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"Something there"

By ShadowRose

Chapter 3:

Sasuke was beside himself with excitement though his usual stoic expression remained dominant in his handsome facade. A few seconds from now his cherry blossom would pass through those doors, escorted by their former sensei. He could hardly wait to finally be joined with her, forever. A few moments later the wedding march was being played, everyone turned around to look at the bride and what a sight she was.

Sounds of "oohs" and "aahs" spread throughout the church as Sasuke blinked and blinked again, he couldn't believe his eyes. His cherry blossom stood arm in arm with their sensei, looking absolute magnificent and delicate at the same time. Her wedding dress was a simple tube top, ankle length gown. Her petal colored hair, which she grew out again, was hung loosely up to her waist covered by a white veil. A shy smile spread across her beautiful face as she walked up to him and the Godaime Hokage.

Sasuke couldn't help but smile a rare and genuine smile that he seldom used. But this, this was a special occasion as Ino had said. He gladly took her hand as Kakashi gave her to him, even though their former sensei still wore his mask, a proud smile could clearly be seen through the obsidian piece of clothe.

Sakura's heart was beating a mile a minute as Sasuke took her hand in his, this was it… the moment had finally come. The Godaime cleared her throat to signal the start of the ceremony…..

"Before we continue this joyous event, I would like anyone who opposes

This union to stand now or forever hold his or her piece….." she started.

And I mean anyone who has a sane reason other than their prettier or better than the bride." Tsunade-sama added as a dozen of Sasuke's

Fan girls started to voice out their reasons.

Everyone then turned to look at Lee with baited breathe. Sakura felt Sasuke's hold on her hand tighten; he was looking icily at Lee as if to say "Say something stupid and I'll rip you to shreds". Lee however coughed and cleared his throat……

"Continue, Hokage-sama…." He said determinedly.

Sakura breathed a sigh of relief as she felt Sasuke grip relax; his thumb lovingly caressed the back of her hand. The rest of the ceremony went on smoothly up until the exchange of "I do's"……

"Do you Sasuke; take Sakura as your lawfully wedded wife. To have

And to hold in sickness and in health, to love and protect through

Harsh and fair weather till death do you part?" Tsunade-sama asked.

"I do." Sasuke replied, looking deeply into Sakura's emerald orbs

As he slipped the ring into her finger.

Tsunade-sama then turned to Sakura and asked,

"Do you Sakura; take Sasuke as your lawfully wedded husband.

To have and to hold in sickness and in health, to love and obey

Through trials and strife till death do you part?"

Sakura was about to answer when a loud racking sob was heard from the bride's side of the church. Everyone turned to the source of the disturbance…. It was Lee, bawling his heart out on Maito Gai's shoulder….. "Lee, there are still plenty of young flowers in Konoha….." Gai said, attempting to placate the young Shinobi. But instead of calming down, Lee became even more disconsolate.

Sasuke looked like he was ready to pounce on Lee and kill him then and there, forget about proper decorum and the fact that they were in a church…. Lee had ruined Sasuke's happiest memory to be. He was about to walk over and give the poor boy a piece of his fist when Sakura held him back. She looked so sincerely pleading that he momentarily forgot what he was supposed to be mad about……

"Let me talk to him, Sasuke-kun….. I have to make him understand…."

She whispered in his ear.

Sasuke nodded though he was a little bit uneasy about the idea of leaving his cherry blossom alone with that weirdo but who was he to turn down his flower's request. So Sakura took the still sobbing Lee to a small room behind the altar…..


"Su-sumimasen Sa-sakura-chan….. I-I know th-this is….."

Lee started to apologize in between sobs, his knees had grown weak

From the emotional torture that he just had to sit down.

Sakura sat beside him and patted his shoulder,

"Lee-san you don't have to apologize, I know that this is hard for

You but I want you to know that you've always been special to me.

You saved me so many countless of times, comforted me much more than

Anyone else but…."

"B-but y-you o-only s-see m-me a-as a-a f-friend…." He sobbed harder.

"Yes….. A very dear friend. Lee-san, one day you're going to meet that

One special girl who deserves you much more than I do." Sakura gently


"Y-you r-really th-think s-so?" Lee asked, calming down.

"With all my heart." Sakura said smiling.

"Yes, yes you're right. I guess I'm just being silly, I'm really sorry for

Ruining your wedding Sakura-chan…." Lee said, sitting up straight

And smiled back at her.

"Let's go back, Lee-san. Everyone's waiting for us." Sakura said,

Standing up and smoothing the wrinkles in her dress.

"Yosh!" Lee said, doing his imitation "Gai pose".

Once more the Hokage repeated her question to Sakura who stood facing Sasuke…….

"Do you Sakura; take Sasuke as your lawfully wedded husband.

To have and to hold in sickness and in health, to love and obey

Through trials and strife till death do you part?"

"I do." Sakura meekly replied as she slipped the ring on her husband's


"I now pronounce you man and wife. Sasuke, you may now---"

Before Tsunade-sama could finish, Sasuke had already gathered Sakura in his arms and pressed his lips on hers…. sealing their bond. The whole church erupted with cheers but to the newly wed couple…… they felt they were the only ones present, the only ones that mattered the most.

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