Author's Notes: Ooo, two in one day. I haven't posted anything in forever, so that's why. So here's an angsty little Harry/Ginny piece for your reading pleasure.

…I so love study hall.


And love hurts, like white light that's blinded her before she even knows what's happening. Everything aches and her mind screams at her heart to turn away, leave, shut him out but he looks at her with eyes so green so green and she knows there is nothing for her to do but look back and smile and pretend she isn't crumbling beneath his lips.

There is no such thing as love not if the moon won't shine and his eyes won't laugh love isn't real like silk it slips so easily through trembling fingers.

Sometimes it feels like heaven and he is everything he promised her he'd be, but it's infrequent and the intensity of his eyes scares her because she knows what he's done. He pets her hair and she knows that he loves her, but it is a twisted version of love that will never be pure or whole or real but sometimes that's all there is and the time for being picky is over.

And they were dead, too, staring at her with their blank eyes and pale faces he said they deserved it and she couldn't say no couldn't deny him anything even if it meant that her brother was to die and her sister-in-law was to die and maybe her parents had to die, too, because maybe they were wrong and he was right all along.

They won't look at her anymore. They stare through her as though she were just this transparent being and sometimes it makes her want to curse them, hurt them the way he hurts her and they hurt her but how can she when all of them know that they're right? She chose to stand by Harry and she will for the rest of her life because he's Harry and that's all there is to it.

It was a clear day so bright that it hurt her eyes and suddenly there was green everywhere, green just like him and that made it somehow okay even though the death around her was suffocating.

It hurts the most at night. It hurts when she wakes from her nightmares and remembers her mother's arms around her shoulder and red hair tickling her cheeks. And she can't run to Harry anymore because Dark Lords don't have time to comfort silly girls with nightmares so she misses that, too.

But now they're gone and she's alone alone the world is big and dark and she knows that someone will defeat him but she loves him anyway.

He grins at her, and she smiles back.

Some things are meant to be.