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The Suite Life

Sango crept around slowly in her father's office. It was dawn, barely five in the morning but she felt extremely awake. Not even booking two hours down of sleep, she got up again. The hotel was never still, never quiet. Even in the wee hours of night, people were moving in and out, hotel staff never ceased to pause. The only difference was that her father left his office for his routinely half-an-hour coffee break.

She blew the dust off the shelves and skimmed for any envelopes slipped in-between the books. None. Carefully picking the hairpin from her hair, she picked the lock on the top drawer of the desk. Inside laid a few documents, a stash of expensive pens, a few envelopes… Sango picked the 4 faded color envelopes within the pile and skimmed through the address. The writing was strangely recognizable.

Without a beat, she quickly took the letter opener and sliced through the envelope, greedily reaching for what's inside. In plain paper, a bit faded were a few words. This one was dated the day after she left the hotel for London.

I observed unspoken confessions from your eyes.
I'm angry at you for leaving.
What's more, I am confused.

Sango wondered why the letter was so brief and so vague. Putting that one aside, she opened the second enveloped and peered inside. This time the piece of paper was wrinkled, as if it took the writer strenuous effort to express themselves.

I don't know how to say this.
Your father would say no.
Your mother would say no.
My friends would say impossible.
I don't know how to say it.
Clichés be damned.
I am in like with you.

She read, and reread it over again. And then once more to make sure she read correctly. This letter was dated 3 months after her leave. Sango breathed softly, her eyes fluttering over the piece of parchment in her hand. In like. The words had a hint of sweetness. Putting that one aside, she eagerly opened the third one. This one, unlike the others, was not as short and vague but rather an inundation of frustration.

At first I thought you didn't reply because you didn't feel the same way. But being the confident asshole I am, I was convinced you were only too shy to tell me. So I waited. When you gave me your address, I assumed that you wanted me to write to you. I also assumed you would write back. Please do. I know you're busy with school, but I can't wait forever without dying of curiosity as to how you feel in return.

Sango noted that this letter was sent 6 months subsequent to the one before. She wondered what she would've done if she had receive those letters back then. She would've replied, writing back with equal fervor. She smiled acrimoniously at the memory of leaving that day. She was so eager and excited to go to London since all her life she had lived in the hotel. This was her chance to visit another place, experience another sort of education and have a jump start to the rest of her life. She also remembered the crumpled look on Miroku's face when she told him. She flipped him off for being jealous and pushed aside his uncharacteristically non-response. She remembered her disappointment that he didn't make it a point to make her stay.

I get it.

This last letter was written in an angry scrawl, dated a year after the previous letter. The clock ticked 5:30. Quickly gather all the letters, she shoved them inside her purse and went off.

& & & & & &

"Hey retard," said Kikyou.

"Hi…" he replied cautiously, eyeing at her for speaking to him. If she noticed, she didn't say anything.

"Big day huh?"

"I guess," said Miroku flatly. He was clearly not as excited as the others were about the extravagant wedding preparations to be done today.

"I thought about what you said," said Kikyou, cleaning her workspace.

"What did I say?" It had been a day or so that they haven't talked, but it felt like it had been weeks. Miroku had lousy memory. He couldn't put his finger on exactly what he said. Heck, he couldn't even remember what he had for breakfast yesterday.

"Inuyasha," she prompted. Miroku's mouth opened to an 'O' to show he was on the same level as her.

"Yes," she nodded. "He told me that…"

"You guys are two peas in a pod? A match made in heaven?"

"No," she interrupted firmly, glaring at Miroku. "He said," she stuttered and blush uncharacteristically, "he 'was deeply in like with me' ."

Miroku's mouth dropped open. No way. That son of a bitch stole his thunder!

"What?" asked Kikyou biting her lip. "Was it too cheesy? Does he say that to every girl? Should I have not fallen for it? God, I knew it. I should've known. I can't believe I said yes. I'm so stupid I-" She was cut off by a hug from Miroku. "Don't worry about it," he whispered. Strangely enough, Kikyou obeyed and let go.

