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Chapter 6


"Dat was cruel, cherie." Remy said exiting the bathroom, zipping his fly.

"Awww...poor Cajun." She smirked wickedly. "Ya can leave now. Ah'm bettah."

"Like y' can get rid of Remy s' easily Roguey." He smirked. "Y' gonna pay fo' dat."

"Righ'." She rolled her eyes.

He got closer to her and pinned her to the bed. Handcuffs around her wrists. "Where did y' get dese chere? Remy didn' know dat his amour had a very dirty mind. Not dat he's complainin'."

"If you don't let meh go Cajun!" Then she burst into a fit of laughter because his hands were at her sides tickling her repetitively. "Stop it!" She laughed.

"Non...makin' moi wait a half hour t' go t' de bat'room...handcuffin' moi t' de bed. An' y' didn' t'ink dat y'd be punished. Shame." He said over her rushing laughter that built by the second.

After about ten minutes he relented and un-cuffed her. "Thaht was not funny..." She stated angered...still slightly giggling from his torture.

"Den why y' laughin'?" He smirked then he brought his lips towards hers in a gentle kiss. "Remy'll talk t' y' later chere."


After Remy left the room, Rogue had her fingers on her lips. He had kissed her and he was still standing? He wasn't unconscious? She was extremely baffled by this and went in search of the annoying, yet helpful, Cajun.

She'd searched the grounds for two whole hours before she heard clattering of feet on the roof. She then decided to take her search up there. Finding the one side of a ladder that she didn't even know was there before, she made her assent to see him sitting there thinking. But thinking of what she wasn't certain. "Gambit?"

"Why y' call moi dat? Remy ain' yo' enemy chere..." He smiled. "Say mon real name."

"Why? Nevah mind. Jus' explain somethin' ta meh swamp rat. How can yah touch meh?"

"Honestly? I don' really know chere. But I t'ink it be mon powers dat allow moi t' do so. Remy jus' didn' know any ot'er way t' tell y'. He wan'ed it t' be a surprise. He knows y've always wanted t' touch." He sighed. "Did I do somet'ing wrong?"

"No, Remy." She said. "But if yah don' kiss meh again, yah will."

He smirked at that. "Didn' know dat dis Cajun was in such high demand."

Rogue then pulled on the collar of his coat to bring his lips down on hers. He deepened the kiss and they both got lost. Finally regrouping she pulled back. "Thanks, sugah...fo' puttin' up with meh."

"Remy'd do it a t'ousand times fo' y' amour. Y' know dat he woul'. Dere be non changin' dat fact." He grinned.

"Ah guess not."