Harry sighed, staring up at the ceiling (such as it was) of the Nest from his spot on the couch. It had been over a week since Sirius had escaped and Harry still didn't feel any better. He had gone through the last week in a sort of daze. As expected, the Hogwarts Rumor Mill had somehow caught wind of the goings on and stories spread like wildfire. Harry had just eventually tuned everyone out and tried going about his business as best he could.

In addition, to no one's great surprise, Snape was even more acidic towards Harry than ever before. It seemed the Potions Master blamed Harry for helping Sirius escape, despite Dumbledore telling the man that he made sure the students were safely locked in the hospital wing. But Snape obviously wasn't convinced by that story.

Sirius hadn't written yet, but Harry hadn't expected him to. It was far too soon and any post from him might be traced. The last thing Harry wanted was for his godfather to be caught again, let alone so quickly.

There was one bright light in the midst of all the darkness, though. The Daily Prophet had somehow gotten ahold of the fact that Sirius Black had been at and escaped from Hogwarts. Right under Minister Fudge's nose. This, of course, brought about a massive public outcry against the man, who tried issuing a statement saying that the Ministry had everything under control. Someone had conjured a large pie above Fudge's head and dropped it on him.

The Dementors had also left Hogwarts, sent back to their dank prison to suck the life out of the condemned there. Not for the first time, Harry wondered how many other innocent people were in Azkaban, rotting away slowly like Sirius had been doing.

Harry had been quiet for awhile, not bothering to talk or respond to anyone. Even the staff eventually gave up on him after he failed to answer their questions in class. Flitwick had taken him aside to ask if anything was wrong, and Harry made up a story about how he wasn't sleeping well. He didn't like lying to his head of house, but he couldn't exactly tell the little man the truth, could he?

So lost in thought was he that he didn't hear the trap door opening. It wasn't until a pair of large, blue eyes were peering down at him did he snap out of his reverie.


"Hello, Harry." Said Luna Lovegood in a very dreamy voice.

"Leon not with you?"

"No... Solieyu had some Potions work to finish. I've done all of my work so far, though." Luna said.

"Ah. Sorry, didn't mean to ignore you. I was just--"

"Thinking about your godfather."

Harry blinked. "My godfather? Luna, how...?"

Luna smiled, moving to sit in the chair opposite Harry. "The Quibbler has been tracking Sirius Black's whereabouts since last summer. My father found some very interesting things about him. Did you know he once went to Antarctica and was nearly conned into marrying a warm-water penguin?"

Harry wasn't sure where to start on that one. "Why... was a warm-water penguin down in Antarctica?"

"Well, he got lost, didn't he?" Luna said.

"Well... I'm not sure how much of what your father found was factual, but... but yeah, he is my godfather. You won't tell anyone, will you? The last thing I need..."

"Of course I won't." Luna replied.

"Thanks." Harry said, feeling far less tense, despite the fact that one of the school's strangest people apparently knew of his relationship to Sirius. "It's a nice day. I wish I was feeling good enough to enjoy it."

"Have you spoken with Professor Lupin? It would appear that he's leaving..." Luna said, trailing off slowly.

Harry knew why that was happening. Professor Snape, furious about the goings-on, had told the whole of Slytherin that Lupin was a werewolf. In turn, Lupin had decided to quit before the hate mail began pouring in. Harry actually had gone to see the man (once he had turned up, anyway) to tell him what had happened the night he had transformed. It was then that Harry learned that Snape had been brewing Lupin a potion the whole year that eased his werewolf transformations and made him rather docile. He had just forgotten to take it the night that Sirius had dragged Ron off.

Harry had gotten the Marauder's Map back, something that had surprised him greatly. Lupin had just smiled, telling Harry to use it responsibly. Of course, knowing what he now knew, Harry couldn't take that request seriously. Shortly after getting the Map back, Harry had gone on another Sugar Quill run, this time leaving the box in the Nest so he wouldn't have to tote a handful around with him.

Ron had recovered quickly - his leg wasn't badly broken, though Madam Pomfrey had grilled him about how he had gotten it. Ron had tried his best to come up with a good story on the spot, but Madam Pomfrey didn't seem to believe him.

