"Yo Jake is in the house. I'm shredding the half pipe and grinding the rail. Look at me fly." Jake shouted to Trixie and Spud as they skateboarded around the park. They had just gotten out of school and he had the day off from working at his Grandpa's shop.

"Yo Jakey what's up with you boy? You've been acting stranger then usual then you usually do? What's bugging you anyways?" Trixie demanded glaring at him.

"Your not usually this upbeat." Spud said while staring off into space.

"Hey calm down. Can't a guy just enjoy his first day off in weeks? I mean there is no magical community crisis, I don't have to train with gramps and Fu dog, and my folks are at Haley's music lessons. I'm just trying to maximize my free time before something ruins it." Jake told them as he did an Ollie.

"Yeah, but that still doesn't explain your behavior at school. I mean your losing your cool, have become a major accident prone, and you nearly exposed yourself to Rotwood in class. What were you thinking! Wasn't being stuck in his armored car enough to teach you not to go all dragon around him." Trixie asked him. Her hands were on her hips as she gave him a look over.

"Dude you know if I recall correctly all of this trouble started the moment your American Dragon duties clashed with Rose. Whoa your not still in love with her are you? She's your worst enemy. I mean she wants to slay you and wear your skin!" Spud said.

"Would you two knock it off already. Believe its over between Rose and I. I've just had a lot on my plate lately. There's so much I have to learn if I'm going to become a functioning adult dragon one day. Look can we please just skate please! We don't know how long will have." Jake pleaded before the blue fairy guy appeared.

"Message for Jake Long." He said. Jake paid him and took the message. The little blue guy zoomed off while Jake just stared at the message. He really didn't want to open it. Sighing he opened the envelope and cloud appeared with his grandpa's face. "Jake we have a crisis situation. Meet me and Fu Dog by the Central City Zoo fast. Don't dawdle!"

"Oh man. I got to go guys. I'll see you later. Bye." Jake yelled over his shoulder as he skated away. Finally when he was sure he was alone he shouted "Dragon Up!" He then ditched the skateboard and flew at top speeds towards Central Park. When he got there he wasn't sure of what he was seeing. There was wide spread panic everywhere and in midst of it all were his Grandpa and Fu dog battling the Huntsmaster and the Huntsgirl. "Okay what is going on here?"

"Yo Gramps what is going on? Why are you and the Huntsclan battling in broad daylight?" Jake asked as he landed next to him and then quickly twisted out of the way as an energy blast came their way.

"Kid where have you been? The Huntsclan has been here last twenty minutes tearing the place apart looking for the werejagara that was staying here last night. Boy did she find the wrong place to crash." Fu said tiredly as he tried to avoid becoming barbecue.

"A were what? I thought were creatures were affect by the movements of the moon and things like that. Besides what's a werejagara?" Jake demand as he shot flames at the Huntsgirl's feet. He didn't want to injure her just discourage her.

"We'll discuss it back at the shop when we stop them from their blatant attack. Now young dragon join me." Gramps said as they both used their dragon abilities to push back the two members of the Huntsclan from the big cat section.

"Master there are too many people in the area. We could hurt some innocent bystander if we continue with this attack. Surely we can catch the werejaguara another time." Huntsgirl implored him.

"No we have fallen back one to many times because of these dragons. It ends here and now. I shall catch our prey; you just worry about slaying the American Dragon. Don't waste this opportunity." Huntsmaster told her. She nodded and flipped in front of Jake getting into battle stance. "You belong here dragon. Locked up in a cage where people can stare at you all day. Maybe after I've slain you I'll do that with your skin!"

"Girl you don't know whom you're dealing with. One thing I know for sure is I don't want to fight you. Can't we talk about this?" Jake asked as she began to use her karate on him. She threw punch after punch and landed several kicks to him. He defended himself but made no move to attack her. "I'm not going to attack you. I saved your life! Doesn't that count for anything?"

"I told you once before dragon. That doesn't change my destiny. You're crazy if you think we can be friends. Now hold still while I slay you. Hiyah!" She shouted as she leaped at him her foot aimed at his head. He ducked at the last moment and she fell into the bear pit. "Ahh!" she screamed as the animals came after her.

"No! Hold on I'll get you out." Jake shouted flying over the ledge and attacking the bears. While he kept them busy Huntsgirl managed to crawl out of the pit and over to the Huntsmaster. "Another day dragons another day." He said as he teleported the two of them away.

