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Warnings: This is an AU (alternate universe), I have taken creative license with the characters and made them into how I want them to be (eg. Kikyou is Miroku's cousin) just because this makes things more fun. Oh yes, there will be no Kikyou bashing here, I'm tired of people writing her down like a bitch. There will be mild cursing. Standard stuff, nothing heavy.

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The Suite Life

"Inuyasha, give me back my shirt!" hollered Miroku as he tried to fasten his buttons while running down the hall to beat his friend to the washroom. This was how it was every morning: a race without a set destination or any order at all. It would've worked a lot better if they planned who was going to make breakfast and who gets the early morning shower. But of course, who makes a schedule anyways? Not them, that's for sure.

"I'm kind of busy here," replied a muffled voice behind shower curtains. Miroku cursed as he realized that Inuyasha already had beaten him to the shower and probably is taking up all the hot water in the entire apartment. Inuyasha likes his showers scalding hot and insists that 30 minutes was the average time to wash clean.

Miroku checked to see if the curtain was securely closed before entering the bathroom. "Are you done sterilizing yourself in there?" asked Miroku as he jammed the toothbrush into his mouth.

"Almost. Be glad I woke up half an hour early just for you," grumbled Inuyasha, rinsing once more before turning the water off. "Can you throw me my towel?"

Miroku rolled his eyes as he walked over to the rack and threw him a fluffy pink one. Droplets of toothpaste trailed where he walked.

"Ugh, I'm trying to sleep here," groaned a third voice, which was female.

"Kikyou wake up damn it! Inuyasha, I thought it was your turn to wake her up," called Miroku, bits of toothpaste spraying out of his mouth. The two guys and one girl have been rooming for over a year now. Inuyasha was quite the neat freak and insisted that being clean as a "house rule." Miroku on the other hand didn't care if the spice cupboard was lined alphabetically or if the whites don't belong with the darks in laundry. Kikyou was the in-between, the gray between the black and white, she didn't care much for neatness but wasn't a total slob like Miroku.

"By the way, your tie is on the second hook next to your white shirts in the closet, right where you left it last time," said Inuyasha as he left the bathroom, inadequately dressed in a towel. He went back to his room and threw on his work uniform and went into the kitchen to start making breakfast.

"Kikyou wake up before I slap you with my spatula," yelled Inuyasha as he flipped three eggs onto plates. He proceeded cooking the bacon and jammed bread into the toaster. He nodded satisfied when he heard water running from Kikyou's bathroom.

"I hate you," grimaced Kikyou a moment later, hair wet from the shower and looked at him with a deadly eye. Inuyasha nodded and kept his mouth shut. His patience was usually reserved for Kikyou, especially during the morning when she hadn't had her orange juice yet. "Where's is it?" asked Kikyou grumpily, her head inside the fridge. Inuyasha tapped her on the shoulder and fed her the orange juice and waited.

"I feel much better," said Kikyou sarcastically, but her mood considerably lightened. Inuyasha shook his head and handed the cup to her and went back to cooking.

"Did she have her orange-juice-decaf yet?" asked Miroku, sticking his head out cautiously in case daggers were sent flying from Kikyou.

"Good Morning to you too sweetheart," she muttered dryly. Kikyou glanced at Inuyasha to see if he was looking. Nope, too immersed in his egg benedict. She casually carried her toast over to the living room to sit down. No sooner had her butt touched the couch, he called out, "You know I don't like crumbs in the living room."

Miroku snickered, watching his roommate get in trouble. Kikyou stuck out her tongue and he retaliated. "Stop being childish and eat. We'll be late for work…" ordered Inuyasha, "Again," he added, flickering his glance to Miroku. Miroku mouthed 'what?' innocently but no one paid attention.

"We could've gotten McDonalds for breakfast and catch a few more winks," suggested Miroku.

"McDonalds is shit. They'll clog up your arteries before you can say cholesterol," snapped Inuyasha. "And what's wrong with my cooking anyways?"

Kikyou was about to say that the grease in the bacon was enough for two Big Macs but wisely kept her mouth shut.

"Nothing is wrong with your cooking. But aren't you the one who feeds of ramen every lunch?"

No sooner had that left his mouth a frying pan came hurling at his face. Miroku will never learn.

& & & & & &

"I swear Kikyou, that bellhop was checking you out!" exclaimed Miroku, throwing his hands out in resignation.

"You sure he wasn't looking at you?" retorted Kikyou as she sorted out the papers. "Move over!" she said as he pushed him aside. "Good morning Mr. … Robinson!... how are you today?" Kikyou greeted the customer with an extra dose of sugar in her voice. Miroku shuddered at the unusual sweetness of his co-worker/roommate's voice instead of the usual cynic that dwelled in her tone.