& & & & & &

Sango grumbled as the lady fussed over her gown. She was tired of trying on a hundred different gowns. You would've thought she'd have one picked out by now, and she did, but her mother butchered over the lack of lace or the abundance of frills and any other little detail that a normal person deemed as 'unimportant.' In all fairness, she really liked the one she had on right now. Soft white silk felt so comfortable on her skin. She loved the frills in the front and the complicated bow behind.

"Try this tiara on," said Jakotsu appearing out of no where. Sango screamed happily and latched onto Jakotsu with a big hug. Jakotsu returned the hug with an equally girly sigh. "You look darling, Sango."

Sango smiled at the compliment.

"Getting married eh? You must be excited," murmured Jakotsu as he adjusted the tiara on Sango's head. "No, too big," he said to himself, picking up a daintier tiara.

Excited? Sango didn't think so. The only thing she had been doing the past few hours was grumble at the lady's incessant badgering.

"Are you sure about this?" said Jakotsu light-headedly. Sango wasn't quite sure if he was pointing to her choice of dress or something else.

"This one looks good, does it not?" he said, ushering Sango over to the full length mirror. Sango stared at the girl in the reflection. Hair stylishly piled up, delicate curls framing her face. The dress billowing beneath her. The tiara glittered amongst her hair. She turned to say something to Jakotsu but he suddenly disappeared.

"Figures," she mumbled. Her eyes wandered the door way and found Miroku quickly walking to somewhere. Maybe it was a trick of the eye because she swore she saw him glancing at her. But when she opened her eyes again he was gone.

& & & & & &

"They say you never truly know a person until you have lived with them," said Inuyasha. Sango had invited him and Miroku out for lunch since she had wanted to get away from all the relatives gushing over her. Miroku however had not come. Sango tilted her head and lifted an eyebrow.

"Oh nothing," he smirked, "Just warning you of the future arguments you and your fancy schmancy husband will have." Sango seriously doubted it.

"When are you going to tie the knot?" she countered. Inuyasha's ears turned red and muttered something indistinctively about surviving the first date first.

"So, you're really sure about this?" he asked. Second time today that someone has asked her that.

"Of course I am," she said defensively. "I don't think there's room for doubt at a time like this," she added.

Inuyasha rolled his eyes.

& & & & & &

"Sis, I'm happy for you," nodded Kohaku. Her little brother was sitting in her room doing nothing but stare at his sister pacing. "You're really lucky," he added.

Sango nodded to show she heard him and continued walking. She tried getting rid of her nerves by focusing on walking in a straight line but her mind seemed to scramble everywhere. Cold feet? No. No, right?

"Why did you say I'm lucky?" she suddenly asked.

"Because Kuranosuke is a great guy, he'll treat you good," said Kohaku cheerfully. "And he will bring a good name to our hotel."

He was successful, rich, had a plan in life, treated her like she was queen…of course Kohaku said she was lucky. Anyone would have.

& & & & & &

"So tell me why again you decided to leave?" said Inuyasha, crossing his arms.

"Because it would completely slaughter me if I have to go through the process of watching her get married and tying the damn knot," said Miroku without batting an eye.

"Wouldn't it be worse if you don't tell her anything at all?" protested Kikyou, propping herself to sit on the clean kitchen counter. He noted that Inuyasha made no notion for her to get off.

"Just because you two are sickly happy and in like, you don't have to force me into this mush," he replied, adding the garnish to each plate of veal. Veal is disgusting, he randomly noted.

The couple's cheeks tinted pink, quickly unlacing their hands.

"You're not being fair to her," Kikyou argued.

"I am a damn waiter," said Miroku as if that explained it all.

"You two are both idiots," concluded Inuyasha.

