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Chapter 29 (Friday night)

By now Dee Dee had warmed up the pizza and had gotten a cold beer each from the refrigerator. "Everything alright?" she asked as she seen Johnny hang up the phone.

"Yeah, I guess. Cap's got to fill a 48 on short notice and I 'get' to meet him at the station in the morning to start the paperwork. It's times like this that I realize just why I don't ever want to be handed that white hat." Johnny complained.

Dee Dee leaned over and kissed Johnny, "I'm sorry I got you into all this."

Johnny gave her a slight smile, "I thought it was me that volunteered once we got to the station."

"So what do you think will happen?" Dee Dee asked.

Johnny looked at his bandaged hand, "I'll go meet Cap in the morning. He'll call Chief Potter and they will get things worked out."

"That sounds easy enough." Dee Dee said, then added, "So why are you frowning?"

"Because some where in there, one way or another, I'm gonna get chewed out." Johnny said confidently.

Dee Dee frowned back, "Why?"

"That's what I haven't figured out yet." Johnny said.

5151515151515151 (Sat morning.)

Johnny drove around Station 51 a few minutes before eight, only to find Cap's vehicle already in the lot. Johnny grumbled out loud in his land rover before parking and making his way in the back door of the station.

As Johnny entered the station Dwyer came out of the locker room heading for the kitchen, "Gage? You're not on today. Why are you here so early."

Johnny lifted his bandaged hand and replied as they were about to enter the kitchen, "It's a long story."

Captain Stanley looked up from his coffee, "Morning, John." He then turned toward the C shift's Captain, "Can I borrow your office awhile?"

"My office is your office, Hank." The man said.

Once in the office of the station, that all three Captains shared. Captain Stanley said, "Clock in."

Johnny grimaced. That statement told him two things: One, it was official. Two, they may be there awhile.

After both had clocked in, Captain Stanley said, "Alright, now sit down and tell me what happened."

Johnny went through the whole thing about being at Dee Dee's when the tones dropped, going to the station with her, offering his assistance to Chief Potter, the accident scene, and how he had gotten hurt.

Captain Stanley leaned the chair back with his hands behind his head in thought before he asked, "Does Chief Potter know that you got hurt?" This was a question that he had a feeling that he already knew the answer to, but wanted to hear the answer for himself.

Johnny looked at his hand then the floor before looking back at his Captain, "No." He said quietly.

"Well, at least I'm not the only one who gets to find out that you hurt on a scene the day after!" Captain Stanley flipped the roll-a-dex to Station 204's information.

Johnny grimaced at Cap's remark as he watched him dial the phone.

"Chief Potter, Captain Stanley." Hank said since this was an official call.

Chief Potter replied, "Yes, Captain. What can I do for you?"

Taking in a deep breath, Hank began, "I believe you responded on a motor vehicle crash yesterday evening. One of my men offered to go along?"

"That he did, and I'll tell you he was a big help to us. If he hadn't been with us, I would have had to call for a Squad for sure." Chief Potter said.

"Well, I'm glad that he was able to help you." Captain Stanley said.

"But?" Chief Potter heard what Hank had not said.

Hank smiled briefly at the phone before he continued, "Yes, well, the is a 'but' there. You see Gage here is known for being sort of an accident waiting to happen. Then, when something does happen he has a tendency to down play it."

Johnny frowned at his Captain's choice of wording.

"Captain Stanley I'm not sure that I'm following you here." Chief Potter said.

"It seems that not only did Gage get hurt on your scene yesterday, but he failed to tell you that he was hurt." Hank said spelling things out clearly.

"Hurt?" Chief Potter said in surprise, "I hope it is nothing serious."

Hank heard the surprise in the Chief's voice. The man didn't have a clue that Johnny had gotten hurt. "Thanks, for your concern. No, it isn't anything serious, however, he did have to been seen in the Emergency Room at Rampart last night. He had to get a few stitches and the Doctor has him off at least for the next 48 hour shift he was scheduled to work."

"Well, I'll have to contact him to get the compensation forms sent in." Chief Potter replied.

Stanley smiled. He was glad that this Chief was on the same page as he was. "As a matter of fact he is here in my office at Station 51 now."

"Alright, if you both are going to be there awhile, I'll get a new roster with Gage on it typed up and grab my forms and be right over." Chief Potter said.

"Thanks, Chief. We'll be here. It looks like I have a schedule to fix." Stanley said.

"See you both in awhile." Potter said.

"Alright, Gage, Chief Potter is on his way over. Hand me that schedule and while you are at it is there anyone else that owes you any favors?" Captain Stanley asked.

"Bellingham. I covered for him a few weeks ago." Johnny said.

Hank looked at the schedule for the other paramedics in the county. "No dice, he's working 110's." After studying the schedule a few minutes, Stanley reached for the phone and dialed a number. "Brice this is Hank Stanley."

"Captain Stanley, yes Sir." Brice answered formerly.

Holding in the sigh he felt, Hank said, "I have a 48 hour shift open starting at midnight Sunday into Monday. Are you available?"

Brice thought for a minute. He wasn't scheduled any hours until much later in the week. "I'm not working until later this week so yes I'm free."

"Great. I'll see you at midnight Monday." Stanley said.

"Just one thing Captain Stanley. Who am I working with?" Brice asked hoping that it would not be with John Gage.

