Scrabbled Eggs and Lots of Coffee

By: ForbidenMaggiks

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter! But I do love it!

Author's Notes: Hi guys! This is my first posted Harry Potter fic. I hope you like, chapter one is inspired by Aerosmith song 'Don't Want to Miss a Thing' but it's not a song fic. (I don't write those). Anyway this chapter is kind of like an epilogue come first, I know words don't describe the weirdness of it, but I promise if you stick with it you might like it.

Chapter 1

He was in love. He hadn't even spoken to her, known her more than a minute but there in his arms, oh so safe in his arm, he already knew. And, somewhere in the back of his mind he thought all men probably know this once in there life or should, but he only just knew it now he was totally deeply in love and die fighting he would for this love for the gods themselves couldn't separate him from her.

Every minute spent with her he loved her more…knew her better, things no one else would know. The way her pale blue eyes shined in the dim lighting the way her hand fit into his like no other would, how soft her cheek was against his older war worn one. How her smiled soften his very heart only to have her laugh bring it back a hundred times stronger.

Oh how could god be so good to him, give him of all men such a gift. Slowly he swayed with her, her first dance; gently he kissed her, her first kiss. Yes, come hell or high water, teenage boys to college boys who think themselves men, he would fight this good fight, win this war, as well as he had won the last, to the end to have only left the best standing because that's what she deserved and nothing else would do.

Tiny lids closed to cover tiny eyes and there he watched her take her first taste of dreams in his arms. The only words to pull him from his thoughts were those of the angel who had blessed him with such a miracle and she spook only to name the moment that would always be burned into his soul, spoken softly spoken beautifully spoken simply, "Draco, you're a dad."

And, no words would move him more; no riches make him richer, no amount of time take this feeling as those three words echoed in his heart.

"You're a dad."

Author's Notes: I know it's short but tell me what you think! Please!