& & & & & &

"Miroku!" Sango called out. Several people turned but he kept on walking. Miroku sighed as he felt her grip on his shirt. He was hoping to avoid her the whole day so he wouldn't have to deal with oh I don't know, unsorted feelings? He blinked, pasted on his regular charming smile and turned to look at her. "You're not chasing me for the bill for that cheesecake are you?" he winked.

Sango opened her mouth and shut it, then opened it again. "Are you coming to the wedding?"

"No," he said instantly, wincing at how quick he was to reply.

"Why not?" she demanded.

"I'm busy," he said, licking his suddenly dry lips.

"Too busy to even come to my wedding!"

His face crumpled, and if any hurt appeared in his eyes, he tried, with only God knows how much strength, to keep it hidden. "I'm leaving the city at 5, I'm sorry to miss the reception." He said the last part flatly with no emotion.

"So, any last words?" said Sango, fighting to keep her voice steady.

"I'll come bug you next time," said Miroku lightly, last smile wearing thin on his face. He turned around to go back to the kitchen when he heard a faint reply.

"I get it."

& & & & & &


"Yes dear?"

"How do you know when you're doing the right thing when in fact you feel like it's the wrong thing?"

"I don't know."

Sango nodded lightly and continued to look at the list of guests arriving tomorrow afternoon. "Are you worried?" said Sango suddenly, remembering her conversation with Inuyasha.


"What if we start fighting once we move in together? What if you don't like what I cook? Or we can't decide on which house we want?"

"We don't fight so don't worry," smiled Kuranosuke. Sango blinked. He was right. They never fight. Or argue.

"So what do you think our future will be like?" Sango ventured on.

"I will work, and you can be at home, feeding our babies and making sure they grow into strong children with your spunk and my good looks," said Kuranosuke distractedly, swigging the wine glass around. Sango let out a laugh, even though she didn't feel like laughing and went to bed even though her mind was far from ready to rest.

& & & & & &

Wedding day.

Miroku stepped outside, his boots crunching on the snowy ground. It was getting dark fast, as the street lamps flickered on. He slugged the bag over his back and walked to the bus station to catch his ride to the airport.

"I, fucking, hate you."

He turned around to see Sango, wearing a turtleneck and jeans, hand grasping a few sheets of paper.

"Excuse me?" was all he managed to say.

Sango took a deep breath and walked up to him until they were less than two inches away. She held up the letters. His letters. Miroku's face paled slightly.

"Where did you find those?"

"Why the hell didn't you tell me?" demanded Sango. "I gave you so many chances to talk to me today. You wussed out. Is this what you were going to do? Leave me there? To get married? And never letting me know? What if I hadn't found these letters?"

"You would still be here," he said calmly.


"You would still come here," he said simply. Sango broke his gaze as she rubbed her forehead with a gloved hand, shaking her head.

"I hate how you do this to me," she said quietly if not, affectionately.

"You should go back," offered Miroku.

"I should," she agreed.

His heart sank a bit but continued, "They're all waiting for you."

"Yes, all my relatives, business people that I don't know, my parents, my fiancé are all there wondering where I am," she amended.

He nodded. "It'd be a shame for you to skip out on the wedding. That cake cost more than one year of my salary."

Sango laughed and grin wickedly, "Yeah it is a great cake. Me and Kuranosuke picked it out together."

"Then go."

"I should. They're all waiting. And it takes forever to put on that dress and get my hair done."

"Then go."

"Kuranosuke is probably there talking to my parents of our future. His stable job and steady income that will support me no matter what for the rest of my life."

"Then go."

"I ought to get back."

He nodded, wondering why she still haven't left yet.

"What do you think Miroku?" The focus shifted to him. Sango smirked at his lost expression –his eyes were twinkling with uncertainty.

"Was a safe life what I always wanted?"

"No," he replied.

"Am I making the right choice?"


"Should I marry Kuranosuke?"


"Then I won't."

The End.