Captain Stanley replied, "You'll be working with Roy DeSoto."

"Alright, then, I'll see you then. I should be there by eleven. I hate to be late. That should give me enough time to get the Squad in order for the shift." Brice replied.

"Right." Hank grimaced as he hung up the phone.

"Brice? You had to call Brice first right? Roy will hang me! Not to mention what the others will do." Johnny whined.

"Well, he said he'd be here, which is what I need him to do. But, he plans to be here about eleven to get the Squad in order for the shift." Stanley frowned along with Johnny at that remark.

By noon the shift was covered, the compensation forms filled out, and Johnny was cleared for sick leave until Morton released him.

Dee Dee was just getting ready to put the last load of laundry in the washer as Johnny knocked on her door. Answering the door, she asked, "Hey, how's the hand?"

"It's good, Cap made sure I got it dressed while I was at the station. No infection, so it should be alright in a few days." Johnny said as he put his injured arm around her waist as they headed to the living room.

"Did Captain Stanley get your shift covered?" Dee Dee asked.

Johnny replied, "Yeah, I should probably call Roy and warn him. Brice is taking the whole shift."

Dee Dee had heard of Craig Brice but other than dealing with him on the radio, she hadn't met him, "Isn't he the one, ..."

"The 'walking rule book', Mr. Perfect himself." Johnny said.

"Is he really that bad? I know he can be a pain on the radio at times." Dee Dee said.

Johnny replied, "He's worse in person. He alphabetized the drugs in the drug box, he insists on locking the compartment doors on the Squad. Roy and the guys won't be happy about me not being there."

"So call him. I have another load of laundry to put in then I'll fix us something for lunch." Dee Dee said as she got back up from the couch. As an after thought Dee Dee asked, "Is your bag still in the land rover?" She knew that he'd likely tossed it in the back after his last shift and forgotten all about it.

Johnny had reached for the phone, but stopped. "Yeah, it's out there why?'

"Go get it and I'll throw your stuff in next." Dee Dee said.

Johnny smiled it wasn't often he had someone offer to do his laundry, "That's alright, I'll get it when I find out when Morton is going to let me go back to work. Besides you don't want it to smell like Smokey the Bear has been here do you?"

Dee Dee grinned widely, "I think Smokey the Bear is kind of cute and cuddly."

"You do, do you?" Johnny wiggled his eyebrows.

"Sure I do." Dee Dee said as she gave him a playful kiss. "Now, go get your bag or you will be rushing to get ready when Doc does release you. Besides, you don't need to try to be doing laundry with that hand, either."

Part of him knew Dee Dee was right, but most women would complain about smell and grim of some of his uniforms. "Alright, but I did warn you."

"I have been warned, now go!" Dee Dee insisted.

A few minutes later Johnny brought his bag into the laundry area of the apartment, "I think you should be able to get it all in one load."

Dee Dee resisted shaking her head at the bachelor in front of her, "Go call Roy. I'll be there in a little while."

Johnny went to the phone on the bar in the kitchen. When Joanne answered Johnny chatted with her a few minutes before asking for Roy.

"Is everything alright, Johnny?" She asked.

Johnny replied, "Yes, just wanted to run something by him."

"Alright." Joanne said as she stepped out the back door and called Roy to the phone. "Roy, phone for you. It's Johnny."

"Oh good, I just tried to call him a few minutes ago." Roy said as he picked up the receiver, "Johnny, I just tried to call you. I guess you couldn't get to the phone while it was ringing."

Johnny replied, "Well, no, I actually didn't hear the phone ring because I'm not at home."

"Oh, ok. I figured you heard the phone ring and figured it was me." Roy explained.

Johnny grinned, "Nope, I just must be psychic."

Roy couldn't resist, "So why was I calling if you are psychic?"

"Hey, I said I was psychic, not a mind reader." Johnny replied.

Roy rolled his eyes and mumbled, "Why me Lord?"

Johnny huffed, "I heard that!"

"Good!" Roy said. "I take it if you are not home that you are at Dee Dee's. Do you two have anything special planned this afternoon?"

"Umm, no, not really." Johnny said as he reached in the refrigerator for a Coke.

Roy replied, "Good then why don't you two come over for awhile. Jo's about fix sandwiches for lunch and then we can BBQ out this evening when it gets cooler. I was also wanting to go over the information for classes this week."

It sounded good to Johnny, but instead of accepting before he talked with Dee Dee he found himself doing what he'd ribbed Roy about doing countless times, "Hang on a sec." He covered the phone and said to Dee Dee, "Roy wanted to know if we wanted to come over for sandwiches, then BBQ out later."

Dee Dee replied, "Let me fold these towels. I'll let your uniforms soak while we are gone. I just need to change and I'll be ready."

Johnny took in the view of her white shorts and top. She looked fine to him. "Alright, but look look fine to me."

"I do not! I've been doing house work in these all day." Dee Dee replied.

Johnny shrugged, "Whatever makes you happy. I'll tell them we'll be over soon."

Roy wasn't sure that he was talking to his partner of several years when Johnny obviously put him on hold to ask Dee Dee about coming over. Finally Roy heard Johnny pick back up.

"We'll be over in a little while, then I can talk to you about what I was calling to tell you." Johnny added.

"Was it anything important?" Roy asked.

"Nothing that can't wait until I get there." Johnny said and added. "Talk to you in awhile."


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