The Kiss of Death

By: Miss Jessica Rabbit

Summary:Princess Serenity was kidnapped at the age of 10 (exactly 2 weeks until she's 11) and lost her memories. Her kidnapper trained her to become an assassin. Now she is 16 – the age she was suppose to marry Endymion. Serenity now goes by the name of Usagi to her few friends, and the Kiss of Death by her enemies. She is #1 in the business where being on top is the most important part of an assassin's reputation. Diamond is #2, but his most recent self-hired job will guarantee him the #1 spot… killing the royal families of both the Moon and the Earth along with the Prince's generals and the guards of the longtime missing Princess. Serenity is soon hired for the same job as Diamond. Will Serenity kill them firstand remain on top… or will something unexpected happen? Read to find out!

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon. If I did, I'd be gettin' paid right about now.

Chapter 1: It happened so fast.

AN: The first few chapters take place in the past, before the summary takes place. There purpose is to show everything that occurs while Serenity is missing, and exactly how she changes from an innocent princess into a cold-blooded killer.

It was almost her 11th birthday with only 2 more months left of being 10. She didn't mind being 10, infact she reveled in it. Ten year olds didn't have much responsibility. Sure she had to go to all sorts of classes throughout the day, but her guards went with her.

Right now she was on her way to meet with Prince Endymion of Earth, he turned 13 last month but she didn't get a chance to give him his birthday present since she couldn't go to his ball due to urgencies with the Silver Alliance her mother had to tend to. She was meeting him out in the gardens by the fountain. The Earth's royal family was visiting for 'political' reasons – which actually meant they were planning the royal engagement of the Earth Prince and Moon Princess, but they weren't told those details.

"Endy!" she squealed with excitement as she ran towards him with his present held tightly to her chest. "Hey Sere! It's been a wh-umph" he couldn't finish once she grabbed him in a tight hug.

They only met for he first time on her 10th birthday when all the royal families of all the planets were invited to a ball in her honor. The Earth's royal family stayed for 2 months since they were arranging the marriage of their son to the Moon Princess. After they saw how close they were at the ball, they agreed that their original idea of having the two wed was a great idea. They weren't going to tell either of them until Serenity was 15 and Endymion was 18… to give them a year to plan and get closer. The wedding will happen a week after Serenity's 16 birthday.

"So I'm guessing you missed me?" he asked while playfully laughing at her childish behavior. 'Oh to be 10 again' he thought with glee. Ever since last month when he became a rightful teenager, he's been acting like he went from 12 to 20 with his ego, but Serenity could always cause his ego to be tossed aside.

"I brought you your present!" she exclaimed with a toothy grin while holding it out to him.

"And here I thought you were my gift" he said as he caressed her cheek with a rough hand. This made her giggle and blush brightly as she looked at the ground hiding her now glowing red cheeks.

He took the present and sat on the rim of the fountain as she did the same. She watched him with huge sparkling eyes while she waited to see his reaction and this only made him let out a small laugh.

He opened it and unveiled it to be a rose. Never in his life had he been into flowers – he was a guy after all – but this one took his breath away. All because it was from her. "It has preserves covering it so it will always look like this. You just can't take it out of that glass case since that protects it and the preserves." She said while looking hopefully at him. She wasn't sure if he liked it since he still hasn't said a word.

"Sere… it… it's gorgeous" he said in a low whisper while his face softened as he looked at with a look of awe in his midnight blue eyes.

"You don't like it do y-" she was cut off by his finger pressed up against her lips as he looked at her with a sweet smile. "The only thing more beautiful than this flower… is you, my sweet Sere" and with that he kissed her sweetly and innocently on the cheek. Hethen hugged her as he whispered, "I brought you a little something as well."

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a locketshaped like a star. Serenity gasped at it's beauty.

"Ever since I stepped foot on that ship to leaveafter those 2 months with you, you stayed in my thoughts… and in my heart." He hesitated the last part for fear of rejection, but swallowed his fear as soon as he saw her eyes light up. "They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I believe that more than anything because… because…"

"Yes, Endy?" she knew what was coming and she couldn't stand the anticipation of hearing those words come from his mouth.

"Because, Princess Serenity, my Sere… I love you." At this point sweat was forming on his brow because he was so nervous. All Serenity could do was squeal and grab him in another hug that knocked the air out of him as she swung her arms around his neck.

"Open it" he whispered softly into her hair. "Open what, Endy?"

"The locket, open it."

"Why?" she was smiling with the thought of what else he had instore.

"Just open it, you'll see" he said with a glazed over smile. She opened it and it began to play a sweet melody.

"That's the first song we danced to. I had the guy that made it put that song in."

