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Elrohir watched, in worried confusion, as his twin walked back towards the city. The younger twin knew that Elladan had already had a very nasty argument with Fury; after she had told all of them why her and Shadow had come to the realm of Lothlorien. Fury had earlier that day found Elladan stuck in the tree and had promptly released him from captivity. Their reunion was probably explosive, as was usual for them. Sadly for Elrohir, he had been so distracted by the strange turn of events in the Dining Hall, that the distress message from their special twin bond was missed. To be honest, he was more then a little distracted! Finding out the very female, you thought you might actually want to court is not only furry, but related to King Thranduil, and the wizard Gandalf, as well could be considered more then a mild shock. The consequences of finding it out made it hard for Elrohir to hear the buzzing noise that was his older twin.

The younger twin knew of the strange relationship between Fury and Elladan, but this particular fight was completely beyond the normal; even for them. Fury had raced down the talan's steps past Elrohir, showing no sign of even having seen him and disappeared into the Golden Woods. When the ellon had cautiously crept into the talan that he shared with his older twin, Elrohir had found his brother sitting by the blazing fire with his knees drawn up and swilling strong wine, in large swallows, straight from the bottle. Elrohir watched the emotions that flitted across the solemn face of his older twin in a dizzying display. Elation, anger, excitement, horror, anger, pain, amazement, anger again and then worst of all, fear, wildly chased each other, until the emotions stuttered to a halt at unadulterated fury!

The wine bottle shattered as it hit the hearth, spilling wine down the wall to sizzle in the fire. Growling unintelligible words, Elladan dragged himself off the talan's floor and began nervously pacing the obviously too small space of the talan's sitting area like a caged wild animal. Afraid to move, least he bring Elladan's wrath upon himself, Elrohir leaned against the door and watched his twin's unsettling rampage. The younger twin caught some of his brother's mumbling, but nothing he said made sense. Elrohir knew that his mirror had thought Fury safe at home in Imladris with the other guardians, but her revelation, of who she was and the sacred Oath of Honor Gandalf had made her take, had thrown both brothers for a loop. Elrohir cringed when he thought of the earlier scene!


Haldir had taken the cloaks from two of the city's guards, handing one to Legolas while he walked over to the cowardly fur ball that still stayed pressed against Lord Celeborn's leg. The feline's eyes watched his approach warily and seemed mildly surprised when he draped it over her form and told her she could change with a little modesty now. The great cat's soft chirp made the March warden smile slightly and he inclined his head with a, "You are welcome," before moving back over to his distressed sentinel. In a glimmer of blue flame, Laurel changed forms from cat to elf and huddled under the cloak to avoid prying eyes. Fire had similarly changed under the other cloak that Legolas had draped over her and was now being lovingly cuddled close to Legolas' chest, as he murmured comforting words to her gently. The look of devotion the wood elf was sending to Fire's still slightly green form, was in sharp contrast to the death glares he was sending Laurel.

They had left the ruined Dining Hall for the less messy confines of the Lord and Lady's reception hall at the Lady's suggestion. As they were settling into the various chairs and chaises, the sound of three sets of quietly approaching feet could be heard. Aragorn, Celeborn and Elrohir turned to face the door, leaving Legolas and Gimli fussing over a grumpy Fire. The sight of his twin made Elrohir tense suddenly. The waves of anger and hunger rolled off him, but his eyes never left the female in front of him. She was short, about 5 ft 6inches tall, and of a slender archer's build. Her hair was pulled back in Mirkwood warrior braids on the side, but cascaded down her back like a silvery white waterfall. Her lavender-gray eyes swept the room with a practiced eye and nothing was missed in those few seconds.

She wore the raiment of the Imladris guards, yet the weapons she carried upon her were a mixture of both Mirkwood and Imladris. On her back was a quiver of arrows, a Mirkwood bow and a pair of long Knives very similar in craftsmanship as Legolas' own. Around her waist were two jewel-encrusted daggers and a sword of Elvish make, in a sheath almost an exact replica of Elladan's weapon. The runes that were stitched down the length of the sheath, made it clear to anyone who could read them that she was a member of the House of Elrond; yet if she were asked her about her family connection, she would deny the claim of the runes. In the top of each black boot, there was a plain dagger perfectly balanced for throwing. The bow had been a present from Legolas, while the sword was gifted to her by Elladan.

The newcomer stalked like a lazy feline towards the Lord and Lady, in a hip swaying walk that brought all eyes to her form. She threw a semi feral smirk in the direction of Haldir who was watching her closely, before nodding to the Lord and Lady as she passed them right by. The warrior elleth stopped directly in front of Legolas and Fire and dropped to her knees: head bent, fist to heart in supplication. Fire stared wide eyed at the newcomer in shock. Legolas on the other hand beamed at the elleth and cried out happily, "Long has it been since I saw you last Fury! When you disappeared, we feared the worst. I am glad our fear was unfounded, but I must confess I am confused as to why you left Mirkwood so mysteriously. I wish to know why you would depart without leaving word of your intentions with me, if not the Seneschal of the border guards at least. I had thought we were more, than just comrades in arms. Was I wrong?"

