Title: Perfect Situation

Author: Gilmoregirl7878

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Rory was nervous the next day.

When she woke up she got dressed in record time so she wouldn't have to face her brother who she was still mad at. Even though she was mad at him, she felt guilty that two best friends were fighting about her.

Since she could remember, Tristan had been Kevin's best friend. He had always been at there house because Tristan's parents were never home.

But now they were fighting, over her.

Rory pulled into the Chilton parking lot, determined to go through with the decision that she had decided to do the night before.

She got out of her car, greeting people on the way to her locker and tried to hurry getting her books and making it to her home room when Tristan wrapped his arms around her waist from behind.

"Hey baby." He said softly, kissing her neck. Rory shut her locker and stepped away from his embrace and turned to face him.

"Hi." She said briskly before turning to start walking to her home room. Tristan stared after her confusedly for a moment before the realization dawned on him.


Rory was walking down the hallway, having first period study hall when she was pulled into an empty classroom.

"Tristan, what are you doing?" She demanded.

"Stop doing this, Rory." He said in a low voice while staring at her intensely, he leaned closer to her and she backed up against the wall behind her to put some distance between them, which only resulted in Tristan putting arms on either side of her, pinning her against the wall.

"Doing what? I need to get back to...study hall." She protested weakly.

"Rory. Stop. I know you're upset about Kevin and I, but pushing me away is not the way to solve it. After last night, I can't stay away from you." He said huskily. He leaned in and kissed her and she was dizzy when the feelings from last night were brought back.

She pulled away when she realized that she was crying and Tristan kissed her closed eyelids.

"Baby, what's wrong?" He asked worriedly.

"Everything's so messed up. You and Kevin are fighting! You never fight, you shouldn't be fighting." She rambled.

"Rory, screw Kevin. I don't care what he thinks, he's being a jackass." Tristan insisted.

"But you do care. After fourteen years of friendship you can't just think that Kevin is a jackass. It's my fault, I shouldn't be dating my brother's best friend." Rory argued.

"You're right, okay? I do care about this thing with Kevin, but not as much as I care about you. I love you, Rory."

"If you love me then you'll do something for me." She said weakly, looking down so she wouldn't meet his eyes.


"Break up with me. Just temporarily and just long enough for you and Kevin to patch up your friendship." She said monotonously.

"Rory, don't do this." He pleaded.

"Tristan. It's the only way." She whispered, tears glistening her eyes when she looked up at him. He stared at her, praying to god that this wasn't happening.

"Fine. We're done. Is that what you wanted?" He said angrily.

"Yes." She said before leaving the room. Tristan rubbed his eyes to rid of the tears that threatened to spill before slumping against the wall that he had just pinned his girlfriend against.


The rest of the week went by uneventfully, Rory and Kevin barely talked, because even though she thought what she was doing was right, there was a part of her that blamed the pain she felt on her brother.

Kevin and Tristan were doing better. Once Kevin found out that Rory dumped Tristan he figured she 'came to her senses' and he started hanging out with Tristan. In actuality, his logic made absolutely no sense, but that didn't matter to him. As long as his best friend wasn't sleeping with his sister he was happy.

Tristan and Rory hadn't talked since that day in the classroom. Tristan still loved Rory and wanted more than anything to be with her again. He still had the incredible urge to punch Kevin for what he did, but he refrained knowing that it would not solve his situation with Rory.

But he wasn't going to sit by and do nothing for the sake of his best friend.

Tonight the Hayden parents were in France and Kevin and Rory were having a party.


Tristan got out of his car and looked at the Hayden mansion before him. From out here he could hear the music and feel the base beating through the ground.

He walked up to the house, greeting various people on the way and walked in. He looked around the house that was swarming with Chiltonites, and a few other people who were just crashing the party.

"Kev sure went all out of this one." He mumbled to himself as he walked through the crowd and got himself a drink.

