A Captain's Duty

Willow looked out of the window at the distant star, trying to suppress the anger she still felt towards the Powers That Be: immortality was not all it was cracked up to be, as Spike had told her before he'd finally been allowed to rest.

Moving from one life to another, never letting herself get too attached, knowing that she had at best twenty years before she had to move on, took its toll over the centuries. She'd been sent from pillar to post, always trying to save the day. She hated it, but knew it was her own fault: she needed to make up for all the times she'd been tempted by black magic, all the times she'd crossed the line.

Her current life had been going well, and she'd hoped that the Powers That Be were going to give her a rest, a chance to live a little. But they had pulled the rug out from under her in no uncertain terms, forcing her to take up the challenge once again.

Willow had seen many things in her lifetime, including two World Wars, First Contact with an extraterrestrial species, the expansion into space. She had met, and on occasions dated, many people who would later be historical figures.

Many things had changed, and she had played many parts, but found herself always on the outside looking in. she had learnt, may years ago, how to change her appearance, make herself look older or young as needed. The magic was still there, and always would be; it had been a constant part of her life since the day Sunnydale was destroyed.

People's reactions over the years had made Willow weary about using her powers: more than one promising relationship had ended because her partner couldn't deal with what they saw.

Suppressing an urge to scream, Willow went back to be, trying not to wake the other occupant. A wisp of strawberry blond hair moved slightly indicating that her plan had failed.

"You should get some sleep." Willow smiled, "You're on duty in a few hours."

"So are you." Seven of Nine muttered, turning her head to the side, "What make you unique?"

"Captains prerogative." Willow smiled, slipping back into the role of Starfleet Captain as she planted a kiss on her lover's forehead, "Goodnight Seven."

"Goodnight Kathryn."

The End