Solieyu, whose only issues had been the rather strong exposure to the Dementor swarm, had been released the next day. He had quickly slipped back into his old habit of seemingly never sleeping and popping up in places, seemingly at random.

Hermione and Tonks, interestingly enough, seemed to hit it off after their night of rescuing together. Tonks had even given Hermione a bunch of hair care tips after hearing that the girl hated the way hers puffed out like it did.

Harry turned his head to look at Luna, who was gazing outside and smiling. Harry wasn't exactly sure what to think of Luna. She was very odd, though she did seem to say very interesting things every blue moon. She had followed Solieyu around as best she could the day he was released from the hospital wing. He still couldn't tell if Solieyu really did like the girl or if he was just trying to keep from hurting her feelings.

Turning to look back at the ceiling again, Harry breathed out a silent sigh. He just wanted the school year to hurry and end. That way he could get his nightmarish time at the Dursleys' over with for another year. It still made him furious to no end that he could have been spending time with Sirius over the summer instead, but due to that rat escaping, he was stuck going back to Number Four. Not for the first time, he wished that Hermione's ugly cat Crookshanks had eaten 'Scabbers'... but without him, Sirius would never be able to clear his name. It was all very bothersome.

"Sorry I'm not being very talkative." Harry said, breaking the long silence that had fallen over the Nest.

Still gazing outside, Luna replied, "I find that silence can sometimes help cure things that other methods can't."

Harry supposed, to some degree, that that was true. He was enjoying just sitting in the silence. Though Tonks and Solieyu would probably do the same with no hesitation, he just felt like he connected with Luna somehow. It was a very odd feeling, thinking he had something in common with the girl.

"Maybe." He finally said. "But silence can't change what's happened."


To no one's great surprise, Gryffindor managed to win the House Cup that year. Fred and George had done something to sharply boost their House's standings, as the Ravenclaws had been winning prior to the last day. Harry had tried getting the two to spill the beans as to what they had done, but neither would tell their secret.

But that was alright - Ravenclaw had won the Quidditch Cup. As long one of the other Houses managed to rip the Cups away from Slytherin, Harry was happy. Harry had noticed Malfoy looking more sour than usual ever since both Buckbeak and Sirius had escaped. Though he would never admit to it, Harry couldn't help but want to tell Malfoy exactly what he had done, just to further rub it all in.

During the Leaving Feast, Tonks leaned over and asked, "What's on your mind?"

"Hm? Oh, just thinking. It's been another interesting year, huh?"

"Yup. At least Voldemort didn't come after you somehow this time, though." Tonks said, grinning.

"How very true." Harry said, nodding slowly. "So what are our plans for the summer?"

"Staying at home, as usual." Tonks said, blandly.

"We're going to Egypt." Luna said, smiling.

"We?" Tonks asked.

"Luna and her father invited mother and I along." Solieyu said. "It was a... very gracious offer. It's been ages since I travelled anywhere other than here and back."

Harry and Tonks echanged a glance, then grinned at Solieyu, who made a face and looked away.

"You and your mum got a plan to get me out this year?" Harry asked, looking at Tonks.

"Dunno. Hopefully there won't be any fat women or house elves popping in to make things difficult, though." Tonks replied, looking thoughtful for a moment before taking a swig of pumpkin juice.

"Yeah, hopefully." Harry said, staring down at his plate. "Bloody Wormtail."

"Yeah." Tonks agreed. "We'll think o' something, mate. Don't worry. I bounce ideas around in my head all year on stuff we might be able to do to get you out or otherwise keep an eye on you. I'll think o' something."

"And I thank you for your concern, m'lady." Harry said, chuckling.

"Oh, shut up." Tonks said, grinning and punching Harry in the arm.

"Hey! No punching, Nymmy!" Harry exclaimed.

"Don't you call me Nymmy!" Tonks retorted, giving Harry the evil eye.