Miroku poked Kikyou with a letter opener. Kikyou turned around to rifle through the packages the delivery boy dropped off.

"I know what you're going to say. No Mr. Robinson was not checking me out. I will not date him. Yes he's too old. No he's not my type. I will not open the top 4 buttons on my shirt and…"

"Actually I'm just trying telling you that he's still here," Miroku cut in meekly.

"Oh," replied Kikyou obviously embarrassed but not enough to show a blush. She looked up at the elderly (and rich) gentleman and handed him the keycard to his deluxe suite. "The bellhop over there will take your luggage for you," she chirped, gracing the flustering bellhop with a fake smile. The bellhop looked so sickly happy he could faint.

"I didn't know you could act that graceful," said Miroku, leaning on the counter once again, rummaging through her stuff.

"It's for work," she replied flatly, all honey dripped dry.

"You know, if you acted just a bit more feminine, you could get a date!" he said absentmindedly, pocketing some pens and notepaper the hotel provided…for guests.

Kikyou slapped his hand away. "Does my social life really spark that much interest in you? Or are you trying to live your dreams through me since your love life is hopeless?"

"Ooo touché but too bad what you said isn't true. Maybe I just care about you deeply," he said putting one hand across his heart, feigning a 'swooning' look. Kikyou rolled her eyes and started sorting through the mail.

"Miroku if you don't stop taking the hotels' stationary I will use those scissors you just took and cut your bal-"

Miroku stopped before she continued her sentence. "Language Kikyou. You're head of secretary at a five star hotel for goodness sakes. You can just go around threatening to cut people's precious …things… off."

"Only yours," she smiled affectionately. Precious, ha.

"Back on track," said Miroku doing the winding film motion with his hands, "why won't you give that bloody bellhop a chance?"

"Hopeless love life…"

"I've had more lays than you ever will!"

"Which proves how damn hopeless it is!" snapped Kikyou.

"Okay calm down. Do you want some orange juice?"

"Shut up."

"I'll remember to bring you some next time. Do you have any more of these stickers? I think they're really cute."

"They're for the children Miroku, now stop! Don't you have to wash the dishes or something. Kitchen work…"

"I don't do dishes," sniffed Miroku.

"Room service?"

"Yes I do that. But not dishes."


"Back on track, when will you get a date?"

"When you stop dating."

"Well that's a never…so you'll die a virgin?"

"Who says I am one?" cried Kikyou frustrated.

"Oooooh" chorused the workers at the reception table including Miroku.

"Shut up or I'll make you all work midnight shift," snapped Kikyou once again. They all shrank away back to their holes. Miroku made a mental note to not hold back on the orange juice next time he visits. Miroku waited until she was finish checking in and attending the 5 people who were in line.

"So Kikyou, what kind of men do you like?"

"Ones that don't pry into other people's lives."

"Got that message loud and clear," teased Miroku. "No but really. Let's see… who's that guy with silvery white hair?"

Kikyou narrowed his eyes at him, her hand slowly feeling around for something to hurt him with. Miroku was oblivious.

"Sesshomaru was it not? Inuyasha's half brother…" he thought aloud. Nosy co-workers tried to not pay attention but the move-by-move-matrix-like slowness proved that they were trying hard to listen in. Kikyou narrowed her eyes and grabbed Miroku by the ear. "Shut. The. Fuck. Up."

"Of course it's not him," Miroku covered lamely.

"Don't you have some place to be? You are such a slacker, it's a wonder why you aren't fired yet."

"Aww don't be so mean. You're my favorite cousin!" said Miroku, putting on a cheeky grin. "And besides, I'm on my break."

"No you're not."

"Yes I am."

"No. You are not."

"No I'm not," he agreed. Kikyou didn't say anything as she typed on her computer and answered the phone at the same time. "You work too much Kikyou. You're like, an overachiever. That's not good." She rolled her eyes in response and kept working.

"I'm not as stupid as you think I am…"

Kikyou paused on the phone, "No. You're as stupid as you look."

Miroku batted away the insult. It was nothing new. "I know the little looks you give that someone. I mention silver hair and you get all worked up." A pen flew his way but he caught it and pocketed it.

"And," he continued, "You treat him much nicer than you treat me. Granted I can be a bit 'concerned ' about your life, and you don't like that. But still!" Kikyou put her finger warningly over button '2' for security. Miroku smirked at her, daring her to press it.

