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The Bank

Riely Carson quietly layed against the wall of the California bank. She held her knee close trying not to show her pain. She looked around waiting , she knew they would be there soon.


Where the hell are they, come on, I am gonna kill them.

End thoughts

There they where, Riely watched trying not to draw attention as her close friends came throught a tile in the ceiling. When they positioned themselves correctly Riely gave them the signal 1...2...1 ! Riely watched as the shot was set up trying not to make a sound. Bang! the shot was made, at that moment Riely wanted to pull the gun out of her boot and take out the robbers but knew she couldn't. She carefully moved out of the aqward postion she is and waited for the S.W.A.T officers to clear the place. When the bank was emptied of suvillians and the robbers, Riely tryed to stand up but could't because of the slight damage to her knee. She was about to hit the ground from her loss of balance when from behind her came two S.W.A.T officers who carried her out.

LAPD Offices, California

Brian Gamble and Jim Street sat outside the office of Captain J. Fuller. While waiting to be evaluated they were approached by fellow officers.

" Good luck in there, " said one officer.

" Any good officers know what you did out there was right, " said TJ.

Street and Gamble paying some attention responded normally.

" Hey Jim, Hey baby, " said Reily holding a crutch under one arm.

" Hey Riely, " said Street.

" Rieles , " said Gamble grabbing his girlfriend and kissing her affectionately.

Riely laughing and finally pulled away, " Are you ready, " she asked.

" Always, " said Gamble.

Street gave her a nod.

" Street, Gamble, Carson, get in here, " said the sergeant.

In Fuller's Office

" Do you have any idea what you did, This woman is suing the city for millions, " Fuller went on rambling, Riely missed most of it.

" Officer Carson, What happened in the bank , " said Fuller.

" I don't see how that matters Captain, " said Riely.

" Just answer the question, " said Fuller.

" During that robbery I was a suvillian so what I saw in there doesn't matter. Because had I been a suvillian what I have to say would be voided, " said Riely angrily.

" Are you really willing to risk your job just for him, " said Fuller pointing to Brian ( Gamble ).

" You know what, Fuck You, " said a pissed off Riely. Unable to take the sight of Fuller, Riely left the office.

The Locker Room

Riely was sitting down in the Locker Room when she heard an arguement. At first the words where muffled, she moved closer to see. Riely did not like what she saw.

" Fine you wanna sit around here and be Fuller's bitchgo right ahead. Go right on ahead. Cause i can't do it.," said Gamble throwing his badge to street.

" You did this to yourself, " said Street throwing the badge back.

Pissed Off Gamble advanced towards Street and said something Riely couldn't hear. By now she didn't know what to think. Then Gamble smashed Street's head against some glass. Riely decided to wait until Gamble was gone to move. After he left she came out from behind the locker and but a cloth to Street's head to stop the bleeding.

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