest sister, Tsunami saved us and enough of her own people to make a new start. Here." Washu sobbed.

Ranma glanced at Ryo Ohki and then meaningfully at Washu. The two went to the once and future goddess and enveloped her in a gentle hug. "Washu." Ranma began, "We are family now. The Ohkis will not let you suffer like that again and we will do our best to live up to our obligations to you and our universe. We shall not be helpless if it happens again."

Ranma and Ryo Ohki were married on board Tsunami's ship. Their first twins were born a year later. Nodoka Alpha and Beta took on the task of raising them to prove that, at least, she would not repeat past mistakes. Ranma and Ryo Ohki were never long away from the children, but were working on the Venus terraform project when they were. Lin Ohki had, strangely enough fallen for both Shampoo and Mousse. Their wedding ceremony had been performed in Washu's biodome that was the kernel of the future Venusian capital. That three way union produced almost as many offspring as Ranma and Ryo Ohki.

Nodoka Tau woke Akemi to keep her company through the final stages of settling the comet down and the beginning of the child's month long term as the capital city's biodome expansion. The young cabbit girl gave a last bump to the 'snowball' and the two watched it fall into the crater sea. The explosion topped the atmosphere and lightnings arced every where in the darkness of the planet's night side. A hologram appeared on her deck, it was her older brother, Hibari. "Way to go sis. Now come and take my place, my brain is getting a cramp holding the atmosphere in place."

"Hibari-chan, you know very well we don't feel stress doing biodome duty. You just want to go outsystem to do some exploring."

"Well, yeah. Gramma Delta and I are taking some of Gramma Washu's new sensors to the universal envelope and Auntie Tsunami is on her way there."

Nodoka Delta's voice sounded from Hibari's vicinity, "Now don't make it sound like you're going by yourself. Your mother and father are going, as well, to firm up some trade treaties in the region. And, they'll be carrying their share of the load. I have to go join with Gamma while I can before we leave. Love you Akemi."

"Love you Gramma Gamma." Akemi said as Nodoka Gamma left to share 'data'.

Nodoka Tau watched Akemi disappear. The next step would take all of the young ship girl's attention. Underneath, an inverted bowl sprouted and continued to grow. The dome expanded to form a perfect hemisphere fifty point one one five kilometers, inside diameter. She was exactly one hundred fifty five meters larger than Hibari. "Brother. Here I come. Three minutes to seal, purge and equilibrium. Then you're free to go."

As Akemi prepared to be Venus Prime's shield against a still unstable world, Hibari shrank to a tiny figure that flew off to pick up his recloned grandmother and join his parents. In the meantime, heavy machinery began the process of turning the strip of barren landscape at the dome's edge into fertile, no, fecund soil.

Fifty thousand years had passed and plans long in the making were finally coming to fruition.

Ranma smiled at his uber cute wife of fifty millennia, give or take. She was stretching out on the bed, taking her time waking. Looking around, Ranma got up and stood on the five millimeter thick disk that supported the bed. The neutronium disk provided gravity and the two cabbit lovers observed space with no shielding between them and the sea of stars on one side balanced by the blackness on the other side of the universal wave front.

"They're here love." Said Ranma, as millions upon millions of Ohkis manifested at the envelope. They were spread in formation, ready for the defense of life. Washu appeared on the disk beside her two favorite avatars.

"Your children are ready to mask this side of the universe with a thin shield universe to contain the Skaganuk Abyss. The bait is ready. I want to see the enemy gone forever."

Ryo Ohki replied, "I am as eager as you, mother. I just wish that my child didn't have to sacrifice so much of himself for us."

"Its okay dear, a thousand years from now, Hanabi will have recovered and then some." Ranma said, reassuringly. "Let's do it."

Between them and the universe, a whole new universe came into being and on the skin of the new universe was a vast, black, horse shaped silhouette. The Skaganuk Abyss that was their child and ultimate weapon. The horse shadow seemed to open its mouth and began to broadcast outward, a signal that the antilife could not resist. Ranma had listened to the signal that Washu had designed for five seconds…and had been sick for a week. It overwhelmed the senses with what seemed to be all of creation. Children crying at birth, children and old people dying, birth and death, death, death—all events happening simultaneously but none repeating another. Ten seconds would have driven even Ranma to madness. Tsunami, Ryoko, Tenchi and a grizzled Yosho (the years weighing heavily on him at last) appeared to join their friends and family for the end of the terror.

Ranma's long range senses spotted it first. It was a tendril of blackness that matched that of the abyss, coming across the void between the universes. The primary difference was a bloated malevolence that radiated out from it, blotting out hope where Hanabi just left a sense of the peace of the void without radiating anything, normally.

A very thin tendril, only a few microns across touched Ranma and Ryo Ohki's child. Instantaneously, the malevolence became a paralyzing fear. The tendril became a rope passing into the Skaganuk Abyss, the rope became a stream, the stream became a river, the river, an ocean, growing at an impossible rate. The antilife fought, tendrils whipping out, but then pulled in again. Finally, a long scream could be sensed as the thing was sucked in. Minutes…or millennia later, the last of the ancient enemy of universes was sucked into the abyss.

A tiny point of light broke off from the Skaganuk Abyss and was carefully retrieved by Ranma. Shortly, the horse shape began to dissolve, adding to the mass of dark universal matter. The enemy had been eaten, the Abyss dispelled.

Ranma presented Hanabi to his wife. He had become a child again, with a mark on his forehead in the shape of a rearing horse silhouette that seemed to suck in all light. "Mommy, I did it. I did good, didn't I."

"Yes you did Ha-chan. I love you."

Ranma looked up at the three goddesses and said, "I guess that now we have a future to build. Let's go home."