Author's Note: I'm a loser. That is all.

Oh - and by the way; it's Ginny.

Two Faces

There is no such thing as


An empty promise

She knows because her teardrops fall

Not when the sky is bright and her smile wide

too easily, too heavily, and sometimes just a little too eagerly

He grins at her and maybe everything is

flling apart, she can't seem to piece her life together


Just for a moment

she dreams of a reality in which

She feels beautiful in his arms

her heart isn't mended hastily with scotch tape

Twirling to the gentle swirls of music

but there's no point in dreaming

And just this once there is nothing but

pain, hurt, tears, she tries to ignore the ache in her chest


The world is

too big for her taste

hectic and wide and swallows her up

she wishes she could sleep and

but his hand is on her shoulder and somehow

never wake; a smile crumbles from her lips

she feels that this anchors her

when she tries to tell him she loves him

to reality.

What is reality?