"Eep. Yes, ma'am!" Harry said, trying to hide a smile. He picked at his food for awhile, listening as those around him had conversations. Down the table, he saw Lynch alternating between looking mopey and proud. Steven had stopped Harry in the hall not long before the final meal of the term, thanking him again for helping to make Ravenclaw the Quidditch Cup winners that year. Harry was glad that they had won, despite Fate's best efforts to stop him.

"I think I'm gonna go for a quick walk." Harry said suddenly, getting to his feet and making his way out of the Great Hall.


"Whatcha doin' down here?"

Harry looked over his shoulder to see Tonks approaching. He just shrugged in reply and turned his gaze back out over the lake. In the distance, the giant squid was attempting to leap out of the water like a dolphin. It wasn't doing a very good job.

"Trying to process everything, I guess. It still feels like it all happened yesterday. My memory's been like swiss cheese lately. Can't remember much of anything." Harry admitted.

"So I've noticed. You alright?" Tonks asked, stepping up beside Harry.

"Yeah, I'll be fine. I had a talk with Dumbledore, you know. About the night everything happened." Harry said.


"He said he had 'acquaintances' that would be able to keep a lookout for either Pettigrew or a rat missing a toe." Harry said. "But even with that, I still don't feel very happy about how things turned out."

"I'm not that happy about it either. I still have to tell mum about Sirius not being an evil murderer." Tonks said, scuffing at the ground.

"Let's tell her on the ride back. Or no, no - after the ride back. I don't want her swerving all over the place." Harry said, scowling at the memories of Andromeda's awful driving skills.

"Alright. I wonder if she prepares herself for anything we might tell her." Tonks wondered aloud. "I mean, our previous years, we've come back with tales of adventures. This year was... well, we weren't facing down Voldemort, but I'd say the Dementors were evil enough to qualify. She'll have kittens if we mention the time travel."

"And really, we'd have to explain what happened if she asked." Harry said, tilting his head. "I mean, it'd be impossible to explain without the time turner. I'm glad Hermione decided to turn that damn thing in."

"Did she? That's good. One less thing for you to worry about next year. I'm sure something wacky is bound to happen then." Tonks said. "Love, adventure, and MASSIVE ANGST!"

"Oh, shut up." Grumbled Harry.

"Heee. Cheer up, emopants." Tonks said, grinning. "Come on, let's get back up to the school and enjoy our last night here for the year."

"Alright." Harry said.

The two started back up towards the castle, Harry looking off towards the Willow every so often.

"Wouldn't it be a kicker if Sirius turned up on your Aunt and Uncle's doorstep?" Tonks said.

"Oh man, they'd all try stuffing themselves in the cupboard at the same time. Emergency services would be called in, the story would be on the news, and I'd suffer endlessly for it all somehow." Harry said. "Don't even joke about that. Besides, I don't even want to think about Sirius being out where lots of people can see him. The Dursleys would definitely call the police on him."

"Still - it'd knock 'em into line, knowing you have an 'evil murderer' for a godfather and that he knows where they live." Tonks said, grinning widely. "Just think about the looks on their faces!"

"I don't want to think about the Dursleys unless I have to." Said Harry. "Bad enough I'm forced back there tomorrow."

"Aww, I know. But really - we'll think of something. And this time we won't be late. I promise." Tonks said.

"Don't make promises." Harry murmured.

"Alright. Then I'll just say we'll try as hard as we can. That better?"

"Much." Harry said.

"Now come on. When I left, Lynch had leapt onto the Slytherin table and was singing some weird victory song." Tonks said, grabbing at Harry's arm and tugging.

"What!" Harry cried. "This was happening and you didn't tell me sooner? Oh, man! I've probably missed all the fun..."

Just as they entered the Entrance Hall, Lynch came bursting out of the Great Hall, laughing. Shortly after, a pair of seventh-year Slytherins Harry didn't recognize came bolting after him. Both of which, Harry noted, seemed to have cheesecake all over their heads.

"...I didn't just see that." Harry finally said.

"Good. Neither did I then." Tonks muttered. "That was just... odd. I don't think I want to know what happened after I left."

"Neither do I. I think we're going to find out, but I'd really rather not." Harry said.

Giving each other a wary look, the two Ravenclaws headed back into the Great Hall.


