Starlight Ranma

By Senshi of 1

Ranma ½ owned by Rumiko Takahashi

Jem is owned by ? (Most of my knowledge is from research and fanfics I've read on here.)

I do not own any of the characters from the Ranma ½ or Jem universe and make no profit from this fanfiction.

Ranma stood defiantly before the male herb, trying to catch her breath as the two stared each other down. She was able to see Herb's attacks now was powerful enough and a bit slower so that Ranma was now able to see the ki trails much easier though that in itself presented a new problem…they were a lot more powerful than when Herb was locked in his female form earlier.

"I admit…you are very good girl but you are not good enough to beat me." Herb sneered as he readied another attack but stopped as Ryoga and Mousse came running into the clearing from the thick foliage.

"You can't get away from us!" a voice shouted from the foliage, a voice belonging to one of Herb's minions.

"Ryoga, get this to Ranma!" Mousse said tossing the kettle to Ryoga.

"How dare you touch the Musk's sacred treasures infidels!" Herb roared as Ryoga caught the kettle and stopped, looking at the kettle in his hands then up at everyone gathered around with a sneer. Throwing the kettle high into the air Ryoga thrust his hands into the air and released a large blast of ki incinerating the kettle, completely destroying it.

"NOOOOOOO!" Ranma and Herb screamed at the same time though for two very different reasons. Of course Herb was cured now but the kettle was still a sacred treasure of the Musk and he didn't like the idea of the locking ladle anymore without the kettle to undo any mishaps with it. Ranma thoughts was on a whole other scale though, without the kettle she would be stuck as a girl forever.

"What the hell are you doing Mousse demanded just before a huge ki blast impacted just before them throwing them away. Herb turned slowly and glared at Ranma venomously before his smile turned evil and cruel.

"The ladle is useless to us now but I still have need of a strong wife and you will be her since this is your fault!" Herb said.

"Cold day in hell, FREAK!" Ranma screamed as the two jumped at each other. Herb struck out using an ancient technique that few knew of, and even less had memorized. The ultimate weakness pressure points would leave the red head at his mercy and she would become his wife by choice or by force, it no longer mattered. The red head would surely be better than his father's idea of a bride.

Herb growled as the red head managed to avoid part of the attack but he still connected with several of the strikes which he was confident that would greatly reduce the red head's strength if not completely robbing her of all of it. He had his answer though as just before he pulled back the red head did the unthinkable…she kneed him right between the legs.

Her strength and power was greatly diminished but that still had hurt, badly. While if he was in his right mind he wouldn't have done what he was about to do. His mind was clouded though, he was in some pain and very, very pissed at the moment. Growling he lashed out in instinct, releasing an even larger blast of ki than he used against Ryoga and Mousse which sent her flying through the sky and over the edge of the mountain before she crashed through the top of a semi truck's trailer and into some of it's contents knocking her unconscious.

"Oh shit…" Muttered Herb in shock.


"How could you not notice a dead girl in the trailer!" a man shouted on a cell phone in the loading bay of Misfits Music drawing the attention of a blue haired girl, one of the Misfits Stormer.

"What's wrong?" Stormer asked the worker as she walked up to him.

"I'll call back later." The man growled ending the call then looked to Stormer, shock at who he was about to start yelling at caused him to choke a little. "I-I'm sorry, Ma'am. The shipment of mass produced discs came in from Japan a few minutes ago but…there's a dead girl in the back of the trailer…It…looks like she crashed through the roof of it."

Stormer gasped as she turned from the man and hurried to the trailer and climbed inside to find a pale, battered red haired girl laying in the middle of several crushed boxes. Fearing what she'd find out Stormer made her way to the girl and looked sadly at the red head's face. She reached over and stroked the girl's face sadly, sighing at such a waste of life.

"Y-You're alive." Stormer gasped as she felt a weak but deffinant breath against her wrist as she pulled it back. "CALL AN AMBULANCE!"

"What's wrong, Ma'am?" the worker asked.

"She's still alive, she needs help!" Stormer growled, wondering why an ambulance or something hadn't been called yet. In fact, it sounded like the worker was on the phone with the shipper's or something by the sound of it. Just another idiot who cared more about material things than a person's life. She was getting so sick of that attitude as she had to hang around it almost constantly with her bandmates.

"What's going on?" Pizzazz demanded appearing at the entrance to the trailer, "We're supposed to be heading to the studio Stormer."

"There's a hurt girl in here." Stormer said.

"That's not our problem." Roxy sneered.

"The ambulance is on its way." the worker said hanging up the cell again.

"I-I'm going to go with her." Stormer said softly as her bandmates glared at her from outside the trailer. Pizzazz eyes were hard and locked with Stormer's for a few moments as if searching for something.

"We have music to make." Jetta said, obviously not caring about the hurt girl.

"Stormer," Pizzazz sighed, "Go with her but I expect you to make this up by coming in tomorrow."

"Tomorrow is Saturday." Roxy whined.

"And we have to have the last three tracks recorded by first thing Monday morning." Pizzazz growled, "Stormer won't be able to concentrate if she's worried about the little brat so we might as well take the rest of the day off and come in tomorrow and get it done."

"But…" Jetta tried to start.

"We were planning to meet at my place to practice tomorrow anyways, so what's the difference in just doing it here?" Pizzazz asked tiredly.

"Fine." Roxy and Jetta both sighed, glaring daggers at Stormer as the paramedics arrived.


Stormer sighed tiredly as she drove from Misfit Music to the hospital to check up on the red head again. She was relieved that the doctor said the girl should be okay but at the same time she was horrified at how long the doctor had said the red head must have been out. The girl was dehydrated and undernourished with a lot of minor injuries, the worst being a head injury. The doctor was mostly worried about that and the seeming coma the girl was in.

Pulling into the parking lot and parking the car she grabbed the boombox, flowers, bear and card off the back seat and set the alarm then made her way inside and up to the girl's room. There were no other cards or flowers in the room except the ones Stormer had bought the night before from the gift shop before going home. She arranged the new flowers, card and bear on the night stand. She couldn't figure out why she was so concerned about the red head, it was really kind of strange in a way. She cared about people despite her image but she had never been this worried for a toatal stranger before in her entire life.

"Hi kid." Stormer said as she sat down pulling out a Misfits cd out of her bag and put it in the cd player and started in, letting it play softly. "I brought you some music to listen to. I…I know you probably can't hear me or the music but…I hope you can. They can't find out who you are or where you came from but I'll do whatever I can to help you."

"Stormer?" a blonde haired woman asked in surprise walking into the room.

"Jericca?" Stormer asked in shock. "Wh-What are you doing here?"

"I came by to drop off some donations to the children's ward from Starlight Music." Jerrica said, eyeing Stormer suspisiouly. "What about you…I know you are Kimber's…friend…but I wouldn't really expect to find you here!"

"I…I…I'm here with my sister if it's any of your business, Jerrica!" Stormer growled, "So why don't you just leave us alone!"

"S-Sister?" a weak voice asked in confusion from the bed drawing both women's attention.


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