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Ch. 6

Kohaku opened the door to his own home now, walked in and slowly closed the door. The lights where dimmed, then he saw a silhouette poke it's head up from what seemed like the sofa.

"Is that you?" it was Miroku. Sango was asleep against his chest and Leon and Shiori where on the other sofa. Kohaku turned on another lamp.

"Yeah it's me" Kohaku answered, "did I stay out that long you fell asleep?"

" I don't know, I was sleep after all and you know when your sister goes out she has to go to every single store" Miroku said putting his hand up to his forehead, Kohaku chuckled.

"And she barely bought anything?" Kohaku asked.

"Uh huh, how'd you know?"

"Well before you came along I had to go everywhere with her including shopping and stuff, so I know how you feel" Miroku nodded his head in agreement. Kohaku started up the stairs. " You're welcome to stay here for the night" Kohaku offered.

" Thanks, but I think we should be heading home soon" he laid his head back and said "You kiss her?"

"Hm?" Kohaku knew what he said, but hoped he heard wrong.

"Did you and Rin ssmmooooch" Miroku said puckering out his lips and making kissing sounds, just for the fun of taunting him. Kohaku felt a blush rising to his face then calmed down. Usually he would've gotten upset, but this time he didn't even try to put up a fight.

" You shouldn't be so nosey, it's for your own good ya know" then he went up to his room. Kohaku closed his door and changed into a white t-shirt and dark blue pants. (the clothes he sleeps in). He sat on the side of his bed and fell back reaching his hand under his pillow pulling out the picture of him and Rin. Then there was a knock at his door. He quickly put the picture back under the pillow and sat up.

"Come in", at the door was Miroku.

"We're leaving now, Sango says goodnight and thanks for baby sitting"

"Tell her I said goodnight and she's welcome" Miroku was about to leave when Kohaku said "oh yeah and tell Shiori and Leon goodnight too"

"Alright and Kohaku, don't take what I say about you and Rin seriously, I just like to mess with ya" they both smiled and he left.

' He's a nice guy, I'm glad Sango met him', Kohaku thought to himself, 'once you get past the pervert in him he's like the older brother I never had, but sometimes I just can't stand him'. Suddenly a loud smacking sound from outside of his window interrupted his thoughts. ' and I think Sango agrees'.

Kohaku got up and went to the window to see Sango yelling at Miroku rubbing his cheek where Sango had smacked him. (Shiori and Leon where in the car still asleep).

"Miroku, what did I tell you about that!" yelled Sango.

"What ever are you talking about?" acting as if he did nothing.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about"

Then someone from a second story window of another house yelled out "Hey, could you shut up! Some of us have to get some sleep!"

"See my dearest Sango your rage has awoken someone who was once in a peaceful sleep"

"If you could stop doing what you do I wouldn't have to yell" Sango said seriously trying to control the volume of her voice. "Get in the car, you're the one who's gonna drive home" she playfully pushed him to the other side of the car. Soon they drove off.

Kohaku shook his head and thought, ' If only he could keep his wandering hands away from her butt he wouldn't get smacked all the time' he sighed and went to lay back down on his bed. Now on his stomach he reached for the picture again then he remembered what Rin said earlier,

'You know us sitting here, with your niece and nephew, makes me fell like we're the one's who're married and these are our kids'. He smiled and let out a soft sigh.

"Maybe one day" he whispered to himself. He reached over and turned off the lamp on a table next to his bed. Then put the picture away and went to sleep.

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