"I like these train seats. I dunno why." Harry said, bouncing slightly on his. "Gonna hafta see about buying one to jury-rig into a couch when I get my own place."

"You're absolutely mental." Tonks said, sitting down next to him.

"I am not. These things induce sleep or something." Harry said.

Opposite them, Solieyu and Luna were sitting down, while Hermione and Ron were standing in the doorway.

"Here's to hoping nothing bad happens next year." Hermione said.

"Ooh, don't do that - you'll jinx it!" Tonks exclaimed.

"Oh, don't be silly. I'm not the least bit superstitious." Hermione said, sniffing.

"What are you two planning to do over the holidays?" Solieyu asked, glancing to the pair of Gryffindors.

"Oh, we're going down to Italy." Hermione said, grinning. "Since my parents don't get to see me much anymore, we usually go on trips during the summer."

"Lucky. I'll be stuck at home with Fred and George the whole time." Ron groused. "Won't that be fun?"

"What did they do to earn Gryffindor so many points at the last minute?" Asked Harry.

"Can't tell. They made us both promise." Ron said.

"Oh, you wretched..." Harry began.

"Nothing personal, Harry." Hermione said, grinning. "They say it's revenge for you not telling them about what was going on with me this year."

"What was going on?" Ron asked.

"Nothing, nothing." Hermione said. "Come along, Ronald. We need to find a compartment before they're all empty."

"Don't call me 'Ronald'! And what's that?" Ron said, nodding towards the compartment's window. A small, round ball of feathers was apparently trying to beat itself in through the glass.

Tonks hopped up and opened the window, causing the little creature to burst inside, hooting wildly and flying in abnormal, dipping circles overhead.

"Ohhh, it's an owl!" Luna cooed. "How adorable."

"That thing's an OWL?" Ron said, astonished.

"It's got a letter." Solieyu pointed out.

"How's it flying? The envelope's larger than the owl." Tonks said.

"Come here, you." Harry finally said, reaching up and plucking the owl like a snitch out of the air. "Calm down! Here, what've you brought for us?"

After somehow managing to untie the envelope from the little owl's leg, Harry let the fluffball go, where it bobbed and twisted through the air, finally ending up on top of Ron's head, where he briefly had a fit until Hermione calmed him down.

"It's... it's from Sirius!" Harry said, staring down at the envelope.

"Well go on, then." Hermione said, tugging Ron into the compartment and closing the door behind them. "What's it say?"

"Let's see..." Harry said. Taking a haggard-looking bit of parchment out of the envelope, Harry read aloud, "'Dear Harry - Sorry it's taken me so long to get to you. I've been travelling a bit. I've been cooped up so long, I figured a little trip wouldn't do me any harm. Don't worry - I'm staying as a dog for the most part. I've actually found a nice little cave to stay in. It's nice and warm at night and a cool breeze passes through most days. I found this little owl in here, actually. One of its wings was wounded - looked like one the nearby village's children was lobbing rocks at it - so I nursed it back to health. I don't think I could stand having it around all the time even if I wasn't on the run, so if you would, try and find a good home for it...'"

Harry looked up from the letter. "Ron, isn't your family's owl all ancient and stuff? Fred and George have complained about it a few times."

"Well... yeah, Errol's a bit out there... but you don't expect me to take care of this thing, do you?" Ron asked, pointing up at his head, where the tiny owl had seemingly decided to take a nap.

"If you can't, maybe your parents can." Harry said. "Anyway, lemme continue reading here. Let's see... 'In other news, I've got an interesting surprise planned for you, so be sure to keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. Can't say more than that for now, though. It'd ruin the surprise. Running short on space now, so I'll just say this - take care and don't try mailing me. Would look suspicious if owls were coming and going from this cave regularly. I'll see you soon. -- Sirius'"

"Sounds like he's been busy." Tonks said.

"Yeah. I'm glad he's taking care to keep hidden but still getting a chance to have some fun." Harry said. "Sounds like he's enjoying the freedom to go wherever he wants again."

Just then, a knock came on their compartment door. Turning, the collected group saw Ginny Weasley standing outside. Ron opened the door up and asked, "What is it?"

