Chapter 2: He was my father, Major!

Twenty-two years previous

Jack O'Neil was furious. How dare she take his newborn son and flee like that? It was true that he had to leave her right after she gave birth to Alexander, but he had no other choice. His C.O. had informed him of the incoming mission fifteen minutes after he had learned that he was a father, and as a junior officer Jack could only obey him. He had been gone for six month but he had written to her every day and had found a way to send the letters once or twice a month. Two days ago, he had came home, hoping to find his wife and son waiting for him, only to find an empty house and some legal papers on the kitchen table informing him that his Jessica had divorced him. She had invoked the conjugal abandon to justify that in front of the court. He never had been truly in love with her, but when she had come to tell him that she was pregnant with his kid Jack's heart had made a looping in his chest and banged madly with love for the new life growing in her. So, he had married her, bought a house for them, decorated a nursery on the first floor and mothered Jessica. He understood that she had not wanted a kid because she was only twenty. But after they had discussed it for a while, she had agree to have the baby and Jack would take care of it if she didn't wanted to do it herself later. He had been ready to drop the army, to take care of his son, but as the time passed she had begun to change, talking to the baby and singing to him. He had felt a little bit happier to know that the baby would feel wanted. He never had expected her to kidnap his son and divorce him. If it had been only her taking off Jack would not have chased her, but she had Alex, and for him he was ready to fight. She would regret what she had done!

So, two days later, he was on the road to some obscure little Californian town called Sunnydale. He had called one of his deceased father's old friends, who was now working with the FBI disappearance cell, and Dray had found her by tracking her credit card. He had also found that she had remarried and that her husband had begun adoption procedures for his son. Just that little piece of information had enraged Jack, never would he let that man take his little one, the blood would flow before that. Alexander was an O'Neil and he would stay an O'Neil, even if Jack had to kill someone for that!

Several hours later

Jack had found her ten minutes after entering the town. He had stopped the car, jumped out and pulled his son out of Jessica's arms. She had looked at him like if she had seen a ghost, her face as white as the snow on Christmas Eve. But Jack never looked at her once, the only thing he could see was his beautiful baby boy. For the first time he could feel what his father had always told him, the incredible connection between the two of them, and the truth of the legend of the O'Neil clan. After a moment, Jessica tried to take the baby back and to run away from him, but it was like they were glued together by the flow of power running through them. When Jack finally found his son's eyes, the voice of Andrew O'Neil rang in him, and he could hear once again the tale that same voice had told him so often in his youth.

/ At the beginning of the time, earth was the land of three different nations, the demons, the humans and the Atlantes. Demons and humans were fighting all the time for the power, when the third one, the most powerful had retired to a territory in the middle of the ocean, willing only to live in peace. Their city was made of crystal and their technology was purely organic, based on what the earth would offer to them freely, and each day was devoted to learn and create. They were dual in their form, not male or female, only choosing to evolve to one of the two forms when the time came for them to seduce their future mate.

They had lived like that for more then a millennium, when one day a member of the royal clan O'N'Eil had a terrible vision. Her name was Laï'N'A, she was the youngest daughter of the king and a seer. She predicted that when the next moon would rise, the demons and the humans, envious of the power of the Atlantes people, would make an alliance and come to destroy Atlantis. She predicted that when the sun would be in the sky the next day nothing would be left of their land but the ocean.

The old king who had recently bond to a tiny blond human female, decided that he wanted not to listen to his daughter predictions, that the people of his wife would not betray them. His spouse had told him frequently how much Laï'N'A disliked her, and how much she was mean with her. The king trusting in the lies of the one who was supposed to love him, decided to banish his daughter.

That night, forced to leave her family to their death, she found her younger brother J'A'N'Si on the other side of the city's doors waiting for her. He was there with all of the young children of the clan. He told her that he had been hiding behind the curtains when she had talked with their father earlier that day. He trusted his sister's visions, since they had never failed them in the past. The full moon would be in two days, so he had gathered together the children and the babies of their line. They would hide them between the human people in a little village of the Emerald land, where he had some friends. While listening to him, she had looked at the younger children. Something had bothered her for a moment; they were all boys now, no more in between gender. Seeing this she asked her brother why. He looked at her with pained eyes, before explaining that if they were to pass for human they needed to have a determinate gender. The female one, while considered as the stronger one by the Atlantes, was the fragile one for the humans, and the one which would more likely be abused. So, it was best for them all if the O'N'Eil clan became the O'Neil clan, and became males. She took a moment to see the truth in his words, before shifting her body to her male form for their travelling time.

After that J'A'N'Si gave her all the information she needed and took her and the children to one of the sealing boat. Before leaving she begged him to come with them, but he told her that he needed to stay so no one would find that the children had disappeared. Her eyes full of tears, she left him that night; never would she see him or her beloved Atlantis again.

Two day later, before the moonrise they arrived at the Emerald land where the chief of the McLain's welcomed them in his clan. He who had been her brother's best friend took her in his arms and let her cry for her soon to be dead family, comforting her with gentle words, while petting her hair lightly.

