Author's Note: Okay, this is a weird one. It came to me late one night, but it seems to be coming along rather well, so I'm going to see how it goes.

Crossover: Stargate: SG-1/Alias/Tomb Raider

Timeline: Around season 6 for Stargate, beginning of season 3 for Alias and post-COL for Tomb Raider.

Spoilers: It contains spoilers for the end of Cradle of Life, but not really anything else.



The Hunt for Babylon:

By cheekychaos

Chapter One:

Sydney Bristow strode confidently towards the elevator, trying to ignore the nervous fluttering of her stomach. She kept her face impassive until the doors of the elevator shut, putting a barrier between her and the openly curious security guards behind her. She sighed and glanced at the man beside her. Michael Vaughn looked as nervous as she felt.

Not that anyone could blame them, Sydney thought. They were descending deeper into the United States Air Force controlled Cheyenne Mountain Complex – which was currently being used for something extremely classified. And Sydney had learnt over the years that the words "highly classified" and "military" always meant trouble.

"How do you think they'll take it?" Vaughn asked after a moment.

"I have no idea." Sydney replied. "But I guess they'll probably deny the possibility of a leak and try and cover it up."

Vaughn frowned slightly as Sydney's words confirmed his own opinion. "That's what I thought." He muttered.

At that moment, the elevator doors slid open and Sydney was forced to keep the rest of her thoughts to herself. She smiled at the airman who was obviously waiting for them outside the elevator. "Agents Bristow and Vaughn?" he asked.

"Yes, that's us." Sydney said. "We're here to see General Hammond."

"Yes, ma'am." The airman said. "If you'll please follow me."

Sydney nodded and she and Vaughn followed the airman down a bustling corridor. The paint was the dull green Sydney had long since associated with military bases and the floors were bare concrete. No expense spared here, she thought to herself.

She looked about curiously as they walked, trying to take in as many details of the base as she could. All the personnel on the base seemed to be wearing an Air Force uniform of either green or blue – whether they were military personnel or not. They all also seemed to have the same curious patch on their sleeves that looked similar to an "A" with a circle above it.

Sydney, as did Vaughn, knew the basics about the facility from both the files Director Dixon had given her to read and what she had heard from the leaked information. But still, she couldn't help wondering, just what exactly was going on here?

The airman led Sydney and Vaughn along several corridors until they reached a large door with the name "General G. Hammond" on it. The airman knocked tentatively on the door.

"Enter." Came the slightly muffled reply.

The airman opened the door and politely held it open for Sydney and Vaughn. "Agents Bristow and Vaughn are here, sir." The airman said.

"Ah, come in." the General said, rising to stand behind his desk. "I'm grateful that you came all this way."

"Thank you for seeing us." Sydney replied.

Hammond nodded. He was a bald, slightly plump man with kind and intelligent eyes. Sydney found herself liking him on the spot, even as she hoped he keep an open mind about what she was about to tell him.

The office behind him was typical of a military base. A somewhat battered looking desk took up most of the space, and there was an American flag in the corner. Sydney noticed with interest that pictures of various fighter jets and planes dotted the walls, bringing a touch of humanity to the sparse room.

"That will be all, airman." Hammond said and Sydney heard the door shut a second later.

Hammond then gestured to another door, set in the right wall of the office. "Please make yourselves comfortable." Hammond said, holding the door open to reveal what looked like a briefing room. "SG-1 will be with us shortly."

"SG-1?" Sydney heard Vaughn ask from behind her as she walked forward. "This would probably be better discussed alone."

"I trust SG-1." Hammond said, his tone betraying how strongly he believed that. "And, besides, the leader of SG-1 is my 2IC."

Vaughn would have said more, but at that moment he caught sight of the room beyond the windows that stretched along the wall of the briefing room. Like Sydney, he stared in awe at the large room below in amazement. The briefing room looked out onto a large concrete room containing a giant ring made of some sort of metal alloy. A metal ramp led down from the ring and Sydney noticed a few soldiers standing guard at the metal door.

"Is that the…" Sydney searched for the right word, "…stargate?"

"Yes, it is." Hammond replied, amused at the surprise and awe on the agent's faces. The stargate was definitely an awesome sight the first time you saw it.

"And you travel through that thing?" Vaughn asked. "Isn't that dangerous?"

"No." Hammond replied. "Wormhole travel is surprisingly safe, all things considered."

"What about what you find on the other side?" Sydney asked curiously.

Hammond smiled. "What we do here is no more dangerous than any other form of exploration."

Suddenly the quiet of the base was broken by a klaxon and an electronic voice. "Unauthorised off-world activation."

Sydney watched in amazement as the metal ring lit up and what looked like a rush of water poured out of the centre, before being sucked backwards again. Whatever it was settled back into a shimmering surface, rather like a vertical pool of water. She shot a glance at Vaughn and saw that he was as curious and nervous about the stargate as she was.

