A/N: Pretty obvious but this is a post-Man of Science, Man of Faith reaction. Told from Jack's point of view, it is very much of the J/K. Enjoy!

Timeline: As I said, Man of Science, Man of Faith. If you haven't seen it, 1. Do and 2. Why the heck haven't you, it was the frekkin' season 2 premiere! Go borrow it if you must, about 9 thousand people have taped it, go find! (Whew, too many crazy flakes lately)

Rating: K

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When she left to go to the hatch, Jack gave her half an hour.

By the time ten minutes had passed, he had already grabbed the gun and his bag, ready to go in to the woods after her.

He couldn't explain the urgency that suddenly came upon him, couldn't explain the sudden need to make sure she was okay, because somehow he knew that she wasn't, knew that something had gone wrong. Wondering exactly how he knew was a little too close to Locke's so-called faith, so instead he didn't wonder, didn't pause to think, he just did.

Kate. It all came down to her.

He didn't want it to, didn't want this… this whatever they had together and certainly didn't need it. And yet – he trusted her; though he knew he shouldn't, protected her; though she didn't want it, worried about her, cared for her and… well, in all honesty, he had no idea how he felt about her. Things were never quite black and white when she was around. Instead, shades of grey pervaded. But he did know that, no matter how unclear his feelings were, he could not let anything happen to her.

He didn't want this. Didn't want this impulse over-riding his every instinct of rationality, his cool detached doctor persona. But he had watched that persona slowly crumble away each day he spent on the island and now… it felt like that impulse was all he had left.

A ripple of fear passed through Jack and that feeling of dread, the knowledge that something had happened to her, intensified and urged him again to go.

Hurley was standing behind him, watching with mounting confusion as Jack continued to throw a few essentials into his backpack.

"What about all that stuff you said about waiting 'til morning and watching the sun rise!"

Kate. He was going to save her.

"I changed my mind."