Scrabbled Eggs and Lots of Coffee

By: ForbidenMaggiks

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Chapter 2

It's Been Awhile

He sat up with a speed that made him dizzy, silver eyes pierced the veil of darkness held up by the room around him only to realize the room was his own. Draco Malfoy whipped the sweat from his brow using his other hand to fully bring himself into a comfortable sitting position careful not to wake the woman beside him only to have her wake.

And, before he could hide it…before the sadness could leave his eyes with a simple look he knew Ginny could feel the pain he now felt. The pain he was feeling knowing he wasn't holding the daughter he'd hoped to one day make with the woman who was beside him. He wasn't in a hospital room and the worst part of it all the war was still going on.

He turned away from her gentle touches and soft kisses silently asking her to leave.

"I didn't mean to pry," the red head whispered. Without knowing what else to do what else to say Virginia Weasley did the only thing she knew to do. Slowly she gathered her things and dressed.

He didn't stop her, he never did. She'd gotten used to it. Yeah it hurt who wouldn't hurt walking away from the one they love only to realize he just might not love you back. It hurt a little more every time.

'I must be a masochist,' she thought ideally. Sometimes it was hard to remember why she always went back but the tears in her eyes told her the answer…once in a while he would come once in a very long while he would follow…even beg, but she never liked it when he begged. Draco was a man after all and he deserved to have his pride to just like she herself did.

As she made her way back to her own tent in the rain and through the muddy terrene she smiled remembering he never once made her beg. Times were tough you couldn't expect a Romeo every time, at least not in real life

'Oh but Draco…Draco wasn't the next best thing…he was the best thing.'

Hurting from being away from home, hurting from lost friends and a life not yet fully lived he made it all go away…always and never asked for anything in return. And, though in truth in the beginning they had fought more than they loved, god how they fought, it was worth it she could never deny.

She let her legs guide her blindly to her tent, somewhere in the back of her mind she knew she should be worried about more important things but she couldn't force herself to think on them…the uncertainty of it all way to much…to night was the night the war would end.

At this very moment Harry was locked in battle with Voldemort, if he won white fire works would appear soon followed by no doubt a bombardment of festive colors…if he lost a red one would be fired and all camps in the area would attack simultaneously in hopes of ending what Harry could not.

They hand all done what they could as a group destroying the pieces of himself that Voldemort had hide not it was left to the wands and there users.

Before her thoughts could stray to the possibilities at the door of her tent she was met with the man she'd thought to just have left. The Blond welcomed her with open arms which she promptly ran to. Embracing each others hopes and sorrows they kisses as fire works erupted overhead.

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