At the sound of the alarm, General Hammond had walked to yet another door and into the room beyond. "Close the iris!" he barked the order as he walked through.

"Yes, sir." The man sitting behind a computer screen said.

Sydney followed the General into what looked like the control room of the operation. As she watched through the large windows, a metal surface slid in front of the stargate, blocking anything from coming through. "What's going on?" she asked as she walked up.

"Hopefully nothing serious." Hammond answered, before turning back to the technician. "How many teams currently off-world?"

"Just three, sir."

Hammond frowned and stared intently at the stargate. A second later the technician's voice broke through the tense silence. "Receiving a GDO, sir." He said. "It's SG-4."

"Open the iris." Hammond ordered.

The iris opened and four men appeared suddenly at the top of the ramp, simply having stepped out of the pool inside the ring. Sydney shook her head in amazement. This was weird, even considering all the things she'd seen over the last couple of years. One of the men was leaning heavily on another and was limping.

Sydney stayed where she was, watching silently, as General Hammond leaned forward and pressed a button on the console. "Major Hayes, what happened?" he asked.

One of the men looked up at the control room as he walked of the ramp and the pool of water suddenly disappeared with a sucking sound. "Lieutenant Michaels fell and hurt his ankle, sir." Major Hayes replied. "I think it might be broken."

Hammond picked up a phone from the wall. "Doctor Frasier to the Gate Room." He said into it, before turning back to the window and Major Hayes. "Get checked out Major. Briefing at 1300."

"Yes, sir." Major Hayes replied.

General Hammond turned back to his two guests. "Sorry about the interruption." He said, before gesturing to the briefing room. "Shall we?"

"Of course." Sydney smiled, still trying to absorb all she had just seen.

A few minutes later, Sydney and Vaughn were comfortably seated at the large table in the middle of the room. They both sat to the right of the General, who had taken a seat at the head of the table. As Sydney watched, a large dark skinned man entered the room, followed by a silver haired man. Both wore the same uniform as the rest of the personnel, but Sydney noticed a strange gold mark on the dark skinned man's forehead.

"…is the point, T." the silver haired man was saying as the pair entered. "You just can't do it any other way."

"I do not see the appeal, O'Neill." The dark skinned man answered levelly.

The other man sighed and shook his head, muttering something under his breath. The dark skinned man raised an eyebrow but said nothing further.

"May I introduce Colonel Jack O'Neill and Teal'c?" General Hammond said, motioning towards the two men. "Colonel, Teal'c, this is Agent Sydney Bristow and Agent Michael Vaughn of the CIA."

The Colonel nodded his greeting, before sitting down opposite Sydney. She couldn't help but stare at him curiously. He had the same bearing that Sydney had come to expect from the military, but there was definite intelligence in his dark brown eyes. Teal'c sat down next to him, his face impassive and his heavily muscled arms carefully placed on the table in front of him.

"Where's Major Carter?" the General asked.

Jack grinned. "You know her, sir." He said. "She's playing with her alien doohickies."

Hammond nodded, just as a tall blonde haired woman rushed into the room clutching some files. "Sorry I'm late, sir." She said blushing faintly.

She slipped into the empty seat beside Teal'c and looked towards the General expectantly. "Just couldn't tear yourself away from your toys, hey Carter?" Jack teased.

"No, sir." Carter said, a smile tugging at the corner of her mouth.

Sydney guessed that the friendly teasing was a usual occurrence between the team. They all seemed fairly relaxed around each other and she tried to swallow her apprehension at sharing her information with them.

"Major Carter, this is Agent Sydney Bristow and Agent Michael Vaughn of the CIA." Hammond introduced again. "And this is Major Samantha Carter."

"Hi." Sydney smiled her greeting, before turning back to the General.

Hammond nodded slightly, and Sydney got up. Here goes, she thought. "Allow me to get straight to the point." She began. "The CIA has recently come into possession of a copy of a document that mentions a device called a 'stargate' and several other pieces of technology, all of which it claims was made by aliens."

Jack had been watching the two CIA agents curiously since he had entered the room, noticing that the pretty brunette seemed to be the one in charge. Both agents were dressed in the plain and functional business suits he had come to expect from the CIA – and which Jack had always believed was their version of a uniform. But at Agent Bristow's sceptical tone and surprising words, he looked towards the General sharply.

The General seemed to have the same thought that Jack had. "A copy?" he asked.

"Yes." Sydney answered. "We intercepted a transmission between operatives of an enemy organisation that contained this information."

"So we have no way of knowing just how many people have seen this information?" Jack asked, before Sydney could continue.

"No, although I doubt anyone but the higher ranking operatives have seen the document." Sydney replied.

She shot a glance at her partner before continuing. "This document also outlines the basics of a military operation to travel through this 'stargate' to other planets within our galaxy."

