Chp. 23- Taking Charge with Naughty Words

Hermione's Thoughts

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As if she could read his mind, she snuggled closer to him, holding him tightly. Draco grinned at this before leaning over slightly and pecking her on the lips. Hermione smiled against his lips, slipping her hand into his hair as she kissed him with such tenderness that it would make any onlookers cry...Well maybe not, because if anyone happened to be in Draco's bedroom, they probably would have screamed at seeing the two naked together.

This caused Draco to chuckle, and Hermione pulled away at the sound. She stared at him curiously, raising in eyebrow at his peculiar behavior. Draco shrugged and watched Hermione's tongue trace her swollen lips, wetting them. He groaned softly at the sight of that bloody tongue that had caused quite a few erotic fantasies to pop into his brain before slipping a hand into Hermione's hair and smashing her lips against his.

Her tongue instantly desisted with its previous activity and instead went to work on tracing his lips. Draco felt himself harden yet again, groaning at how simply he was aroused by Hermione...That woman was going to be the death of him!


Draco didn't pull back till he'd left his wife thoroughly snogged, and entirely breathless. He placed open mouth kisses along her jaw before kissing down her neck. Hermione laughed softly as his lips traced a path down her smooth neck, tilting her head backwards so he had better access to do as he pleased. She could feel Draco's lips curve upwards at her gesture, and in response, she smiled.

A gasp escaped from between her lips as his teeth scraped lightly over her racing pulse, sending shivers running down her spine. He continued kissing a path along her body, kissing along her left shoulder before kissing down her arm. She bit her lip to keep from giggling before lifting her head slightly to stare down at her husband's head. All she could see at the moment was his messy blonde locks, which looked so damn adorable.

"What are you doing Draco?"

"Kissing your entire body…"

Hermione laughed softly to herself before laying back and letting him do as he wanted. She could feel butterflies in her stomach, or perhaps that was the baby? She still thought that she could feel their son moving in there.

I'm sure the doctors know what they're talking about, but there has to be cases that are exceptions to what the books say. I know that it's not just my mind that is causing me to feel the baby inside me. It has to be moving around at least a little bit, because I can feel it, and know in my heart that it's not just my mind playing tricks.

Hermione was brought out of her thoughts as Draco traced her nipple with his tongue before blowing his cool air upon the ring of saliva. Hermione shivered before pressing herself up into Draco to warm the cold area up.

"Bloody hell Draco…"

Draco chuckled before grabbing her face in his hands and looking into her eyes. Hermione found herself unable to stay angry with him, even if the offense would have been a particularly horrible one. He was too adorably handsome for her own good. And those seductive silver eyes of his always hypnotized her. She wanted to spend the rest of her life looking into those eyes. She'd be perfectly content to do that, and only that, till she was old and gray.

He maintained eye contact as he slowly closed the space in between their lips. Hermione met him halfway and sighed with satisfaction when his lips covered her own. The kiss was soft and romantic, and sent jolts of electricity running through her veins despite the utter lack of heated passion that Draco reserved for their kisses. This kiss was so much unlike all the other kisses she'd ever shared with him. It was personal and filled with love. It was loads better than any of their passion filled kisses. She'd take this slow, romantic kiss any day of the week.

Draco pulled back and looked down at Hermione, whose eyes were still closed and a look of utter bliss upon her face. He couldn't help it as an utterly foolish grin appeared upon his face. Hermione did strange things to him without even trying. He covered her lips again, sucking her lower lip in between his lips and nibbling upon it with his teeth, very lightly.

Hermione groaned as she let her hands wrap around his neck, drawing him closer and on top of her, before letting her hands get lost into his platinum strands. When Draco kissed her some more, she traced his lips with her tongue before pushing it through his open lips and caressed the inside of his mouth, exploring his warm, delicious mouth.

She smiled when she realized Draco was grinning, before trailing one hand down Draco's back, caressing his muscular back before reaching in between their bodies and running her hand along his warm chest. Draco growled slightly, and Hermione let a laugh slip through her lips at the rumble that came from his chest.

Draco rubbed his body against hers, his obvious arousal brushing against her most intimate place, causing Hermione to breathe in sharply and kiss Draco with more fever. He took her renewed passion she poured into the kiss as an okay, and placed his hands upon either side of her face, supporting his upper body as he slipped within her folds.

Hermione groaned as he filled her completely, pulling away from his lips to stare up at him. Draco grinned happily down at her as he moved in and out of her, slowly making love to her. Hermione continued to stare into his eyes, loving it as his eyes darkened immensely with the lust he was feeling. She grinned even further when an idea sprung into her mind.

Hmm…Perhaps I should take 'charge' again. Draco does love it, even if he tried to deny it. He's kind of the dominating type usually, but I think he fancies it when I'm in control since he usually doesn't see that side of me. I'm so going to rock his world.

