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"Hahahaha!" he laughed joyfully while spinning around holding his 3-year-old girl high in the air. "should we stop?"

"No, go faster daddy faster!" little Shiori laughed. Her dad started to stumble then eventually falling over due to dizziness. Shiori landed right on his stomach.

"Whew! Don't you ever get tired?" Miroku asked while trying to catch his breath. He rolled over to his side, setting the little girl on the grass.

"Not tired, not tired!" she yelled playfully knowing she was exaughsted. He got up and carried her over to his beautiful wife who was napping under the shade of a tree with a little boy in her arms. Miroku sat next to her.

"Huh?" the young woman was awakened by her husband.

"What, you and our little girl tired, that must be a first", she teased him.

" Well she gave me quite a work out, a very dizzy one", he said, "but you two are practically nocturnal"

"Miroku", Sango started, we've been spending a lot of time with the kids and I was thinking we could use some time to ourselves you know"

" You might be onto something", he stated, "So, what do you have in mind?" he said with a toothy grin and a raised eyebrow. Sango knew what Miroku was thinking.

"Come on Miroku", she looked up at the sunny, cloudless sky thinking and said, " it's still early let's just go out and about, you know, where ever we feel like"

"Sounds fine to me….. Are you sure you don't want to do my plan?" he said.

"Yes I'm sure"

"Fine but Sango, who's gonna watch Shiori and Leon?"

" My brother is older now, 17 to be exact, I think he can handle babysitting for a few hours."

(Kohaku now lives with a roommate, but the roommate was on vacation.) Miroku gave her a worried look.

"What, you don't think they'll be ok?"

"Oh Shiori and Leon will be fine, I'm more worried about Kohaku. He's never babysat before"

" He'll be fine", Sango assured him, " and besides there's a first time for everything" she kissed his forehead. After a while they headed off to Kohaku's home.