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"Something There"

By: ShadowRose

Haruno Sakura shivered slightly as the cool evening breeze gently brushed against her beautiful lithe body. Her silky pink locks danced playfully with the evening breeze. It was already a quarter past eight yet the young kunoichi still didn't want to go home. The swing she was sitting on creaked silently as she swung back forth ever so slowly. Her gaze never left the star strewn sky; a sad longing look could clearly be seen from her angelic face.

He didn't remember how long he had been standing there. He was just rooted to the spot when he saw her arrive at the deserted play ground. She sat facing him but since he hid himself using a cloaking technique and muted his chakra, she wasn't able to see or sense him. He had been racking his brain for the past hour or so, trying to figure out if he should go sit beside her or just stay where he was. His usually blank and emotionless onyx eyes were now clouded and confused. He wanted to go sit beside her but….. He was afraid. Afraid to show any emotion, he had already hurt his pride by admitting to himself that he had fallen for her. That she meant the world to him.

He saw her shiver from the cold; he suddenly had the urge to expose himself and just go out there to hug her….. To give her warmth. Unknowingly his unconscious desire won and he soon found himself standing behind her, hugging her cold form to him.

She was startled by the warm arms that held her protectively almost possessively. He rested his chin on the curve of her neck; giving her a side view of her benefactor. A light blush appeared on her cheeks as she realized that it was none other than Uchiha Sasuke. He spoke with his usual voice but the tone was softer……

"Why aren't you at home? You'll get sick if you stay out here."

"Sasuke….. You don't need to do this. I'm fine." She replied as she

Stood up and extricated herself away from his embrace, her back

Still facing him.

He was taken aback by what she did, in the past she would have squealed with girlish delight if he would even talk to her in more than 4 sentences. But now, he wondered why she suddenly felt so distant even though she was only a few steps away. He wondered why she had dropped the "kun" from his name….. Deep inside he felt his chest constrict with pain….. He tried to say something but his throat suddenly went dry…… Sakura finally broke the awkward silence between them……

"I… have to go. Ja ne….." her voice was barely a whisper but she knew

He heard her.

Her words hit their mark. He spun into action by grabbing her waist and enveloping her in the same hug she had given him during the time the cursed seal was first activated. Startled, Sakura tried to pry his fingers loose but all to no avail….

"Don't go….. Sakura….." he begged quietly.

"Sasuke….. It's getting late, I---"

She was cut off as he gently spun her around and buried his lips into hers. His tongue roughly but passionately explored every corner of her mouth. His mind grew hazy is he tasted the chaste sweetness of his beautiful cherry blossom. Her legs grew weak and she soon found herself leaning and being crushed to his well trained body. She was intoxicated with Sasuke's possessiveness, the feel of him but she knew she had to stay sane for both their sakes. So, with every bit of will power, she gently pushed him away and said…….

"Sasuke….. I really should get going….."

He felt another tinge of pain, she didn't want him anymore……..

"Why?..." he asked as he felt his chest tighten again.

"It's late, I….." she started to say.

"Sakura…. Aishiteru…. Don't you love me anymore?" he asked, the

Sadness painfully evident in his voice.

"N-nani?..." she was struck dumb, she couldn't believe what she

Was hearing.

He squeezed her tighter to him. He wasn't going to repeat the stupid mistake he made 2 years ago, he wasn't going to leave her…….. not anymore…….

"Aishiteru….. Sakura……. And I'm sorry….. Sorry for all those times

I hurt you….." onyx eyes gazed deeply into emerald.

She just stared back, she couldn't believe it. Her emerald orbs slowly began to get misty as the familiar tears started to fall. A calloused hand gently wiped them away…..

"Sakura…… say something…… anything…. Onegai….." his voice was

Barely a whisper.

She closed her eyes and buried her face in his chest, drawing in his warmth. He gladly gave it to her, crushing her even more……..

"Baka….. baka….. baka…. Baka…." She said over and over against

His chest. He shook slightly at her words but kept on hugging her.

"Baka…. What took you so long?" she finished.

At this he smirked and made her face him, drinking in everything about her as if memorizing her in every detail…..

"That's exactly why….. Sakura, I……" he started to say but was cut short

As Sakura gave his lips a short yet sweet kiss that made him hungry

For more.

"Daijobu…. Sasuke…. I promised that I'd do anything for you……

And that included loving you forever……" she whispered in his ear.

His heart swelled with ecstasy and relief at her reply…… He hugged her even tighter as he crushed his lips against hers for the third time. Hungrily drawing her soul and claiming it as hers.

The next morning, Sakura was awakened by the soft chirping of birds outside her window….. She tossed and turned in her bed, she still didn't want to wake up. She had had the most wonderful dream about her Sasuke-kun in a long time; Sakura didn't want to go back to reality at least not yet. But as she tossed and turned, she thought her bed sheets felt thicker and warmer than what remembered….. They also smelled like…..

"Sasuke-kun" Sakura thought as she opened her eyes.

Instead of seeing the pink paint of her room, she saw light blue. She sat up to rub her eyes when she felt the bed shift and a person sat beside her claiming her with strong yet gentle arms…..

"Ohayou, sleepy head." Sasuke said comfortably, as if it was a morning

Ritual for him.

He then proceeded to nuzzle her neck…… Sakura was beside herself with shock as realization hit her, hard. She had spent the night with Uchiha Sasuke….. She shut her eyes tight, trying to remember what had happened. She remembered Sasuke telling her that he loved her the same way she loved him, she remembered his possessive kisses and shivered with pleasure at the memory which caused Sasuke to nuzzle her harder…..


Sakura yelped in surprise as he suddenly pushed her down on the bed and crawled on top of her, kissing her possessively. Sakura felt dizzier each passing moment, she had waited and dreamed for this to happen ever since he came back after defeating his brother….. She felt excited and scared as she felt Sasuke's body pressing down on her. She knew what he wanted and knew that she wanted it too but….. She felt that she still wasn't ready, at least not right now. Gathering all her courage, she pushed at his chest…..

"What's wrong?" he asked, his onyx eyes looked at her emerald ones

Filled with concern.

"Sumimasen, Sasuke-kun…… I can't….. I'm not ready yet….." She

Whispered slowly, not daring to look into his eyes.

"Kichi…." He replied as he propped his head on her chest, his

Eyes still locked on her.

She turned to look at him, surprise etched on her delicate face,

"You knew? Demo….. Why did you…." she started to ask but he cut

Her off saying, "I wasn't trying to force myself on you…. I just wanted

To feel you. Demo since you're uncomfortable with it, I'll stop."

"A-arigatou, Sasuke-kun….." She murmured shyly.

"Iye…. It's me who should be grateful. You saved me from the abyss

Even though all I ever did was push you away." He said softly, burying

His head deeper on her chest.

"Sasuke-kun, I…."

"Besides….. I know you won't object in giving me what I want on our

Wedding night." He stated matter-of-factly.

"W-w-wedding n-n-night!" she stuttered incredulously.

"Aa…. You'll have to marry me, you know that. There's no way I'm

Ever going to let you go." Sasuke replied as he propped himself up

On his elbows to face her.

The serious look on his face made her giggle…..

"What's so funny?" he asked, leaning in closer until their noses almost


"And what if I say no?" she asked, matching his gaze.

"Are…. Are you serious?" he asked, panic was evident in his eyes.

Sakura inwardly smirked; she got him hook, line and sinker. Now all she needed was to reel him in…. she grabbed his head and pulled it down to place a provocative kiss on his lips….

"You baka! Of course I'll marry you….." she whispered against his lips.

"Hn!" he grunted as he returned her kisses.

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