"Fred and George got us all a compartment down th-- oh, look at the teeny owl!" Ginny squealed, staring at the sleeping owl in Ron's hair.

"Oh no." Ron groaned. He had seen that look on his sister's face before.

"Come here, you..." Ginny cooed, reaching up and gently removing the owl from Ron's hair, somehow not waking it up in the process. "Ohh, it's adorable! Whose is it?"

"No one's." Hermione said. "It just showed up, trying to fly through the window."

"Ginny, no..." Ron began.

"Oh, I've got to show him to Fred and George. Come on, you two!" Ginny said, smiling as she took off down the hallway.

Ron groaned again. "Merlin's wand, I'm going to go mad this summer. The twins and that owl?"

"Yes, yes, it's very tragic. Come along, Ronald." Hermione said, grabbing the boy by the ear and tugging him out into the hall. "We'll see you lot later. Have a good summer!"

"You too." Harry said, grinning as the two Gryffindors left. "...I swear, if someone had told me I'd be seeing that when I first got to Hogwarts..."

"Stranger things have happened." Tonks said.

"How very true." Harry said. "At least we don't have to worry about the owl, though."

"Yeah, seemed like love at first sight with Ginny, didn't it?" Tonks said, laughing.

Harry leaned over and closed the compartment door again, leaning back and smiling. He felt much better knowing Sirius was out there somewhere, enjoying life again. Briefly, he wondered if the man had cleaned up and bought fresh robes. He couldn't quite imagine Sirius looking like a hobo for the rest of his life.

Soon, the Hogwarts Express had started up and the long trip back to King's Cross began. The four Ravenclaws chatted about the previous year and what might be happening during their fourth year (or third, in Luna's case). Eventually, the four became sleepy - with Harry inserting an 'I told you they induced sleep' before he drifted off.

Harry was the first to wake back up. Darkness had fallen outside of the train, and a flash of light out the window caught Harry's eye. Smiling, he nudged Tonks awake. She let out a groggy mumble of "What?"

"Look outside." Harry whispered.

"Outside?" Tonks repeated. She sat up and, after rubbing her eyes for awhile, looked out the window. "Ooh..."

A meteor shower, much like the one they had seen the previous summer when visiting Solieyu's house, was illuminating the night sky. Deciding not to wake up Luna (who looked so peaceful when she was asleep) or Solieyu, (who just needed the sleep) Harry and Tonks sat and watched the light show in silence, Tonks leaning against Harry.

"I really hope nothing bad happens over the summer. Or during the school year." Tonks murmured softly. "I'm tired of bad stuff always happening to you."

"So am I." Harry quietly agreed.

"...Hey, Harry?"


"What's on your mind?"

"A lot, right now." Harry said. "What's going to happen at Number Four... whether or not Sirius will be spotted and caught... whether or not Dumbledore's buddies will find Pettigrew or not. Stuff like that."

"Kids our age shouldn't be worrying about abusive relatives and murderers." Tonks commented, sighing.

"Yeah. I'm not sure how much 'kid' is left in us though, after all we've been through so far. Dunno about you, but I feel a lot older than I am." Harry said.

"Ditto." Tonks said.

"Hey, Tonks?"


"What about you? What's on your mind?" Harry asked.

"Lot of worrying, mostly." Tonks said. "Worried about you and Sirius, mostly. Worried about next year at school, too."


"Yeah. Harry, if the Dursleys start to do anything..." Tonks began.

"I'll escape by any means neccessary and come home." Harry said.


"Your place is more of a home than Number Four is." Harry said, smiling faintly. "Home is somewhere I feel safe... where I don't have to worry about anything."


"Blame those things if I start getting melodramatic." Harry said, pointing at the meteor shower. "Just feeling a bit odd right now, I guess."

"Quite alright. Come on, let's go back to sleep. I think we've got a good half hour, at least." Tonks mumbled, laying her head over on Harry's shoulder.

"Oi oi. I'm buying you a pillow or something for Christmas this year." Harry muttered.