So she obliged. Within 10 seconds, 2 burly men in navy suits were making a beeline towards the counter. "I'm telling you Kikyou, Inuyasha won't stay single forever!" he said dramatically as he ran back to his work. Kikyou rolled her eyes (for the umpteenth time this morning) and got back to her work, pushing the nagging Miroku voices out of her head.

& & & & & &

"Room 302 is asking for two coffees a-sap," said Miroku as he rushed around putting all the orders onto the cart. "And don't forget that one of them likes less cream and more sugar, with a bit of whipped cream on the side. And the other likes theirs half sugar, half low fat cream and an extra packet of sugar on the side just in case."

"What's a sap?" asked Inuyasha. "And how do you remember those things?"

"A-S-A-P dumbass. And because I take the time to get to know our highly valued customers."

"Just exactly what kind of room service are you giving them?" eyed Inuyasha suspiciously. Miroku just smiled as he poured out the stationary he stole from Kikyou onto the counter.

"Wow, only two pens?" Inuyasha peered over Miroku's shoulder.

"Yeah, I'm losing my touch," he sighed rubbing his temple. "But I managed to get these stickers this time," he held them up excitedly, his eyes sparkling. Miroku had the hope and look of a 5 year old, but definitely not the naivety.

"Oh these would look great on the ice buckets you stole a week ago," he replied dryly as he poured icing into the bag, screwed on the star-tip and began decorating the wedding cake.

"That was hilarious," laughed Miroku remembering the escapade.

"No it wasn't. I got blamed for it!" objected Inuyasha. More laughs from Miroku.

"Why would a CHEF steal an ice bucket? It makes no fucking sense," he cursed, squinting at the cake in front of him.


"What?" he snapped.

"What are you doing?"

"Decorating a cake asswipe, now get to work!"

Miroku shook off the déjà vu feeling he got. Obviously someone hung around Kikyou too much, he thought staring at Inuyasha. "I meant, what are you doing with your life!"

"Oh. Well working here."

"For life?"

"Yeah. Unless I get fired or something. Don't see why they would though," gloated Inuyasha.

"So you're going to be 40, living in our apartment alone, decorating wedding cakes for other people for the rest of your life?" said Miroku, raising his eyebrows. Inuyasha squirted icing at his face. "Hey!" Inuyasha smirked and went back to work as Miroku tried to rub all the icing off blindly.

"Go to work and quit worrying about other people's lives. I would've thought you had enough of your daily gossip from Kikyou already…didn't figure you would bother me now," mumbled Inuyasha.

"Oh don't get your panties in a bunch, Mama's boy," said Miroku, grinning widely waiting for Inuyasha's reaction.

"Do you find joy in antagonizing my life?" growled Inuyasha, finding something to throw at Miroku.

"No. But hey, maybe chicks dig that stuff!"

Ahah! He found a steak-fork. Inuyasha made a mock motion of polishing off the utensil, ready to go for the kill.

"I'm saying you look very cool in those pictures you insist on hanging around in your kitchen-office," stammered Miroku, chuckling nervously. Inuyasha stepped closer.

"Uh, what I meant was, normally kids would look geeky with their mom…" Two steps closer, an inch away from being castrated.

"But you look absolutely cool. Like a punk! You can barely tell that you're a Mama's boy." Inuyasha calmly grabbed Miroku by the collar and gripped the knife tighter. "You look cute with her Inuyasha, really. Like a younger boyfriend…" blurted out Miroku, desperately trying to cover up.

"Wrong answer," said Inuyasha, shaking his head with a fake look of menace in his eye. Well, Miroku couldn't tell if it was fake menace or not, but he wasn't going to stick around and find out. He ran out of the kitchen, only to madly dash back 3.2 seconds later, grabbed the cart and then bolted.

& & & & & &

"Someone should really knock some sense into both of their heads," muttered Miroku, still feeling a slight numbness in his butt as Inuyasha "goodheartedly" kicked him. Even he noticed how deadly transparent both of those two were with their affections for each other and yet no one makes a move. "Not to mention having someone pull out the stick he's always got up his ass."

"Room service," he called out, knocking on the door. He heard a girl calling out 'coming!' and footsteps running. The door swung open and the girl stood, slightly flustered. Miroku did a once over. Not bad, he thought.

The girl had dark brown hair, clean swept bangs and slightly wavy hair. She was not too short (about up to his nose), wasn't too skinny and definitely had all the curves in the right places. It took everything in Miroku not to let out a jousting whistle. Not bad at all!

"Miroku! Is that you?"

In a flicker, he recognized the girl in front of him. In all his life, he would've never thought that she would come back. Never thought of all places he'd meet her again here, in front of the "Couple's Suite". There he saw her. Sango.