-1I was standing in a golden room at which I am guessing a castle maybe, some sort of empire. I could not help myself but look around. I started at the night table by the big spacious bed with a canopy. I opened the drawer and inside was a gold brush with diamonds outlining it. Beside it was a black book with a pen. I grabbed it opened it to find a picture of me and two other people. "You went through books like crazy. You loved writing in journals." A feminine voice was heard.
I turned my head towards the voice. At the doorway was a woman that looked like an angel. She was so beautiful, glowing with her long golden wardrobe on, glittering with diamonds. Her hair flowed like black waves, her face so flawless and perfect.
"My child." She said as she walked in. "We have waited for this day when you took over." She said as she sat down beside me. "The day you waited for all your life." She placed a hand on my cheek and searched my eyes. "I never wanted to let you go in the first place." I just looked at her wondering what she was talking about. "My daughter, you always wanted to be a warrior like your brother was." She smiled like she was in thought. "The day he died in battle had you more determined. Of course your father was against it." She paused. "But after he saw that you were a natural, he encouraged it."

I frowned as I remembered me in the back with somebody. I got up and looked out the window. "He was teaching me." I said as I could see the spot I was seeing. "He knew someday I would be needed." I crossed my arms. "It was like he knew." I looked away.

"Ashley." She lifted my chin. "He always knew." She kissed my forehead. "Come." She grabbed my arm and brought me to the dresser. She placed me in front of her and I was wearing my jeans and t-shirt. She then grabbed my chin gently once again and directed it to her. "It's in your blood. It always has." And she looked in the mirror. I looked as well and my clothes changed. It now was a glowing white and sparkling with jewels. I had accessories above my elbows and it flowed long. My hair was now hanging lose and diamonds placed randomly from the crown on my head. "You left for our safety years ago." She played with my hair. "Now it is time to finish what our brother started. He has found you Princess." She placed her hands on my shoulders. "Your father and I pray you will come home safely."

My eyes shot open and I looked around. I sat up and looked at the living room where Kristy, Maggie and Anna we spread around the living room. I sat back as I thought about my dream. Felt so real. Why I was having these dreams I have no idea. Never have I had the same kind of dreams in different episodes. I got up and went to the kitchen. I opened the fridge and grabbed the cranberry juice and poured myself a glass. I leaned against the counter and took a drink. I stared at the ground as I was thinking. I then shook my head and told myself it was just a dream. As I took my eyes from the floor I looked out the back sliding door and saw that figure again. I felt a bit scared but only stared at it. I set my glass down and just walked back to the living room and laid back down on the couch and went back to sleep.

"She left already man." The young brunette told Jeff as he stood at the counter asking for Ashley. "She got off early."
Jeff walked away before she could finish. He stepped outside and looked at the dark town. His fists clenched as he started to get frustrated. He got in the car where Matt was waiting. "She's gone." She said as he clenched his teeth.
"She'll come around." Matt said as he put the car in reverse and spun out of the parking lot. As Jeff thought more and more about Ashley the more he got frustrated and angry. All he wants is Ashley and he was determined.
"Just calm down bro." Matt said as they got to the house. Jeff stormed into the house after failing to get Ashley. "I think she is getting weird around us. We need to back down a bit." Jeff went into the kitchen and opened the fridge. He grabbed the orange juice container and started to chug some of it down. Matt walked in after. "Jeff, we need to think this through. She is obviously avoiding us and we can't help it." He said as he put his hand on the container and pulled it away from Jeff.
Jeff wiped his mouth and looked at Matt. He then saw a picture of him and Ashley on the fridge. It was taken last year at Kristy's birthday. He ripped it down and stared at it as he could feel his blood rushing. He knew Matt was right. "I'm not going to lose her." He said as his lips curled up and his brows wrinkled.
"We wont lose her again brother. I wont allow it."

I sat at the house all quiet as I was thinking of all these dreams I have been having and the voices I here when I am alone and the figure I see. Maggie and Anna were over as usual and we had another movie night. "Ashley." Kristy said as she waved he hands in front of me. I slowly look at her and notice the attention was on me. "Abbykinz what's wrong?" She asks me as I show my attention.
"Yeah, you've been dazed out for awhile."
I sat quiet as I felt so different. My state of mind was different, my feelings were different, I just felt like I wasn't the one they called Abby no more. "I'm fine" I said as reassuring as I can.
"No you're not! You better tell us now!" Anna demanded.
I bit my lower lip as I looked at them. I sighed and figured I better let it out before I start to go crazy. "I've been having these weird dreams lately." I paused. "And when I am alone I hear this voice that keeps telling me time is running out and I keep seeing this shadowy figure." I slightly shook my head. "I don't know what's going on but I just feel different." I looked up at them since I was staring at the floor as I was telling them what they wanted. They all looked at me and then each others.

Jeff was in his room looking as some pictures. It seems as the days go on the further it got between him and somebody he once was close too. He felt the changes. Matt was helping him cope but he missed Ashley. The more he thought about her the more her wanted her. He didn't know if it was him or the changes.
"Young Prince." The tall man with a whiskey voice started. "Your almost transformed." Jeff grinned. "But so is the Princess." He put a hand on his shoulder. "But she wont have reinforcements like you will." He pauses. "Our advantage is that you are ahead and you will no start getting your army put together. The young princess is still baffled about this whole thing. You guys have been asleep for far too long." He withdrew his hand. "Now go! Focus on the army. The Princess can wait."
Jeff opened his eyes and sat up. He shook his head and grabbed the picture that was on the floor of Ashley. It was picture he took on a trip they took to see their friend Shannon. "Soon Ashley, soon."

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