"Jake lets go. The police are coming and we have much to discuss. Back to the shop." Grandpa said picking up Fu dog and flying back towards his electronic store. Jake followed relucuntly.

When they arrived Jake was surprised and a little scared to see a huge jaguar waiting for them on by the front step. It growled angrily at them before stepping aside to let them in. The creature followed them into the store where Fu closed the store and blinds. The big cat then transformed into a tall willowy maiden with long black hair and huge slited green eyes with golden skin. She was wearing a light green skirt and top. When she spoke it was with a Brazilian accent. "I was wondering if I would get a chance to thank my rescuers. If you had not shown up when you did that mad man would have killed me for my pelt. I will assure you I like my fur on me and not made into some rug."

"Jake I like you to meet Eva. She is a Lycanrope." Grampa explained.

"Ah what?" Jake asked clueless and still stunned by the fact that a jaguar had turned into a girl.

"Lycanrope creatures who are half human half animal that change either by will or by some outside force. Their shape shifters with powers in both their human and animal form. Eva here belongs to a group of were people known as werecats or to be more précised werejaguar." Fu explained.

"It is the duty of my people to guard the four corners of the earth as well as protect the rainforest from destruction. It has been that way for centuries. I have come to New York to get some rare potions from your grandfather to help my people as well as attend collage here. It was a long tiring journey and I thought it would be safe to sleep among my sister cats, but those Huntsmen came after me and I almost didn't make it." Eva explained to Jake.

"Why did the Huntsmen want your fur? I mean I don't see what's so magical about it." Jake said.

"My fur is ten times stronger then steel, yet lighter then regular fur. My teeth and claws could cut through diamond and all three items repel most magical attacks." Eva stated.

"Why don't you rest awhile Eva. The potions you came for need a little more time to brew before you can take them home and a few more ingredients. Jake stay here and watch the shop while Fu and I go get more ingredients that we need." Grandpa said as he shuffled out of the shop.

"You two play nice. Yo Jake if you're planning on making the moves on her be careful. All were people have a tendency to exhibit their animal nature while in their human form. Bye now." Fu whispered.

Jake looked at the girl standing in front of him and bit his lip. She was watching him like a hungry cat when it cornered a mouse. "May I get you anything to drink?" He asked nervously.

"Yes some coffee would be nice. If its not too much trouble could I also have something to eat? I haven't had a decent meal in days." Eva said as she took a seat in the back room. She yawned and did some cat like stretches. A few minutes later both of them were sitting on the couch enjoying their drinks. "I know you're curious about me. Well to answer your unspoken questions I'm eighteen years old, I have a mom, dad, and younger brother who are all like me. We run a clinic during the day and at night protect the rainforest. I'm pursuing a career in botany, this is my first trip to the US and I don't have a boyfriend."

"Wow you're so calm and collected. You know what your purpose is and I bet it doesn't ruin your life. Tell me what potions did you come here for anyways?" Jake asked

"Several. Mostly I came for potions that would help protected the rainforest, cure ailments, and the power stripping/magical infusion spell. All of them are important if I am to continue my protector duties. I was chosen to come the US to get the potions from the Chinese and American Dragon because I plan to attend school here and I needed to find a safe place to live. Dragons and werecats have often worked together in the past. We have many useful skills. Next to werewolves we are the best trackers and we are fierce fighters. Even in my human form I have the grace, agility, senses of a cat. I can talk to them and when I am a jaguar I feel the greatest thrill. Jake you don't know how lucky you are to be a dragon." Eva gently alleged.

Jake grimaced angrily. He wasn't happy lately about being a dragon. When he first found out it was fun and he enjoyed using his powers, but lately with all the difficulties that had been occurring where taking a toll on him. He wanted to be normal. "I'm not so sure I'm the lucky one. Sometimes my personal life gets put on hold because of this. Right now I'm debating whether to continue a friendship because of it. I just don't know what to do."

"You will know what is right when you look in your heart. I'm going to check on the progress of the potions. I hope that nothing goes wrong with them." Eva mentioned standing up.

"I'm going to check on the potions if that's alright. I like to make sure that there correct and no mistakes have been made. A wrongly created potion can have disastrous effects on one such as myself." She said.

Jake showed her where the cauldron with the potion was. Several bottles were already filled with different color potions all labeled for her. She put them in her pocket and sniffed the one brewing. It was purple and bubbling and it smelled like a cross between a cat fur and lilacs. She purred with content. Her eyes glistened in the light. "For a dog I must admit knows how to brew a potion. This one just needs three more ingredients and its finished. I hope Roberto appreciates what I'm doing for him."

