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My characters :James Clark, Amanda Clark, Melissa Clark

Rating :K+

Title :Dangerous Secrets

Ruthie Camden walked to her locker thinking about Vincent and their date tomorrow, he told her he was going to surprise her.

Ruthie liked surprises only if they were good but she didn't like to wait for them. Opening her locker she put her books inside glad that the day was over and she could go home. Closing the locker she turned and saw her friend Martin coming up to her.

''Hey Ruthie.''

''Hey Martin, ready to go home?''

''Actually that's what I came to tell you, I can't take you home cause I have baseball practice.''

''I thought your coach was sick.''

''He is but he hired an assistant coach before he got sick so, are you okay to get a ride home or you can wait for me to get through with practice.''

''I have to go by my friend, Melissa's house, and drop off her homework since she didn't show up today.

I guess I could just walk since it's not that far.''

''I don't know, I don't really like the idea of you walking home by yourself and I don't think your parents would either...and I'm not being overprotective or anything I just care about you and I don't want anything to happen to you.'' Martin knew she thought he was overprotective and

in all honesty he was and he knew it but that didn't mean he was going to agree with her.

''I think my parents would be okay with it, I've walked home by myself before and besides our house is like twenty minutes away from here and Melissa's house is on the way home. My mom was supposed to go with Lucy, shopping to help with Savannah and my dad is at the church working, why don't I call them and ask if their okay with it and if their not I'll wait for you, is that okay with you?'' She knew that it wasn't okay and that Martin wanted her to wait for him or one of her family to come get her but he knew if she wanted to do something she was going to do it.

''I guess so, my cellphone is in my locker so you can get it and call them and come let me know what they say, I'll be on the baseball field.''

Ruthie smiled as she watched Martin walk away, he was so funny when he wasn't happy with something, he kind of pouted and got this downcast look in his eyes, it was funny though he only got that way around her, where he showed any kind of emotion at all, if it was anyone else he would just suck it up and go on about his buisness, but when it was just Martin and her he would open up a little bit and show that he had emotions just like everyone else. Ruthie guessed that he hid his feelings because that's the way his dad was, and that's the way her grandfather was, they were regular human beings but they had had alot of troubled times and they just learned to hide their feelings.

Reaching Martin's locker she put in the combination and opened it grabbing the cellphone out of his bag she wondered how many friends in this school knew each others locker combination. She was glad that Martin trusted her that much, sure there wasn't anything in his locker that was a life threatening secret, but nobody else, not even Martin's best friend Mac knew his combination and that made Ruthie feel kinda special that Martin shared something with her that he shared with nobody else. And as for her she trusted Martin with anything and everything about her, they were the kind of friends who could tell each other anything, except when it was female related problems, Ruthie figured Martin didn't really want to know about that kind of stuff, but thankfully she had her mother and Lucy to talk to as well. But she was happy that she had found someone early in her life that would be a true friend to her and vice versa.

Deciding to call her dad first she dialed his office number and waited.


''Mom what are you doing there, I thought you went shopping with Lucy and Savannah.''

''Oh hi Ruthie, I was going to go but I decided to keep Savannah and stay home, then your father called me and asked if I would bring him some lunch. So me, Savannah, and your little brothers are having lucnch with your dad, did you need to talk with him?''

''Actually I need to ask you and dad a question.''

''Sure, what is it?''

''Well Martin has baseball practice so he can't take me home right now, but I'm supposed to take some homework to a friend of mine who didn't show up today and I thought maybe I could just walk since home is close by and my friends house is on the way, but only if it's okay with you and dad, so is it?''

'' You have walked home by yourself before and I'm sure Martin wouldn't mind if you took his cellphone with you in case you need it, let me ask your father and I'll call you back in a minute.''

''Okay, love you, bye.''

'' I love you too, bye.''

Ruthie hung up the phone and made her way outside to the baseball field. Spotting Martin standing by the dugout, she made her way over to stand beside him.

'' Hey, so what'd your parents say?''

'' My mom was at the church so she's going to ask dad and call me back, but she sounded okay with it, if I could take your phone in case I needed it, would that be okay with you?''

'' I don't know Ruthie, I really don't want you walking home by yourself, with or without my phone, but I guess if it's fine with your parents you're gonna go even if I don't want you to, so yes you can take my phone.''