"I love it, Endy… but"

"But what? If you don't like it I can have them make it however you wish. It wouldn't be any tr-mm"

She stopped him mid-sentence with a kiss. His eyes were wide with shock at first, then he relaxed and closed them. She broke from the kiss and put both her hands on his cheeks and smiled as she looked into his dazed eyes innocently.

"I love it, Endy… but, I love you more." She said sweetly as she smiled at him withstars in her eyes. Then she hugged him, only this time is was more of an embrace as they memorized this perfect moment.

Both royal families and both the Prince's generals and Princess' guards watched the two younglovers from the window in the study that over looked the gardens. They were all smiling and filled with joy for the two. The 4 generals of the Prince were smiling and thinking of ways to make fun of him for his little romance with the Princess, but they were still happy for him none the less.

"Yes, this was a very good arrangement" said the Moon Queen. "I couldn't agree with you more" stated the very proud Earth King.

They stood there a little longer watching the lovers embrace before a palace guard came crashing through the doors of the study.

"Queen!" he was yelling continuously in a panic.

"What is it guard?" asked the calm but worried Queen.

"Your highness, there has been an attack! Intruders are all over the grounds! We must get you all to the safe room!"

"First we must get the Princess and Prince from the gardens below!" ordered the scared Queen. "They are right…oh my…no…NO!"

The Queen and all the others looked helplessly on as a group of intruders surrounded the frightened Prince and Princess as their leader came close to Serenity and grabbed her away from Endymion's protective grasp. The leader then held a sword to Serenity's neck and said something that disturbed Endymion, but they couldn't hear him or read his lips because they were to far away. The leader then hit the Princess on the back of the head with the hilt of the sword knocking her out. He then threw her ontohis shoulder as he and his group of intruders left. They vanished as quickly as they appeared.

They all ran down to meet a broken Prince. He was on his knees as tears rolled down his regal cheeks, holding two objects they couldn't see - but knew they were the locket and the rose.

"What did he say! What did that wicked man say to you! What is he going to do with my daughter!" yelled the Queen with tears in her eyes and a shaky voice. No one has ever seen the Queen act anything but calm, so her state just added to their sadness for their Princess.

"He said…" began the sobbing Endymion, "that if we follow him… or make any attemp at all to find her… he'll kill her. He said… when… he thinks the time is right… he'll bring her back… but he said that might be… years." His sobs were beginning to rack his body which caused the generals to run and kneel around him, trying to comfort him as they were also starting to cry.

The Queen looked at him with her mouth hanging open and tears running down her cheeks trying to grasp everything he had just told her. It didn't seem tangible. So many thoughts were running through the Queen's mind; 'Why would anyone want to do this to the Moon royals?Weare suchfair and giving to the people. Why?'

"WHY? WHY WOULD YOU TAKE MY SERENITY AWAY FROM ME?" during this rant, the Queen fell to her knees screaming and crying at the same time.


The next day a public announcement was made to the Moon Kingdom telling them of the kidnapping of the Princess. The announcement was given by Luna and Artemis. The Queen would have done it herself… but she couldn't even get the words out when she was telling Luna and Artemis what to say.

The whole kingdom was in mourning.


In a village far from the palace…

Serenity awoke with a start as cold water was splashed on her face.

"W-who are you?" asked the confused and nervous princess.

"I am Jafari, but you may call me master."

"Why do you want me to call you that?"

"Because my dear, I'm going to train you."

"Train me? To do what?"

"hehe Why, to kill, of course."

Well, that's it for the first chapter. This chapter was mainly to show the relationship that Serenity and Endymion have. It may seem a little too romantic for a 10 and 13 year old, but in those days they moved fast. They were married in their early teens back in those days. Anyway, their kissing is just innocent kiddy kissing so don't be bothered by it. It's like those pictures of the little kids dressed as adults and the girls kissing the boy on the cheek… it's cutesy kissing, not passionate kissing. I also wanted to show the why roses are important to Endymion and the importance of the locket – which will be very important in later chapters.

AN: If you were trying to picture the rose… just think of the one in Beauty and the Beast! That's what I was thinking of when I wrote it!

AN 2: The Princes generals are obviously Kunzite, Jadeite, Nephrite, and Zoicite and the Princess' guards are obviously Minako, Mokato, Ami, and Rei. Just clearing that up in case anyone's like "Hey, where'd the senshi go!"

Attack of the AN: The next chapter will mainly continue with where we left off so be sure to read it!

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Revenge of the AN (I can't help myself .): Jafari is pronounce just like Jafar from Alladin but adding an 'i' at the end of it. Sounds like Jafary… spelt Jafari. When I was thinking of a good name, I looked around my room and the first thing I saw was my Alladin: Return of Jafar movie so that's how I got that one!

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