Legolas was surprised by not one, but two strange reactions. The first was the deep guttural growl and vicious glare Elladan sent the wood elf's way; as the Mirkwood elf spoke the last question. Legolas was sure he had never seen the older twin's disposition so violent towards a fellow elf and it unnerved Legolas quite a bit. He was rather curious about Elladan's actions, but that was something to ponder on later. The second reaction that bothered the Mirkwood elf was the fact that Fury had yet to speak to him. They had been friends and fellow warriors in the dark dangerous forest of Mirkwood. Fury had been his second in command in Mirkwood's most lethal patrol unit and the mystery of her disappearance had left a cold spot in his heart. About to question Fury further, Legolas was stopped by her words, spoken with such authority.

"Princess Tygera, your Ada bade me to watch over you, until the time that the enemy would once again rise from the ashes of Mordor and search out the last leaders of our people. I am your servant in all things, your highness. I am known as Fury, High Guardian of Anorak. I was born to take over the position of Royal Guardian from my Ada before me. My twin brother, Shadow and I forged a blood oath, at Gandalf's bequest, to follow where ever you may lead and to give up our lives for you and your sisters should it become necessary. Our enemy has once again risen to haunt these lands and even now awaits your continuation in this quest. As of now the evil only knows that you reside within the Golden Woods of Lothlorien, but they can not peer beneath the shroud that Galadriel has put in place. When you, and the Fellowship, depart these sacred woods, I will be accompanying you to whatever end we may find." Fury's husky voice pronounced, as Fire looked on with amazement; which was echoed in Legolas' startled blue eyes and in the eyes of all those assembled.

Before either of the two could form a suitable reply to the warrior female's speech, Haldir's mildly disgusted voice carried around the room, "Not another Feline! I truly must have done something hideous to displease the Valar! It is the only explanation, of why I must be continually plagued with more of the drooling beasts!" Celeborn's hastily covered snicker made most of the group smile and the March warden glare. They were all surprised when Elladan, with a heated glare directed at Fury, spun swiftly on his heels and slammed furiously through the door into the open air; all but Elrohir and Fury. The soft sigh of regret that Fury let out was barely audible.

In the present

Elladan began finally, to slow his wild pacing, but the look on the older twin's face nearly broke Elrohir's heart. There was such agony and helplessness that Elrohir decided to chance bodily harm and brave his mirror's wrath. Moving forward on quiet feet, the younger twin came very close to his brother, but did not touch him. Elladan stopped in front of his brother slightly surprised and turned his haunted silver eyes to Elrohir's identical silver gaze. Elrohir watched his older twin closely for signs of an impending attack and was relieved that he was going to be spared a wrestling match this time. Getting information out of his brother in this kind of mood was nigh impossible!

Plunging ahead before he could stop himself, the younger twin grasped his brother's shoulder and spoke softly to him. "What has happened brother, to upset you so? I know that you are angered, that Fury has left with the Fellowship, but she is a seasoned warrior and can take care of herself, as you well know. This is not the first time that she has completely disregarded your command, but never have I seen you in such distress before. Please enlighten me as to what your argument pertained to so I might help you now."

Fury sighed in frustration, as she sat in the small boat that the Lord and Lady had gifted to them, between a solemn Boromir and the two youngest hobbits, Merry and Pippin. The excessive quiet the Fellowship had fallen into did nothing to help relieve her guilt. She knew the argument with her mate was going to be bad, but she had not expected Elladan to be so adamant about her immediate return to Imladris with him. The older twin refused to understand that Fury had a blood oath, dating back to well before they met, to fulfill; no matter the wonderful, but startling developments that had come unbidden into their extremely complicated relationship. Looking out across the expanse of water laid out before them, Fury willed her tears away with Herculean effort.

Lately Fury's emotions had overtaken control of her actions. She had become more temperamental then usual, quicker to give in to violent outbursts and had this incredibly horrible urge to scream, cry, or do both at the same time. She still did not know what to do about her and Elladan, as the argument had solved nothing, but garnered more heartbreak. The silver haired elleth hated denying being Elladan's mate as she knew it hurt him deeply, but she was honor bound to cleave to no mate until her duties to the last heirs of Anorak had been fulfilled completely.