''Thanks, but you know you worry too much about me, sometimes you and Kevin are worse than my dad, I mean I really appreciate it and it's comforting to know that I have so many people looking out for me but, occasionally I know what I'm doing and I certainly know how to ask for help if I need it.''

'' I know all that, I really do, it's just sometimes I can't help it. I just feel that, since your older brothers aren't always here to look out for you I should pick up the slack, I mean even if Matt and Simon were here all the time I would still protect you the best I could, I just think that it's what your brothers would want me to do. And as for Kevin, he's a cop, he's seen how bad things can be and he knows about the things that happen to teenage girls. I know he doesn't believe anything will happen to you but he just wants to prevent it, at least to the best of his ability.''

'' I know.''

As Martin was about to say something his phone rang so Ruthie moved to one of the near bleachers to sit and talk.


''Hi, uh..Ruthie how are you, it's me Cecilia.''

''Hey Cecilia, I'm great how are you, how's school?''

''Hard, but I'm doing good and I'm having fun, it's so nice to talk with you, I feel like we haven't talked in years. How's everything going, how is everyone?''

'' Everyone's fine, you should come down soon and stay a few days when you can. I know your probably really busy with school and work and everything else in between, but we'd all love to see you.''

''That sounds like fun, I actually have a week off from school next month and I have some vacation time saved at work, so maybe next month I can come down and stay with you guys, if it's okay with your parents of course.''

''Of course, but I think they would love for you to come see us, so would everyone else, but anyway did you need to talk with Martin about something?''

''Oh yeah, I completely forgot I called to talk to him, could you get him for me, please?''

'' Yeah sure, here he is, it was good to talk you and I hope you get to come down next month.''

''Me too, oh, tell your mom I'll call her tomorrow and I'm glad I got to talk to you. I'll see you later okay, bye.''


Ruthie handed Martin the phone and stood up to move away as to give Martin some privacy. She smiled to herself thinking about Cecilia and how much she was a part of the family even though it didn't work out for her with Simon or Martin. Neither was an ugly break up or anything, they just didn't work out. But she was glad Cecilia stayed around after she broke up with Simon. She was like Ruthies' big sister and everyone else loved her too, they had had their share of arguments along the way but that's what makes a family, being close enough and comfortable enough with each other to agree to disagree, and still love each other and know that just because you don't agree with someone you love doesn't mean you love them any less, it just means you have different thoughts and opinions and there's nothing wrong with that at all.

Not paying any attention to the world around her she nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt a hand fall on her shoulder. Jerking around to see who had nearly scared her to death, she sighed heavily seeing that it was only Martin who had his lips pursed together trying not to laugh. Finally letting out a snicker, he handed her the phone saying that it was her mom. Smacking him on the arm she took the phone and walked away from her chuckling friend.


''Hi Ruthie, your dad and I decided it would be okay if you walked home only if you take Martin's cellphone and if I'm not home when you get there call me and let me know you got there okay, all right?''

''Okay, Martin said I could take his phone and I'll let you know as soon as I get home...oh, Cecilia called and she said she might be able to come down for a week sometime next month and she said she would try to call you tomorrow to talk.''

''Really that's great. I was thinking about her yesterday, it'll be good to see her...well listen sweetie your dad needs to make an important call so just let us know when you get home and I'll see you in a bit okay, I love you, bye.''

''I love you too mom, bye.''

Hanging up the phone Ruthie walked over to Martin to let him know what her parents said.


''Yeah, what'd they say?''

''They said they were fine with it.''

As Ruthie had anticipated Martin gave a disapproving look but she knew that he wouldn't argue about it with her.

''Okay, well be careful and I'll see you when I get home.''

''Don't worry, I'll be fine, bye.''


As he watched Ruthie make her way back into the school Martin wondered why he acted like she was made of glass or something. He trusted Ruthie to make the right decisions and she was very level headed. And she had learned plenty from the rest of her family. But when it came to Ruthie he just didn't want her to know any kind of pain or disappointment, he knew that wasn't very realistic but it was just the way he felt. He wasn't that way with anybody else he knew, only Ruthie, sure he cared about all his friends and family but there was something in him that told him to keep Ruthie safe, always, it was a feeling that he just didn't question and went with it. Hearing the coach call for him to come over he ran over and all the way through practice he couldn't help thinking that he should have made Ruthie stay with him.