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Be Careful What You Wish For…

Chapter 14 - Epic

Ashley stopped, hand poised above the rod above her Jump Tube.

"Uh, guys?" Carlos voice came over the intercom.

"Set a course for Earth," Andros said, slightly breathless. "Let's get as far away from this planet as possible."

"What happened?" Cassie asked when they reached the bridge.

"I wished that everyone who knew what was going on would remember the other worlds, but that doesn't explain how everything got reset," Ashley said.

"Zordon," Andros said. "He told me to shatter his tube."

"What!" four Rangers chorused. "And you did it?" Carlos asked.

"Yes, he said there was no other way."

"Let's hope there's another way in this world," T.J. said stiffly and stood.

Everyone looked after him as he walked out of the room.

"Earth will be good for him," Cassie said. "Erutan is there, he'll take care of him."

"What about you?" Ashley asked.

As if on cue DECA piped up, "Phantom Ranger's ship is approaching."

"Never mind," Ashley said.

Cassie hurried to the Jump Bay to go talk to her Fet-na.

"I think I'll go to my quarters and call Earth," Carlos said, "I think Justin's gonna need an explanation."

That left Andros and Ashley alone on the bridge, even DECA's eye seemed to dim.

"So…" Ashley said.

"I should go-" Andros said, looking around for the exit like a trapped animal, "check on Zhane."

As he raced out the door Ashley wondered if she'd made the right wish.


Astronema had practically destroyed her ships engines trying to meet the MegaShip halfway to Earth.

"How long?" the girl asked. She had shed her evil persona for a more human one.

"That is uncertain," DECA said.

"He'll wake up soon," Andros said, entering the small room.

"How do you know?" Karone asked, not even turning to look at her brother.

"He remembers, just like the rest of us. He wouldn't stay encased in ice when there's a pretty young woman waiting for him to wake up."

Karone laughed, "That sounds like Zhane."

"What will you do now?" Andros asked after a moment.

"I don't know. I'm not going to be evil anymore if that's what you mean. What about you?"

Andros knew exactly what his sister was getting at. "I-I don't know."

"You should talk to her."

"I can't. She got hurt, a lot, because of me."

"She loves you."

"Why!" Andros cried. "I have done nothing to deserve her love!" He began pacing the room, hitting the walls whenever they got in his way. "First, I ignore her! I treated her like dirt! I didn't even think she was worthy of the Power! Then I make some stupid wish that gets her kidnapped and turned evil and she's actually nice to me there too! And then," (Karone sighed, this was getting tiring), "I get turned evil and get her friends killed and mutilated and possessed, all so that I can keep her with me! And even that backfires! Dark Specter put a love spell on her that not only had her throwing herself at me, but it had her liking it! She actually asked me to keep the spell going! She should hate me! I have done nothing at all worthy of her love!"

Karone really looked at her brother then, for the first time in that or any reality. "You," she said slowly, "are a fool." She then turned back to watch over her frozen love for a while more.


Ashley sighed and hurried out of the engine room. She had heard all of Andros' rant and wasn't sure how she felt about it. It was true, Andros' wish had caused her a lot of pain, but he hadn't meant it too and because of his wish they had discovered- discovered what exactly? That they were meant for each other? That they were in love with each other long before they had ever even met? It could be true, Ashley mused, she had felt for Andros the moment she had seen him rushing toward them and stopping in shock at seeing a bunch of terran teens on his ship. It was relief that he was in fact, not a giant lizard that had made her address him as she did upon his powering down.

Things would have been different she realized, had Andros never made that wish. Andros might have slowly allowed any feelings he had for her to surface and they could have had the nice, sweet, gently, sometimes-shy relationship she was used to. But that was no longer possible. Their relationship was forever altered.

"I'm sorry," the familiar voice said, halting her train of thought.

Ashley turned to see Andros standing in the doorway to her room. She suddenly realized that she had no memory of ever entering, her feet had simply carried her there of their own volition.

"For what?" Ashley asked.

"For just leaving like that. I should have stayed and talked with you. I don't deserve you."

"You aren't the only one who did bad things Andros. Frankly, I can't think of anything you could do that would make me stop loving you."

Andros ducked his head, shocked and embarrassed by Ashley's simple statement. "How- I don't know how this is supposed to work."

"Well, we've been teammates, mortal enemies, and lovers. I think dating might be possible."

"Really?" Andros asked hopefully.

"Yes, but we will have to work at it. We're used to each other being," she paused, searching for the right word, "different than we are now."

"It'll be an adventure," Andros said, not even bothering to hide the grin that he wore.

"No," Ashley said, linking arms with Andros. "We're Rangers, we have adventures every day. This will be epic."

The Beginning


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