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Riley woke up early the next morning as she loaded her truck preparing for the long day of SWAT trainning. She was pulling out her old training uniform when there was a loud thud on he floor. She bent down to see what is was to be faced by the gold badge inscribed with six painful letters: GAMBLE.

She felt unease as her body tensed from the memories of only a few months ago. She wasn't even close to over Gamble and she had tried everything to put him from her mind but it hadn't worked. Refusing to dwell in her past she threw the rest of her things in her truck and headed to the training facility.

When she arrived with her plethera of weaponry, she carried her bag into a small room to see what she thought was the rest of the team. She looked around...Boxer, Street, Tj and a new guy. At the time Street had been about to fight with Boxer and the new guy as holding them apart.

"Just let it go Street," said Riley sitting down.

Jim turned around shocked to see Riley at the trainning camp.

"Who let Princess Crazy in?" asked TJ eating popcorn with his feet rested on the table.

"They need someone to do the job right when you screw up TJ," she replied.

The room erupted with laughter as Riley took his popcorn.

"So what's going on Carson...Your Swat now?" asked Boxer.

"If I'm on my best behavior," she said with a smile.

Street laughed." Is there something I should know about this team?" asked the new guy.

"Yes, TJ is in love with Jim...Boxer is well...yeah...and I'm crazy...welcome to the family," said Riley with a look of honesty.

"Ok then, I'm Deke," he said introducin himself.


Sometime witin the next minute Hondo arrived and began to explain the requirements and expectations of SWAT. At that moment Riley couldn't keep herself from thinking about Gamble. Where was he? What was he doing? Who was he with?

It was 2 o'clock the first time Hondo had allowed the group any rest. They had ran miles, jumped hundreds of times and wasted alot of bullets. Riley muscles ached and her ears buzzed by then she was runnning off of adrenaline alone.

They arrived back at the presinct around 7 when Hondo informed them in 2 days they would take the terrorism test. If they passed the team was cleared and if they failed everyone was in trouble.

By then Riley's thoughts had been driving her insane with only two options, she headed to the shooting range. She took shot after shot with perfect aim and pecision when she sensed some one behind her. She turned swiftly, with the gun pointing directly at Street.

"I could have killed you?" she said pointing the gun down.

"What's up with you today? You seemed a little off?" said Street.

"I've just been thinking alot," she replied.

He gave her a caring look," Forget about him, we'll probably never see him again."

"Yeah, I just wish it would have ended differently, you know."

"Yeah, Come on," said Street wrapping his arm around her and walking away from the range.

She held herself close to his side her long hair brushing against his arm. Ever since the departure of Gamble, Riley and Jim had become friends...better friends than before.

"Are you hungry," he asked?

"Are you asking me out?" Riley wondered blushing slightly.

"Yeah, I guess I am," he said his eyes searching for her answer.

She smiled sweetly"ok."

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