Hermione rolled them over quickly, before Draco realized what she was doing, and straddled his hips. He stared up at her with lust clearly evident in his eyes. He settled his hands upon her hips as he helped her slide up and down upon him. Hermione went a smidge faster than Draco had been going, but still kept her pace slower than many of the times they'd shagged in the past. Draco groaned her name as she grinded down into his hips, causing Hermione to grin like mad. He arched an eyebrow before a devious grin appeared upon his lips.

Before Hermione could ask him what he was up to, he thrust up into her as she slid down him, causing her to shudder and arch her back as jolts of pleasure were sent throughout her body.

"Fuck Draco," Hermione hissed, digging her nails into his chest where her hands were resting at the moment.

Draco grinned up at her some more at her language before giving her a cocky grin as he replied to her statement. "Fuck Draco, huh? Merlin if Hogwarts could hear the filth that comes out of that gorgeously innocent looking mouth, they wouldn't see you the same way anymore Hermione. The naughty words that spill out of your mouth are quite a turn on, I must admit…"

Hermione blushed bright pink at his words before glaring slightly at him for making her blush with just words. She decided to get even and ground herself down upon Draco, causing him to grip her hips tightly and moan out, "Sweet Merlin Hermione. Bloody hell yes."

Hermione arched an eyebrow at his words, smirking as she gained retribution for what Draco had made her utter. Draco growled at her deliberate actions before sitting up slightly and snogging her passionately. Hermione felt Draco scoot backwards while holding onto her till he was sitting up with his upper back pressed against his headboard. He wrapped Hermione's legs around his waist as he devoured her lips, helping Hermione to move on and off him as she sat on his lap.

She gasped against his lips as he changed the depth and angle with which he entered her, filling her even more. She clawed at his back as he kept hitting just the right spot, over and over again. One of Draco's hands got lost in her unruly curls while the other wandered down her front till he cupped her right breast in his left hand. He was gentle with her tender breasts, not wanting to hurt her ultrasensitive breasts.

He circled her erect nipple with his thumb before breaking his lips apart from Hermione's and surrounding her breast with his mouth.

"Gods Draco…"

Hermione groaned and speed up partially, getting closer and closer to the edge every time Draco filled her. He thrust up and slipped a hand down till he found her sensitive nub, pressing the pad of his thumb into her clitoris. Hermione moaned his name eagerly as she felt herself start to climax with that one touch, her walls squeezing Draco as he remained inside her. She felt him shudder against her as her walls massaged him, sending him over the edge, unable to contain himself anymore.

He broke his mouth away from her breast, groaning her name into her shoulder as he rested her forehead against her skin, biting his lip as her walls continued to squeeze his cock, milking it for everything it was worth.

"Merlin Hermione," Draco moaned as he lifted his head and met her lips in a passionate kiss. Hermione moaned as she pressed her entire body against Draco, letting her hands slip into his hair.

They didn't pull apart till they were both done, and breathing heavily. Hermione stared down at Draco, her eyes twinkling merrily. Draco grinned back up at her, rubbing his nose against hers. Hermione laughed softly at this before sighing with content.

The two stared at each other for several minutes, neither wanting to break the comfortable silence. Finally Hermione spoke.

"Do you want to take a shower? We should probably do something today other than stay in bed all day. Today's the last day of the weekend."

"Sounds like a plan. Let's get moving then," Draco said as he rested his forehead against hers and smiled at her.

Hermione felt her heart racing at his beautiful smile, unable to believe that he'd finally confessed love for her. It was so unbelievable! Draco Malfoy was in love with her, Hermione Granger. Okay scratch that. Hermione Malfoy!

Merlin it feels so good to say that name. Hermione Malfoy…It just rolls of my tongue. I don't think I could be any happier than I am right now in my life. I have an amazing husband who loves me, I'm Head Girl while my husband is Head Boy, and we're going to have a little baby boy soon. Things are absolutely amazing. I never could have imagined that things would have turned out like this at the beginning of the school year, but I'm so glad that they did.

Draco stared up at Hermione as she remained lost in thought, loving how she always nibbled on her lower lip when she was thinking, and he bit back a groan as that simple image before him was enough to nearly send him over the edge again. Hermione really had no idea how beautiful she was.

She was absolutely bloody gorgeous, and he honestly couldn't believe that he had her for the rest of his life. They were in it till the end, and this thought thrilled Draco to no end. You would think that given his past that he would shy away from commitment, but he found that if he was going to be with Hermione till he died, he didn't mind one bit. He was actually ecstatic about this turn of events. What had started as a no-strings attached affair turned into marriage and true love. A family.

That part scared Draco quite a bit. Because what teenage boy wouldn't be frightened about being a father so young? But he was excited as well, because he was going to have a son. Who was going to be half of Hermione, and half of him. And he'd do whatever it took to make sure that he didn't treat his children like his father had treated him as a child. He'd never hit them, or beat them. He'd love them unconditionally, and be a wonderful role model. Hermione was going to have to help him along the way, but with her by his side, he could do anything.

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