"Whose Roberto and what is that stuff exactly?"

"Roberto is my younger brother. He's about seven years old. This potion is the one I mentioned earlier. The power stripping/magical infusion one I mentioned earlier to you. It's one of the rarest and hardest potions to make because of the ingredients needed and the time it takes to make. Not to mention the requirements for it are most unusual. This is not your every day kind of potion Jake." Eva explained eyeing him.

"Why? I mean I understand the power stripping part because I've been on the wrong end of one of those before, but what's the infusion part for and why does your brother need it?" Jake questioned.

"Well you see my brother is blind. Even in his jaguar form he can't see so he is unable to protect the forest. Also normal humans and magical beings alike have almost killed him a dozen times because he has no control over his transformation because he can't see himself transforming. He ends up most of the time halfway in between. My parents have decided to send him to a school for the blind to help him but because he's a were being we can't simply strip him of half himself. So we have to replace the jaguar inside him with something else. That's where the infusion part comes in. It will replace his cat self with some other magical being magic keeping him whole but also making sure he doesn't hurt people as an animal." Eva explained.

"Wow that must be hard for your family. I mean having a handicapped sibling. So what magical being are you using for the replacement?" Jake asked.

Before Eva could open her mouth Gramps and Fu returned. Fu was talking on the cell phone making bets with Ernie while Grampa sighed in frustration. "Hello young dragon. I see you and our guest have been busy. Eva you will be pleased to know our mission was a success. We have the ingredients to finish the potion."

"That's wonderful Mr. Lao. My family can't thank you enough for this. Please what magic will you be using as the replacement?" Eva anxiously asked. Her hands were clenched tightly.

Grampa walked over to the bubbling potion and deposited two of the three final ingredients. One was the heart of a frog the other was a hair from a black cat. He the transformed one of his arms and plucked a scale from it adding it to the mix. Smoke puffed out of the cauldron and it became still. Pouring the contents into a crystal vial he handed it Eva. "There you go. Hopefully your brother won't reject the magic of a dragon. I wish you luck Eva."

"Thank you so much. I know how hard this potion must have been for you to make. I hope that it will help my brother considerably. He deserves as much as normal magical life as he can get. I'll send this home as soon as possible. It's getting late and I must get to my temporary home. I don't move onto campus until next week. Is it alright if Jake here escorts me?" she asked politely.

"Sure come on. I'll show you the sights of the Big Apple. See you later dudes." Jake said grabbing his skateboard and walking out of the shop. Once outside he indicated for Eva to get on his board and off they skated.

She screamed in pure delight. She had never had this much fun before. "You live in a interesting place Mr. Long. I've never had this much fun. I can't wait to see what my place looks like." She told him as they did a trick flip down a rail. Her inhuman balance kept them from toppling over.

Finally they arrived at the motel she had booked for herself. After showing some idea and getting her room key she gave a cat like grin to Jake. "I hope to see you some more before I start my classes. You are the most interesting individual I have met. I shall see you later. Good night." She said kissing him on the cheek.

Jake was caught off guard. He hadn't expected that. Sighing happily he flew home his thoughts on Eva. She was nice, smart, and magical like him. She would never try to slay him. That's when Rose image popped in his face and closed his eyes in frustration. He didn't see the bump in the sidewalk and went flying. He scrapped himself pretty badly and was bleeding from several cuts. "Oh man. Why does my life suck? Why can't I get Rose out of my mind? She's the enemy. I mean she's tried to kill me a hundred times why do I still like her?" he asked himself pounding the sidewalk angrily. Picking himself up of the ground he transformed and flew home.

Once home he locked himself in his room. What was he suppose to do about the Rose situation? The crisis at the zoo proved that he couldn't separate his personal feelings from his responsibilities as the American Dragon. If this continue someone was likely to die most likely him. There must be a way to separate his personal life from his magical one.

He sat up straight. Separate that was it! The potion that Eva had gotten from Gramps. The magic stripping/magical infusion one was exactly what he needed. If he could get his hands on the recipe and the ingredients he could strip himself of his dragon powers and replace them with something else. But he would need help. Trixie and Spud were out and so was Fu. Haley would blab and no way would Gramps help. Eva would be suspicious if he asked her. That just left one person. He would have to tell Rose the truth. He only hoped she would hold off slaying him long enough to brew the potion.