Their accidental bonding had been as great a surprise to her and Elladan, as it had been to their respective families. The only witnesses, that could confirm that the bonding had indeed taken place, were her twin brother Shadow, Elladan's twin Elrohir, Elladan's Ada Lord Elrond and his closest advisors, Glorfindel and Erestor. When Fury had awoken wrapped up in Elladan's arms, naked and confused, she had been frantic. Guardian's were strictly forbidden to take a mate without the express consent of the Royal family, because it distracted the Guardians from their sacred duty and left them venerable to threats; having no mate meant having no leverage to pry loose a Guardian's honor.

Frowning at the sudden queasiness that brought her out of her troubled thoughts, Fury came to the conclusion that water travel was not her favorite activity. Even the chattering Hobbits were pensive and Boromir was muttering quietly to himself as he steered their boat gently along the river. Her lavender gray eyes slid along both shorelines before coming to rest on her charge. Fire seemed to have found a small measure of peace and Fury gave thanks that Legolas kept her from the grief of being separated again from her sisters. Settling herself more comfortably in the small craft, Fury ran her parting from her mate sadly through her mind.


Fury sighed in regret as she watched her mate storm away. She had already known that this was going to be hard to bear, but she had hoped that he could come to understand. After she had released him from his entrapment in the tree Elladan had snarled at her about the fact she was told to remain in Imladris, just before he pressed her roughly up against the Mallorn trunk and ravished her quite delightfully. The greeting had given her a false sense of hope. How far the two of them would have proceeded in renewing their intimate acquaintance was unknown, but her twin brother's discreet cough drew them apart.

It was then, as Elladan raked his beautiful silver gray eyes possessively over her form, that the stunned ellon noticed the difference in her. Elladan's reaction was swift and delighted at first, but upon hearing her plans for the near future, the older twin became furious and unreasonable. Their ensuing argument could be heard all around Lothlorien and made more than a few elves retreat to a safer area. The older twin refused to believe she was happy with the new development and accused her of deliberately trying to end the predicament she found herself in. Fury could not believe he would think such a thing about her and in a fit of pure temperamentally unbalanced rage, spit out that she would do as she pleased and that as far as her people were concerned they were not mates, that it was just by Elven standards that they were indeed mates. Elladan had gone completely white, from a combination of shock and betrayal, before swinging around and stalking towards the Reception Hall where the others were gathered. When Elladan had stormed out of the Hall Fury had understood she had truly lost her mate and she would now have to make her way alone. Fury doubted Elladan would ever forgive her!

Present Time

Elladan sighed deeply before whirling around and stalking directly to his rather varied wine assortment in the kitchen. Grabbing out two bottles of strong red wine, the older twin walked back towards Elrohir and forcefully threw him one of the bottles. Elladan opened his own bottle quickly and raised it to his lips angrily, before taking a few deep gulps. Suddenly, the older twin turned to his younger half and glared at him, before snarling in a low voice full of vicious loathing, "Oh yes my dear sweet mate is very well capable of taking care of herself, as she likes to prove all too often. Oh forgive me I forgot! SHE does not acknowledge that I AM her MATE, so why should I foolishly call her that! Angry does not even come close to how I am feeling my mirror. Do you know that arrogant, mule-headed female is now cheerfully following our good friend, the Feline, into almost certain death? As if that was not a worrisome enough burden for me to carry, I then find out that Fury is not only endangering herself, but the TWINS she is now carrying!," The disgusted laugh that tore itself from Elladan's throat sent a shiver of dread down the younger ellon's spine as he heard the immense pain that single sound held.

It took a moment for the actual words to sink into Elrohir's thoughts, as his older brother watched his face in mock satisfaction. "Yes my brother that is correct! That obnoxious, foolhardy female is at this moment on her way to MODOR, of all places, carrying YOUR nieces or nephews OR maybe one of each! When I realized that she was with child, I made her submit to a quick exam. I could feel their life forces burning so strongly, yet she seems uneffected that our children grow within her. Now do you still believe that she can handle ANYTHING that comes her way? I have grave doubts about that in her current condition!" Elladan dropped the bottle from his nerveless fingers and collapsed in an ungainly heap on the talan's floor; tears slowly slipping unnoticed down his cheeks and onto the floor. "By the Valar, how can she even think to endanger our children this way? Does she hate the thought of having a family with me so much, that she would purposely endanger herself this way? Oh Roh what do I do?"

Dropping down beside his grieving twin, Elrohir vowed to beat some sense into his brother's mate as soon as Fury safely gave birth to her and Elladan's children! In the meantime, the younger twin would do all he could to comfort his hurting twin. Elrohir wrapped his arms securely around his brother, holding him tightly, as the older twin turned and curled into Elrohir's chest to cry out his frustration, fear and grief.

Fury had a great many things to answer for and answer for them she would! Elrohir promised himself, that he would see to it personally!