Eleventh Part of A Different Kind of Love: One Last Chance

Written by: Snow Illusion

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans.

A/N: I hope this lives up to the wait.


Robin was pacing in the living room. It seemed pacing occupied most of his time now. A third of his team was missing. He felt like he was losing control. He was angry. And the weather was reflecting his emotions.

The TV kept repeating that it was the worst storm the county had seen in decades. The channel hadn't changed for quite some time. His teammates, his friends, could not seem to get the energy or strength to do so. Terra and Beast Boy were huddled at the edge of the couch, Beast Boy resting his head on Terra's chest, Terra's tiny arms wrapped around his jagged shoulders. Starfire was levitating dejectedly near the windows, facing the others. She would smile sadly as Robin made his way to her during his pacings, and frown as he turned back around, making another lap around the coffee table.

"Perhaps we should not do anything," she spoke, the first sound since Cyborg had stormed out of the tower. Her only response was a flush of more rain.

"No," Robin growled, sighing and fiddling with his mask. It was becoming uncomfortable. "We have to do something Starfire, we can't just stay here. Cyborg is out in THAT, Starfire. Do you see that? That is BAD." He jabbed his index finger out and it made a beeline towards the darkened sky.

Starfire's lower jaw trembled and her emerald green eyes began to shine. "I am not a child!" she argued. "I know what rain is! Just because I am not from this planet does not mean I can not understand it's ways."

"Well you could have fooled me," Robin muttered under his breath, shifting his position away from his alien girlfriend and shoving his hand nervously through his hair.

Starfire gasped and hugged herself. She found no strength to retaliate.

"Come on now guys," Beast Boy finally piped in, straightening up from his previous position and stretching his back and neck. "We can't argue with each other. We have to make sure Raven and Cyborg are okay!" Terra nodded in agreement and yawned.

Robin's heart panged painfully in his chest. Beast Boy was right. And what was he doing, arguing with the one person he cared about most? He gulped and lifted his head. "Starfire..." he trailed, but knew that it would not suffice as an apology. He was about to admit his wrongdoings when an all too familiar sound began to beep deep inside his uniform. The communicator!

His fingers clumsily fumbled for the instrument for a few tension filled seconds, but soon the previous argument was forgotten as the remaining Teen Titans cluttered around their leader. Cyborg's face flashed on the screen. He was soaked. It was dark. And there were strange noises coming from behind him.


"GUYS! It's Raven!" echoed Cyborg's panic filled voice. The transmission cut out and the other Titan's held their breath. Cyborg returned again, his human eye wide and scared, panting heavily. "Something's wrong! She's demon! Something, I dunno!" He didn't cut out this time, but instead the communicator was dropped onto the slippery asphalt, and the Titans watched in horror as Cyborg dodged a screaming red blast of scorching energy. Cyborg didn't even try to make it back to the communicator and instead yelled, hoping his message would come across. "Highway 215! Get here now!"

The screen fizzled and died.

Robin gripped the instrument so hard he was sure it would crack. He pocketed it before he could do so and found his eyesight trailing to the almost apocalyptic world beyond the tower. Thunder and lightning were tearing the sky in two. The rain was no longer tiny harmless drops, but long ropes of freezing barbed wire. Wind howled and whipped trees into oblivioun. And the Titans, as superheroes, would brave it. For the team. For their friends. For anything.

"Titans, go!"


Cyborg wasn't sure how much longer he could last without the rest of the team. For one, glorious second he was home in the rain. He had found Raven, and they could fix everything, he knew they could. And they would live happily ever after and get married and have little demon robot babies. And oh, how they would love them. Cyborg would spoil them and Raven would teach them how to meditate. Every morning Cyborg would make enough waffles so everyone would feel they were on the edge of exploding by the end of it, and every night they would curl together and share a nice pot of herbal tea. And it would be perfect.

His perfect dream was ripped by the seams right in front of him. Now Raven wasn't Raven. She truly was the offspring of Lucifer. And all of Cyborg's hopes were dashed.

He grunted and felt his spherical shoulder collide with the side of a mountain. He had evaded another one of Raven's attacks. Sonic energy coursed through his mechanical body, seducing Cyborg into using it against his lover and his best friend. "NO!" Cyborg cursed towards the heavens, clamping one arm with the other, afraid that it was to shift into the cannon without his consent. "I won't do it! I won't attack her!" he cried to himself, human tears beginning to well in his human eye. He slammed his arm down, down onto the ground. He would destroy his arm if he had to. He could rebuild.

Raven would have none of Cyborg's solo pity party. She stomped towards the half robot, her freakishly large arms outstretched, showcasing sharp yellow fingernails and cracked palms, hungry for blood. She growled something incomprehensible and lunged for Cyborg. Cyborg was too wrapped up in his own thoughts and wasn't prepared.

He probably would have been killed right then and there if the mountain he was leaning upon didn't come to life and smash the demon's hand away.

Raven screamed and roared in pain.

Terra pushed her whipping blonde hair away from her face and smiled in triumph.

"Cyborg!" Robin called from his motorcycle, which had come to a screeching halt. "Are you alright?" he demanded quickly, helping the stunned robot to his feet. "We got here as fast as we could!"

Cyborg was trying to catch his breath, trying to explain. "She's...demon, Robin. I don't know what to do," he admitted, cradling his now broken arm and sonic cannon to his steel plated chest.

Raven seemed to have forgotten about the Titans. She was now stumbling down the highway, her demon eyes facing towards the city, her mind bent on complete and total destruction.

"Well we have to do something now or she's going to destroy everything!" Robin howled over the wind and rain, which now had the rest of the teammates drowning already.

"I have got it!" Starfire answered from a high altitude. Her wrists and eyes began to glow a dangerous green.

"NO!" Cyborg ordered, brandishing his arms wildly. "No STARFIRE! DON'T DO IT!" Starfire quit just in time and let her wrists drop back to her sides.

"Cyborg, what are you doing?!" Robin screamed, wiping rain out of his eyes. "We have to stop her! Starfire, fire your blasts!"

"NO!" Cyborg cried again. "You can't do it! It's RAVEN! It's STILL RAVEN I KNOW IT!" he pleaded to the team. Starfire, unsure of what to do, flew down to the level of everyone else and stared helplessly from Robin to Cyborg.

"I'm the leader and I say stop her at any means possible!"

"And I love her! And you love her too! You all love her!"

The lightning seemed to crack just to join in the chaos.

"I'm the leader!" Robin yelled, pounding himself in his puffed chest. "Starfire! When I say go---"

Cyborg's good arm collided with the soft flesh of Robin's face. The Boy-Wonder lost his footing and slid on the asphalt, a dark bruise forming under his eye. Starfire left her stationary position and rushed to him.

The two sat there, hunched in the rain in the wind, staring at Cyborg, at a lost for words.

Terra and Beast Boy were much too shocked to say anything.

"You hit me," Robin whispered, dabbing at his cheekbone lightly and wincing at the pain. "You hit me," he repeated dumbfoundly. Starfire squeezed his shoulders reassuringly.

"And I'll do it again," Cyborg responded harshly, one battered arm swingling lifelessly at his side, his computerized eye flashing strangely bright in the darkness. "Let me deal with her. I can bring her back, I know it. Give me a chance. Give me a chance," he begged, falling to his knees, and sobbing before his teammates, his friends and his family. "I love her. Give me a chance."

There was silence between the team, but the world raged around them. Robin knew there was little to no time if they were going to save Jump City. His heart began to tick like the doomed clock he knew their lives were residing on. He salivated and gulped.

"Okay Cyborg. Go save her."

Cyborg ran off into the night.