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A Priceless Gift


R or NC-17

(I haven't decided whether to write in detailed sex scenes yet… anyone have a preference? Email me and let me know! You can find my address on my profile)


Hermione offers Harry and Draco the ultimate gift. What happens when the tables are turned and Draco gets more than he bargained for?


Harry moved closer to the bed and contemplated what the best boyfriend-waking strategy would be that morning. He grinned widely when he heard the lump was snoring softly. He climbed up onto the bed and knelt next to the lump and started to snake his cold hand under the edge of the quilt.

"Oh, Dra-co!" Harry said softly in a cheery, sing-song voice as his cold fingers connected with his boyfriend's naked bum. The lump gave a muffled squeak and lurched and seconds later a platinum blond messy head appeared from under the covers.

"F'koff," Draco Malfoy grumbled as he attempted an irritated glare at his green-eyed boyfriend. The glare really was pitiful, however, on a face that was puffy and creased from sleep and followed by a wide yawn.

"You're such a cutie in the mornings," Harry cooed as he ruffled Draco's hair further. Draco growled and slapped Harry's hand away.

"Bugger off!" Draco grunted. "Why are you waking me so early? I don't even smell coffee!"

"It's after eleven, honey, and you will have tea. You drink too much caffeine."

"Fuck tea."

"Oh, don't be a shit, Draco. You have to get up. Hermione's coming over for lunch. She needs to speak to us about something," Harry insisted as he pulled the covers off Draco, leaving his blond boyfriend curled in a ball on the bed stark-naked.

"Just us? You mean no weasel?"

"Please, Draco, it's been seven years since Hogwarts. Quit with the 'weasel' shit," Harry scolded and Draco just smacked his lips.

"He still calls me ferret!"

"Yes and it's fucking irritating, considering we've all been mates for years now," Harry sniped. "Now, go have a shower and wake up a bit. I love you to bits, but you are a terrible morning person."

"It's the weekend; I'm allowed to sleep as long as I want. I work –"

"Yes, yes, I know," Harry interrupted. "You work your glorious arse off all week and deserve sufficient rest on the weekends. I heard you the four hundred thousand times you told me before, schnookums."

"Urgh, quit with the nauseating endearments or I may be forced to vomit forcefully all over that ridiculous outfit you are wearing," Draco complained.

"Oh but I so love winding you up, petal," Harry purred and then burst out laughing at the look on Draco's face.

"What possessed you to wear overalls? How did you possibly manage to get them into this house without me noticing?" Draco scoffed.

"I was gardening, Draco. These are old; I pulled them out of the back of the cupboard," Harry explained.

"You're a head case, Potter," Draco grumbled. "The neighbours could have seen you. What would they think of me after seeing you like that?"

"But you love me," Harry sniffed confidently.

"Unbelievably, yes," Draco agreed and then climbed up of the bed and stretched his lithe form, which caused Harry to gaze hungrily at his boyfriend. Draco yawned again and stretched his arms above his head and then reached down and leisurely scratched his balls.


NO! This is NOT an mpreg… I repeat, THIS FIC IS NOT AN MPREG!

Once again, we have Harry and Draco, Post-Hogwarts but with magic this time!

I can't reveal anything else at this time! I hope to hear from some of you again in November, which is when I plan to start posting this (probably mid to late November due to pending university exams).