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Summary: Rogue is sick with the flu and the only one left to take care of her is...(Bum bum bum) the annoying Cajun. So laugh it up!

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Sickly Rouge, Annoying Cajun


Rogue looked at the clock and blew her nose for the fifth time that morning. Uggg...this is so. Cough... She was broken out of her thoughts when she was sent into a violent coughing fit. After that, she blew her nose two more times and tried to get up...but she was sent sailing back onto the bed as a wave of dizziness took her over. "This is not mah day." She said with a cough. "Ah gotta get up..."

She tried again hanging on to various chairs and dressers in her room but once she made it into the hall, she sunk down as another coughing fit took her over.


Remy LeBeau was asleep two rooms down from Rogue and he awoke to a loud thump and a fit of coughing coming from the hallway. "Wut in de worl' was dat?" He asked himself as he rubbed his eyes. He got up slowly and put on some pants and looked at the clock. "Eight? Merde. Whoever be wakin' moi up better have a good reason."

He rubbed his eyes once more and opened the door to look outside. There he saw Rogue bundled on the floor, coughing up a storm. He rushed to her side. "Chere?"

"Huh?" She replied and then coughed again.

"Try not t' talk, neh?" He said. "Let's get y' back t' bed, d'accord."

She then looked up and pushed him away. "Ah don' need yo' help Cajun!" But that outburst just sent her back into another coughing fit.

"Apparently y' do, Rogue. Y' sick..."

"No..." Cough-cough-cough "...freakin' duh." Outta all tha people in tha mansion...why him? Why freakin' him?

"Rogue, common...let moi help." He stated taking her arm and trying to pull her up.

"No..." Cough-cough. "Ah'm quite capable..." She then got up but grabbed her head and almost hit the floor if Remy hadn't caught her.

"Apparently not, mon chere." He said picking her up and taking her to her room.

"Put meh down..." She stated with a sneeze into a tissue.

"As y' wish..." He then sat her on her bed and covered her up. "Y' need res', an' somet'ing t' eat too."

She blew her nose again and glared at the Cajun. "No, what Ah need is fo' y' t' leave meh alone. Ah was goin' ta get Hank."

"He not here, Rogue. No one is 'cept moi." He sighed. "Student's wen' t' deir families fo' de holidays, de professor, Jean, Beas', Scott, Logan, an' de res' wen' t' some conference in Washington an' won' be back till later in de week. Dey wan' me t' stay here an' dey didn' wan' y' t' go."

Figures. "Why didn' yah leave? Go away?"

"Remy's got no place t' go, chere. Remy can' go back home...don' wanna go back t' Magneto, I wanna stay here."

"Why?" She coughed again.

"T' be wid y'."

She threw the empty box of tissues at him...making a soft clunk on his arm. "Dat wasn' nice..."

"Ah'm..." Cough-cough-hack. "...not nice."

Gambit just rolled his eyes. "Remy'll be right back."

"Uh-" Cough-hack. "...huh."


Rogue was left in the room alone and she fell back into her pillows coughing wildly. Why out of all tha people, thaht stinkin' Cajun. Ah coulda handled John, or even Kitty...but why tha stinkin' Cajun? She shook her head and even that made her dizzy. "Stupid Cajun." She grumbled.


Remy had went down into the lower levels to pick up a few medical supplies. Lemme see...thermometer, some cold medicine, some vapor rub. Dis'll havata do fo' now. If Rogue woul' only let moi help. He sighed taking the objects in a bag to the elevator and up to her room.


Rogue thought she had the coughing under control when all the sudden she started up again and this time she almost threw up. She wasn't happy to say the least and she tried to sit up, but to no avail. "Stupid..." She grumbled not even able to finish her sentence. Then the door came open and shut again showing Remy with some things.

"What now?"

"Jus' relax chere..." He stated shaking the thermometer. "Open.."

Rogue just crossed her arms over her chest and turned her head. Remy shook his and placed a finger lightly on her chin and turned her face to face him. She moved her head down and bit his finger.

"Ouch!" He exclaimed and shook his finger wildly. "Why'd y' do dat?"

Rogue didn' answer, she just started to laugh at him while he was standing there shaking his left hand up and down. After a few seconds of laughing, she knew that was a bad idea as soon as she started coughing again. Remy looked at her half coughing and half laughing. And he took the time to really study her. Even though she was sick he couldn't deny that she was beautiful. Rogue took notice to his staring and looked at him strangely.


"Not'ing, chere." He smiled which caused her to scowl. "Now, are y' gonna let Remy take care o' y' o' not?"

"Ah'd much ratha go with not, thanks." She coughed again.

"But, cherie..." He stressed. "Remy don' wanna see y' suffer."

She looked at him and saw his eyes filled with worry. "Fahne..." She coughed. "But no funny business."

He shook his head. "Promise."

Gambit moved cautiously back to her shaking the thermometer once again and she opened her mouth as he placed it inside watching as the red went up quickly then started to slow. After a few moments he pulled the thermometer out of her mouth and gave an audible tsk.

"What?" She asked coughing again.

"Y've got a slight fever, petit." He stated. "100.2"

She looked at him and sighed. "Well, doctor..." Was her sarcastic reply with another coughing spell.

"Don' worry so much, cherie. Remy'll fix y' righ' up." He grinned and wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. He couldn't help it.

She threw a pillow at him. "Knock it...off."

He just smirked and walked out. "I'll be back wid some soup okay cherie."

She just threw the empty tissue box at the door. "Stupid, cocky, arrogant, Cajun." She grumbled sending her into yet, another coughing fit.