A Different Kind of Love

Written by: Snow Illusion

Disclaimer: I don't own Teen Titans.

Summary: Raven is in love with Beast Boy, but he's with Terra. Cyborg's in love with Starfire, but she's with Robin. Who do they turn to? Each other.

Terra was revived years ago. The five of them traveled into the grimy depths of the volcano in which they thought they had destroyed Slade, and Terra was revived. She fell into Beast Boy's arms, shaking and whimpering. He buried her with a flutter of soft kisses along her pale face, her crystal blue eyes shimmering with hope and tears. He never let her out of his sight again.

Raven stood to the side, her arms crossed and eyes narrowed, as if she couldn't bear to witness the scene that was enfolding before her. When Robin had asked her if anything was wrong, she cooly replied that she was "just fine." He left her then to rejoin the rest of the Titans in celebration. Left her like everyone else in her life had.

Terra was fully inaugurated onto the team. She cradled her Titan's communicator as if it was a child while Beast Boy's green hand stayed clamped over her own. She smiled and thanked them all.

Raven remained bitter, but no one knew why.

The road back to Titan's Tower was a tense and thoughtful one. Terra's head lay sleepily on the changeling's shoulder, his arm wrapped protectively around her petite frame, their fingers entwined. Starfire's eyes were fixed upon the slumbering Terra's form, glazed over with amazement and love. Robin had awkwardly positioned himself to be as close as he possibly could to Starfire without her actually noticing. She didn't.

Cyborg drummed his metallic fingertips on the steering wheel as he occasionally glanced in his rear view mirror, making sure the rest of the Titans were safe. His eyes lingered for a split second too long on Starfire. His one human eye twinkled in the dim sunlight. He began to hum.

"Please stop."

Her icy voice from the passenger's seat shattered the collective silence. The Titans in the back brushed it off as if they didn't hear her.

Cyborg cocked an eyebrow at the demon's order, but didn't stop humming. A tiny smirk crept onto his lips.

Raven tightened her grip on the edge of her leather seat as a low growl emanated from deep inside her throat. Her already pale knuckles flushed whiter than ever.

Enjoying the game, Cyborg hummed even louder as they came to stop at a red light.

A mailbox inches away from the car exploded.

"Oh, come on, Raven!" Cyborg cried, his eyes watering melodramatically. "You could have scratched up my baby!" he said, referring to the mailbox.

"I told you to stop," Raven responded, as if that solved everything. She crossed her arms beneath her chest as the car revved to a start and began moving again towards their destination.

Cyborg rolled his eye, unable to find the will to fight. The urban city soon stretched into country as the group continued to make their way home. Raven's expression was cold as she stared straight ahead, her body rigid and motionless.

By now, all the Titans behind the demon and half machine had managed to fall asleep, their bodies contorted into ways in which they were most comfortable. Beast Boy's head had found it's way to rest on the window, occasionally vibrating as the wind rushed past Cyborg's creation. Starfire had sprawled her long alien body vertically, the top of her auburn hair grazing the roof of the car while her feet rested between Cyborg and Raven. And Robin had fallen asleep looking out his window. Unbeknowest to him, his head had fallen back onto Starfie's chest while his feet dangled below him. Neither of them noticed their position.

Cyborg fought the urge to start humming again an hour into their drive.

"I never knew we lived so far from the city," she spoke again, her eyes staying fixed upon the road. Cyborg was glad for the conversation.

"It doesn't seem like it," Cyborg began. "The fact is we're usually speeding at around 200mph to catch a criminal. It seems relatively close then. But when we're going the actual speed limit, this is the distance."

Raven showed no sign that she heard him. Silence fell upon the T-Car again.


Seconds of bated breath. Would she answer?



Cyborg turned his attention back to the road, determined to keep Raven from clouding his mind. It's not that he found her particularly interesting that day, he just seemed to be questioning her motives lately. Why wasn't she talking? Why wasn't she as happy as the rest of the Titans now that Trigon had been destroyed? What exactly was going through her mind? Thoughts like these and more plagued him until a sigh broke his train.

He coughed and looked beside him. Raven didn't seem as if she had moved an inch in the last hour, but Cyborg was sure that it had come from her.

"Did you just sigh?"

"No." The answer was quick. A little too quick.

"Yes, you did," Cyborg said, all the while grinning.

"No, I didn't." Her voice was dry and defensive.



"You totally sighed."

Raven growled again, her eyes flashing red.

"Alright, chill out dawg."

"I am not a canine."

Cyborg suppressed a laugh.

The rest of the ride home was uneventful as Cyborg pulled into the tower, his car sliding into a flawless stop. Raven unbuckled her seatbelt and opened the door. She slammed it shut with no regard to the other Titans, the sound reverberating loudly in the garage.

"Shh! They're still sleeping!"

Raven did not turn, but continued to walk away, her cloak trailing menacingly behind her.

Cyborg watched her curiously for a few seconds before he slowly opened Beast Boy's door, the changeling falling into his outstretched arms, drool flowing freely from the corner of his mouth.

"Come on, dude, wake up," Cyborg whispered, shaking him slightly. Beast Boy gurgled uncomprehensibly before his eyelids opened. He squealed, not sure where he was at first. Terra squirmed in his arms.

"Shh!" Cyborg said again, clamping his hand over Beast Boy's mouth. Beast Boy calmed down as he recognized the familiar stench of motor oil and car parts. Still hanging onto Terra, he stepped outside and held her close to him. Not wanting to disturb her, he picked her up bridal style and followed Raven's trail into the tower.

Cyborg gave a sigh himself as he saw the ungainly circumstances the Boy Wonder and the alien had somehow managed. Cyborg halted his actions as he realized that he could gaze upon Starfire for as long as he wanted wihtout her ever finding out. Pushing her scarlet bangs from her golden forehead, Cyborg smiled deeply. She was truly beautiful. His eyes locked onto her closed lids and he wondered if her emerald eyes would ever sparkle for him.

She moaned slightly and Cyborg abandoned his watch as he moved over to bird boy. He cradled Robin's forehead in his hands and slightly moved it from inbetween Starfire's breasts. Slightly prodding Robin's shoulders with his fingertips, Robin blinked, trying to regain his senses. He nodded to Cyborg to tell him he was fully awake and could take control of the situation.

In a tender way that Cyborg had always dreamed of touching Starfire, Robin cupped her cheek and smiled. The alien moaned again as her eyes fluttered open and locked with Robin's mask. He exited the T-Car and she floated behind him, the two staying imperviously close to one another.

Cyborg blinked sadly, shutting the doors that his teammates had been too busy other to do so.

Placing his hans on his hips he took a final glance around the garage and flicked off the light, the room now bathed in darkness. With that, he followed his friends into the tower for a much needed recharge.

Author's Note: So, yeah, this is just a set-up chapter. Sorry there wasn't a lot of action. The actual story takes place a year or two after this incident. I know it seems to be centered a little more around Cyborg, but the next chapter will focus onRaven. And believe me, this story will earn it's M rating.

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