He took his drink and leaned against the wall in the ballroom that was set up with a dance floor and a DJ. He looked out at all the intoxicated teens who were grinding against each other when something caught his eye.

Rory was in the middle of the dance floor, pressed up against that black haired jackass from the club. It was started with a J...Jess, his name was Jess. They were dancing to Notorious BIG's Nasty Girl.

He watched as his girlfriend grind against another guy, another guy who was not him. She was wearing a white skirt with a white halter top that ended just under her belly button.


His favorite color on her and she knew that. He wondered if that entered her mind when she got dressed.

So, here he stood, watching his girlfriend with another guy.

Except she wasn't his girlfriend anymore.


Rory knew he was watching her.

She always knew.

Jess had realized also and tightened his grip around her. She knew he would be here tonight. He wouldn't pass up on a chance to be able to talk to her, which is why she wore white. His favorite color on her.

The only problem was that she wasn't sure if she wanted to talk to him.

"You alright?" Jess asked her, she nodded but he looked at her disbelievingly so she shook her head and backed away from him and walked off the dance floor.

She walked past Tristan, but never looked at him even though she felt his eyes on her.

She walked over to the bar and got herself a drink, sitting down next to Finn and resting her head on his shoulder.

"Having a good night, Love?" Rory gave out a rueful laugh.

"Yeah, the greatest."

Rory turned around and looked at the crowd of people that were drunk, high, or both and downed the rest of her drink and looked at Finn, who nodded and then she walked away.

She walked outside hoping to get some peace and quiet but found the front of the house was full of people. She walked to the back of the house where it was quieter and a little bit darker. She leaned against the wall and took a deep breath.

Seeing him here brought back memories of their first date, of all the feelings that she felt for him, all the love she felt for him. The memories were overwhelming her and she realized that she wanted to talk to him.

Rory walked towards the back of the house and to the stone bench that stood behind their garden and sat down on it. She heard someone approaching and groaned inwardly, some drunk couple were coming back here to make out probably.

She looked up when she felt the person stop in front of her. She looked up and saw Tristan looking at her.

"What do you want?" She asked sharply.

"Don't give me that cold shoulder bullshit, Rory." Tristan told her. "And I want the same thing that you do. I want this stupid thing to end so we can go back to the way we were." Tristan said honestly.

"Tristan, you agreed to this as well. Kevin's my brother..."

"And he's my best friend, but what we are doing isn't wrong. He's wrong! He's the one that is being a jackass, and this 'smart' idea that you came up with won't work! And I think you know that, don't you?" He finished the last part quietly.

"Tristan." She warned, but he saw her wavering.

"I know you do. I hated this, Rory. I hated seeing you with Jess, when you should be with me."

"You're the one who said we were over." Rory protested weakly.

"Don't give me that bullshit! You decided it was over, not me! And you know why? Because you can't say you want this to be over."

"I can..."

"Than say it. Tell me that you want me to leave, tell me that you want us to be over." He demanded. She had stood up during their conversation and he invaded her space, his lips hovering over hers.

"I want this to be over." She whispered weakly.

"Liar." He captured her lips in a bruising kiss and she wrapped her hand around his neck, pulling herself closer to him, when air was needed they broke apart, breathing heavily.

"I love you." He murmured.

"I love you...just as much as I also hate you." She said quietly. "So, what happens now?" She asked him.

Tristan backed away and took her hand, walking determinedly back towards the front of the house, leading her.

They walked through the front door and into the middle of the dance floor where Louise and Kevin were dancing. They stopped when Tristan and Rory approached and never breaking his stride, Tristan walked up and punched Kevin as hard as he could.

Kevin fell back and Finn grabbed him to stop him from falling and also to stop him from going to fight Tristan back. Tristan waited for a moment until Kevin stopped trying to get away from Finn and walked up closely to him, so he could talk to him in a low voice.

"I love her, and you better get used to it or we're gonna have a problem." He promised, before taking Rory's hand and walking out of the room.


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