Sydney walked over to the wall and switched off the lights before returning to stand before the blank projector screen. As everyone watched, she switched it on and a photograph appeared on the screen. The photo had obviously been taken from a surveillance camera, as the grey haired man was sitting in an outside restaurant, but Jack could still see the cold intelligence in the man's eyes.

"This is Arvin Sloane. He is a former CIA agent that has ties to the Alliance and several other terrorist organisations. He is extremely resourceful and dangerous." Sydney said. "We believe he is the man these documents were sent to."

"As far as we know," Agent Vaughn stood up and took over the briefing from Sydney. "Sloane is putting together a team of highly skilled operatives and is planning to act on this information."

"Do you know the identity of these operatives?" General Hammond asked.

"We believe so, yes." Vaughn answered. "According to our sources, Sloane has recruited three highly skilled operatives to his cause – all of whom the CIA have been after for years."

He shot a glance as Sydney, as she sat down, before changing the photo on the projector screen. The woman in the photo was stunningly beautiful, with long dark hair and golden brown skin. She wore jeans and was talking into a phone as she walked down a busy street.

"This is Anna Espinosa." Vaughn continued, gesturing at the photo on the screen behind him. "Born in Cuba and raised in Russia – by the KGB. She used to work for an organisation called K-Directorate, but now works as a freelance agent. She also has the Rambaldi symbol tattooed on her left hand."

The picture changed again, this time focusing on what Jack assumed was the Rambaldi tattoo. The tattoo appeared to be a circle bracketed by two triangles pointing away from it. Jack frowned and shot a look at Sam. That symbol looked familiar. And judging by the puzzled look on Sam's face, he wasn't the only one who thought so.

"Is anything wrong, Colonel?" Hammond asked.

"I think I've seen that symbol somewhere before, sir." Jack said. "I just can't remember where."

"Indeed." Teal'c agreed. "The symbol does appear familiar."

"Major Carter?" Hammond asked.

"I've seen it too, sir." She said. "But I can't remember where either."

Sydney and Vaughn shared a surprised and slightly nervous glance. Then Vaughn returned to his briefing. "We believe Sloane has also recruited Julian Sark." He continued. "Sark is the son of Russian diplomat Adrian Lazarey and is believed to be the sole heir to the Romanov fortune. He is also highly-skilled assassin and has worked for Sloane before."

This time the photo was of a handsome blonde haired man wearing a black suit and shirt. The photo appeared to have been taken as Mr. Sark was climbing into a black BMW.

"The final operative is a relative unknown." Vaughn said. "Terry Sheridan is a former British Royal Marine turned mercenary. Around four years ago he was rumoured to have been sent to the infamous Barla Karla Prison. He reappeared six months ago."

The final picture was of a dark haired man wearing sunglasses and a leather jacket. His hair was cropped close to his head and he was riding a motorbike.

"Arvin Sloane is also a follower of a 15th century Italian prophet by the name of Milo Rambaldi." Sydney said, taking over the briefing once again. "We believe that Sloane is after the documents because they make reference to a Milus Rambaldus."

General Hammond leafed through the folder in front of him until he came to a copy of the leaked documents. When he saw what they were he raised both eyebrows in surprise. "How the hell did SG-3's mission reports on P4X-239 get leaked?" he snapped. "I can't believe any of my people would do that!"

Sydney sighed at the General's words. She had hoped he would keep an open mind about this. "With all due respect, General," she said. "Someone with access leaked those documents."

"What about the NID, sir?" Sam suggested. "They have access to our mission reports."

"And it has happened before." Jack added.

Hammond frowned. "The NID is really beginning to annoy me, Colonel." He said. "It seems every time we turn around they're up to something new."

"Me too, sir." Jack replied. "Me too."

"How can you be so sure the NID is responsible?" Sydney asked, trying to suppress her annoyance.

"When are they not?" Jack asked. "You don't know much about the NID, do you?"

"I know the NID is the organisation responsible for the long term analysis of technology and information gained by the Stargate Programme." Sydney said. "And the analysis of the programme itself."

General Hammond sighed. "That's what they're supposed to do, yes." He said. "However, there's a rogue element within the NID who want to gain control of the stargate for the sole purpose of procuring technology to protect Earth – no matter what."

"Protect Earth from what?" Vaughn asked.

"Anything and everything." The General replied. "They look upon all alien civilisations as the enemy."

Sydney nodded, struggling to process the information despite her scepticism that this was all possible. "Do you have any idea what Mr. Sloane intends to do with this information?" Sam asked her.

"No." Sydney replied. "Which is why we came to you. Is there any way Sloane could gain access to this base?"

General Hammond shook his head. "Not unless he has friends in very high places or a lot more than three men."

"So what is he trying to do?" Jack asked, more to himself than anyone else in the room.

"I don't know." Sydney sighed. "All I do know is that where Rambaldi is concerned, Arvin Sloane is capable of anything."

To be continued…