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Hao happened to pass by the Chinese princess' house and what he saw had astounded him.

It was Yoh and Mei? How could it be?

He saw Yoh kneeling to one knee and getting something from his pocket. It was an engagement ring! He thought his heart would break, so he left immediately without a word. He was swallowing in his pain and anger.

"So I guess it wasn't me" he whispered to himself.

"So what do you think, will she say yes?" Yoh asked nervously at Mei.

"She will! Don't worry, I know she will" Mei said smiling.

"Thanks for helping me practice, I owe you a lot. I couldn't get the other girls to practice with me because they are too busy preparing for the venue." Yoh said with his usual perky smile.

"That's ok, I'm looking forward to your engagement with Anna and how I hope How is as sweet as you are" Mei said with her dreamy eyes.

Since the incident, Hao tried his best not to get affected. Still, it was hard for him to get Mei out of his mind and maybe out of his heart.

Yoh left a few hours ago and the princess had gone inside the house when she heard the doorbell ring. It was pretty late and it was raining hard.

She wondered who could be there at this late hour. The princess opened her door and was surprised by whom she saw. It was Hao, dripping wet and not his usual self.

He inched closer and before she could speak, he sealed the gap between them. He kissed her passionately and Mei seemed surprised yet was overwhelmed with joy. She closed her eyes, and then she felt her cheeks get wet. She saw that tears were falling, so she pulled away and wiped his tears. She gazed into his eyes and it held a pained look.

"What's wrong" She asked as she tucked a stray strand of hair behind his ear.

He avoided the question and grabbed her by the shoulder, enveloping her in a tight embrace.

She could feel Hao's body trembling, probably because of poison intake. He lowered his head to her ear and whispered "Remember that I'll always be here for you, I love you my sweet princess, and good bye" and as he say his last word, he closed his eyes and had lost his balance, falling on Mei shoulders.

He's gone.

Mei was blaming herself. It's obviously not her fault, yet she kept on blaming herself, she couldn't forget what had happened. Well, he's gone already, and she can never have him back; he already left.

On the other hand, Yoh kept blaming himself also. If he hadn't asked Mei to practice with him, none of this would ever happen.

They can never return what is already gone, not now, not ever. And Yoh could never forgive his self, for Anna had refused his proposal.

The End!

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