Disclaimer: I so sadly own nothing but a fat goldfish and a mysterious ranger. This is my first fanfic so be kind if you can but if not make the flames hot enough to fry the goldfish. Thanks and hopefully enjoy! Rated for everything as it is a WIP and I have no idea ok small idea where it will go from here. Hate it if you must but it wouldn't leave me alone til I put it on paper. Suggestions welcome.

Summary: A mysterious ranger summoned by Gandalf joins the fellowship. Sadly will probably turn into just another 10th walker soon to 11th walker as story goes on.

Chapter 1 : Surprises

The arguing continued below as the cloaked figure lay across a branch. It had taken every ounce of skill to creep unnoticed to the council meeting, but the figure was unusually gifted in the art of stealth. Only one person was aware of the figure above and he did not react to the presence except to give a slight smirk. An answering smirk ghosted across the figure's lips before the feature went blank again in concentration.

As the meeting died down a small voice proclaimed the he would take it but did not know the way. Glancing towards the voice, the figure took in the sight of a small hobbit standing awkward and unsure. "So it begins." The figure thought with both excitement and dread, as an old man offered to guide him, a man offered his sword, an elf his bow, a dwarf his axe, another man vowed to see it done and three more hobbits stood defiantly unaware of the sudden change their lives would take. 'So' hissed the figure 'this is the fellowship.'

With the speed and grace of a predator, the figure dropped from the tree to face the assembled council. " Ah there you are I was afraid you would not make it," the old man said with a wicked grin," I had so hoped to speak with you before the meeting but alas we may speak now. Time is running in short supply and we must make haste to prepare for our departure. I assume you are ready and just await the rest of the fellowship."

The rest of the council ,except Lord Elrond, had either drawn weapons or moved away from the figure to give room to those armed. The figure, on the other hand, crouched still as death and waited patiently for Elrond or the old man to demand the weapons be lowered. The words of the old man and the smile on the Lord Elrond's face made most relax their stance and withdraw their weapons. Two, unfortunately for the figure, were not inclined to give the stranger any chance until they were satisfied the danger was past.

"Aragorn Legolas away your weapons please. This ranger poses no immediate threat and is well known to both Gandalf and myself.", Elrond said with a slight frown at the two still holding the figure within a deadly crossfire of sword and bow. The figure suddenly reached out and grabbed the arrow out of the elf's hands and rolled to the side away from the man. Coming up from the roll, the figure stood to full height and offered the arrow back to the angry elf. 'I believe this is yours.', came a low husky voice sardonically before turning away and calmly walking towards the Last Homely House.

Rounding a corner far enough from the meeting site, the ranger exploded with hysterical laughter. Trying desperately to muffle the sound lest the sharp ears of the elves hear, the ranger slid to the floor still picturing the look on Legolas' face. Once more under control, the ranger headed for the Lord of Rivendell's library for what was bound to be a lecture on proper behavior as well as the reason for the summons from Gandalf.

Two hours later, the now severely chastised ranger made for the relative peace of the bedchamber assigned for the duration of the ranger's stay. Mulling over Gandalf's words, the ranger nearly walked over Aragorn. "Exactly who are you and what was it that brought you here?" demanded Aragorn. Complete silence met his demand as the ranger just walked around Aragorn. Reaching out, Aragorn grasped the other's shoulder to stop the ranger's retreat. Resistance or angry words Aragorn expected; finding himself looking at the ceiling as the ranger walked away was not.

Scrambling to his feet, Aragorn followed behind the disappearing ranger, anger hovering around him like a dark cloud. Before he got more then a few feet, Aragorn heard Elrond's voice calling his name. Reluctantly, Aragorn halted his pursuit of the other ranger and turned in the direction of Elrond's voice still vowing to find out about the mysterious stranger.

Meanwhile, Legolas searched for his own information about the strange ranger. Still angry that the ranger had disarmed him in such a fashion, Legolas went in search of the twin sons of Lord Elrond hoping they knew where the ranger was from, why he was here in Rivendell and what Gandlaf wanted with him. Following the path to the beautiful waterfall pool, Legolas spied his friends as they splashed each other entushiactically. Laying his bow and quiver under a nearby tree, Legolas stripped down to join them, both for information as well as a refreshing swim. The twins, unpon catching sight of him, grinned evilly at each other before sending a cascade of frigid water at their friend.

The ranger sat quietly on the balconey of the bedchambers. Thoughts ran through the ranger's mind like rabid wargs. With a disgusted sigh, the ranger leaned back and stared at the sky without truly seeing it. 'Of all the stupidity! To think Gandalf just wanted my oppinion of how the quest should go but OH NO he had to make me promise to go WITH them to risk everything AGAIN just when things were going good.',the ranger growled in disgust 'I swear that old coot could confuse Eru into doing what he wanted and Elrond was no help. Geez they have nine volunteers to throw away their lives for Middle Earth what difference would one more make either way. I do not care for trickery or guilt but man they laid it on thick in there! Caught like the preverbial rat and I don't even get a slice of cheese!' Standing suddenly, the ranger stalked to the bed and flopped down to scream into the nearest pillow. Feeling slightly better, the ranger began to go over what was need for the journey ahead.