At the same time, the beloved wife of King A'Ter'Na O'N'Eill opened the doors of the city to the demon-human alliance, after having destroyed the city's defence mechanism earlier that day. The king died knowing that he had betrayed his daughter and people for the white flesh of a traitor. The people died in a blood bath, massacred by the demons, while the humans pillaged the city. They were ready to leave when the morning came, but what they hadn't known was that the city's heart was linked to the king's heart, and that each morning he needed to go pray at the centre of the island to keep her safe from the sea, it was Atlantis' ultimate defence. So, the king was dead and in the blink of an eye, the sea swallowed the island, it was the end of Atlantis and her conquerors.

Three years after that, the McLean clan celebrated the wedding of their chief Marcus and the chief of the O'Neil clan, Laïna. From them, several children were borne all but one was human and McLean. However the last one was an Atlante and he chose to take the O'Neil name.

All children from his line were born Atlantes, choosing instinctively their male form after seeing their father for the first time establishing the power link between them, the mark of the royal Atlantes clan. That is what happened to you, when I took you in my arms for the first time Jack, and that is what will happen to your child when you will look at him in the eyes for the first time too. You my son are the last heir of Atlantis royal line, your blood is Atlantes, as is mine! You will live longer than any human, you will have the genetic memory of the line when you come to maturity and you will develop some of the line powers, like visions, telekinesis or something else, it's different for everyone, only time will tell, Remember this my son, because one day, we will return there and the world will change./

Jack had always though that his Dad was a little bit crazy, but now he could feel the truth, the link. After a while, he finally looked at Jessica, she had looked frightened by him. He took her to her house; there they had screamed a lot. She finally told him that she had been in love with Tony Harris since she was eighteen, but when they had knew that Tony could not have children, they had broke up. She had met Jack and she had tried to make it work with him, but Tony had called her while she was pregnant and he wanted her back with the baby. She had tried to leave Jack before Alex birth, but the day she was supposed to take a fly to California, he had came back earlier because his mission had been cancelled. It would have been easier to just declare the baby as Tony's child, but Jack had made sure to go and declare Alex before leaving after the birth. So, now they were forced to have Tony to adopt him. Jack had been disgusted by the woman who was his child's mother, but he knew that being in the military, he would never have the guardianship of his son, so he told her that he would have the guardianship of his son each time he wanted it and that he had made sure that Alex would stay an O'Neil. She and her new husband could dance on their heads; his son would never be a Harris! At that she became nearly hysterical, calling him every name she could think of. The screaming match had continued a long time, Tony joining the fun when he came home after work. That night, he had taken his son with him, and he had kept Alex for the following year and an half, leaving him with his mother, when he had been on mission. After that, a judge had given the guardianship back to Jessica, but with a restriction, he would stay an O'Neil and Jack could see him whenever he wanted.

twenty two years later

Jack had always found time for Alex, going fishing with him each summer, or skiing for Christmas. When Tony had molested him for the first time, it was Jack who had come and clocked some sense into Tony's head, telling him that the next time he touched his son, he would kill him and hide the corpse. The day Jack had fallen in love with Sarah, he had called his son to tell him everything about her, and they had decided together to not tell her about Alex's existence. To keep Alex safe from Jack's job problems at that time and after that they never found the right time to tell her. So, when Charlie killed himself and Sarah would not see him, it was in Alex's arms that Jack had cried for the loss of his second son for the first time.

What ever happened they were there for each other, until today, Jack had left him forever this time and Xander felt totally empty for the first time in his life. He tried to access their power link, but couldn't feel it anymore, he was alone. Still sitting on the floor, he took the phone one last time and pressed a number. It took four rings before someone took the call.

"Narcissus in chains, Ajax on the phone, how may I help you?" said a male voice

"Ajax, it's Alexander, I need to talk with Narcissus, please" said Xander with a ton less voice.

"Right away, sir," answered Ajax with deference for the Sunnydale Oba.

Two minutes later, the St-Louis Oba was on the Phone.

"Alexander, is something wrong?" asked an Androgyny voice with a point of worry.

"Narcissus, I need your help. My father is dead. I need to go to Colorado. The Slayer has killed two new members of my pack leaving me in charge of four cubs that I will take with me. However before that I will have to fight the slayer tomorrow night because if I don't do it the rest of the pack will go for the kill, and this would be bad for the new Californian right of the shifters. I …I'm lost Narci, I need you to send me one of your Alphas to take care of the pack after I leave," said Xander in a rush, finishing with the beginning of a sob.

"Oh, Alex, I'll send you Horace right away!"

They talked for a moment to prepare the arriving of the new pack leader of Sunnydale then Xander fell asleep curled on the floor. Later that night, three children, a baby and a couple of comforters came and surrounded him, falling asleep, comforted by the feeling of their new Oba, shushing his dreams without even knowing it.