After the train pulled into King's Cross and everyone unloaded their belongings, people started saying their goodbyes. Luna's father came to pick her up - Mr. Lovegood gave Solieyu a good, long look after seeing his daughter clinging to one of his arms.. Solieyu once more left by himself. Molly Weasley had come to pick her kids up, giving a friendly wave and smile to Harry as they left. Andromeda was a bit late picking Tonks and Harry up, but they didn't particularly mind. It was nice and quiet at the station for once, which did feel rather odd.

Once she did pop up, she apologized for being so late, claiming that the Ministry had been having a fit over Sirius Black still eluding capture. Harry and Tonks shared a grin, but kept their promise of not telling Andromeda what had happened until after they pulled into Number Nine.

Once safely at the Tonks residence, Harry told Andromeda to wait before they got out. He and Tonks then proceeded to launc into their story. To say Andromeda was shocked would be an understatement. Harry and Tonks told her the entire thing - mostly dealing with the night of Sirius' attempt to kill Pettigrew and subsequent break-out from Hogwarts by Harry and a rogue hippogriff.

"I don't believe it." She finally said.

Harry grinned wryly. "Oh? And why's that... Little Andi?"

Tonks dissolved into giggles as Andromeda turned around in her seat and stared at Harry, gaping like a fish. "Bu... no. Sirius was... and... oh, bugger all."

"Language, mother!" Tonks said in a singsong voice.

"So... Sirius is innocent... roaming the countryside... and... You know what? I think I'm gonna need a stiff drink for this one to go down. Don't you two ever have a peaceful year at that school?" Andromeda asked as the three exited the car and began unloading Harry and Tonks' trunks.

"Not as such, no." Harry said. He then lifted Hedwig's cage and smiled. "I'm leaving you in their care again, girl. You're better off here than coming with me. The Dursleys would lock you up so you couldn't go out at night."

The snowy owl just ruffled her feathers and chirped in response.

Handing over Hedwig's cage to Andromeda, Harry sighed. "Back to the torture room I go, I guess."

"I'll run my ideas by mum tonight." Tonks said, coming over and giving Harry a tight hug. "Don't worry."

"Good luck thinking of something." Harry said, chuckling.

"Actually," Andromeda said, smiling slyly, "I have an idea of my own. And the best part is, it's foolproof."

"What is it?" Harry and Tonks asked in unison.

Andromeda shook her head and wagged a finger. Clicking her tongue a few times, she replied, "You'll just have to wait and see. Consider it punishment for calling me 'Little Andi' - I hated being called Little Andi. Stupid Sirius."

"Now you know how I feel." Tonks muttered, just loud enough for her mother to hear.

"Anyway, hang on for two weeks, Harry, and you'll be free for the rest of summer. Think you'll be alright?" Andromeda asked, her tone becoming serious again.

"Haven't died yet." Harry replied, dryly. When both women sent him a glare, he raised his hands up and added, "Alright, alright - I'll be extra careful, okay? I wouldn't mind being taken out to lunch or dinner once or twice, though."

"Noted." Andromeda said, smiling. She walked over and gave Harry a hug that would have made Molly Weasley proud. "Hang in there, Harry. I know it isn't easy. I've been working on Albus on and off all year. I may have something worked out, but it probably won't happen this year."

Harry blushed at the hug, then nodded slowly. "Alright. Thanks, by the way. For everything."

"No thanks needed." Andromeda said. "Just keep yourself as healthy and injury-free as you can and we'll call it even."

"See you soon, then." Harry said, smiling crookedly. "Take care."

"You too." Tonks said, waving as Harry started his long walk back to Number Four. Once he had vanished into the night, the girl looked at her mother and asked, "What do you have planned, mum?"

"Well," Andromeda began, levitating the two trunks up and heading for the house, "You know how I wrote and said the Ministry's been working us extra hard?"


"Well, they've decided to compensate in a very interesting way..."


Author's Notes: Book 3 is complete! I know I said I was gonna try for 19, but there was no way in hell I could have padded both chapters that much. So I combined them into one long one. Ah well. Prisoner is still longer than Chamber was, in any case! I'm sure all of you can guess that Andromeda's 'compensation' from the Ministry was! And if you can't, then shame on you - go reread Goblet again!

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