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Chapter 31

Doctor Brackett had seen two Candy Stripers heading for what looked like high ground just before he got to the lounge door. As he opened the door he had heard Dixie's voice asking, "But, you don't agree with it?" followed by another voice replying, "No, I don't. I can't tell you how many rumors I've heard about people here and just because I happened to be talking about your niece and her lover, who just happens to work out of here, ... you have a problem with it. I think it is just because you have a problem with your niece sharing a room over night with John Gage."

Before Dixie could open her mouth to chew the Candy Striper to bits, she heard a voice behind her.

"Ladies, ... is there a problem here?" Doctor Brackett asked in his no non-sense tone.

As Dixie turned to the familiar voice, she had to bite her tongue to keep from calling Doctor Brackett 'Kel', "Yes, ... Doctor Brackett, ... it seems that Ms. Morgan here has a problem with patient confidentiality. Not only has she been talking about one of our patients to other employees, but has also been talking about just who they were here with."

Sandy jumped to her own defense, "Doctor Brackett, she is only pissed at me because I was talking about her niece being here with a patient. I can't help who her niece decides to share a room with or that half the hospital knows about it."

"Miss Morgan, ... first of all I will not tolerate our patients being talked about in less than a professional manner. Their personal lives are just that, ... personal, even if, and especally if those patients are employees here. I expect, and will settle for nothing less, that professionalism from my doctors and nurses. Just like Ms. McCall expects professionalism from her nurses and you Candy Stripers. If Ms. McCall wants to put this incident on paper I will back a hundred percent of the way." Dr. Brackett looked at Dixie to see what her opinion was.

Dixie was tempted, very tempted to go ahead and put the matter on paper and handle it officially, but she knew Miss Morgan was good at her job, they were short handed in the nursing staff and the Candy Stripers did fill a gap for the patients, so in the patients best interest she decided to bite the bullet this time and reply, "No, Doctor Brackett, I'm good with just a verbal warning this time. I will document it and get you a copy for both your and Ms. Morgan's files. A verbal warning stays in your file for six months, if there are no further incidents it will be removed. You can consider yourself on step one of our disciplinary policy. I suggest you read that policy Miss Morgan. You can go now." Dixie could only hope there would not be a next incident with Miss Morgan, but her gut feeling told her otherwise.

Sandy couldn't believe her ears as she looked from Nurse McCall to Dr. Brackett. Both had a very serious expression on their faces, but Sandy still didn't think that she had done anything that bad. She had heard other talk about who various employees were dating and even a few who were stepping out on their spouses. What Sandy didn't realize was that due to Johnny having been a patient at Rampart, she had just went beyond the rumor mill gossip and was now bordering on a violation of patient confidentiality.


Dee Dee had put the last of her laundry up that she had folded before going to Roy and Joanne's. When she came into the living room she noticed Johnny was digging around in his duffel bag, "Looking something?"

Johnny held up his EMT book in his good hand, "I need to look at the next couple of chapters before class on Tuesday and if memory services me right someone else has some reading to do too."

Studying for EMT class wasn't exactly how Dee Dee thought the evening would go, but Johnny was right. Most of what was in those chapters would be most of what was different here in California. "It seems like you know my teacher very well."

Johnny gave Dee Dee a grin as she got her book and cuddled on the couch with him. "At least if you have any questions you don't have to wait until Tuesday to ask them."

"That is true." Dee Dee said.


Once again Chet was trying to get in touch with the guys to get in some bowling practice. So far he'd called Johnny's and got no answer. Chet remembered the conversation with Sandy last night about Johnny and Dee Dee. He had to wonder if his favorite pigeon was holding out on him.

Next he called Roy, "Roy, I was calling to see if you all wanted to get together tonight and bowl a few games?"

Roy looked at the clock. It was nearly the kids bed time and he was tired from having company most of the day. "Chet, it's nearly time to put the kids to bed."

"It's not going to be my fault if 110's stomp us." Chet replied.

"Who else have you got going?" Roy asked as he was forced to consider going out at this hour.

Chet said, "I called Johnny's and didn't get an answer, so I figured I'd try your house and maybe he would be there too."

"You just missed them." Roy said as he kicked himself as the last word came out of his mouth.

"Them?" Chet questioned.

Roy knew Chet would be all over his statement. He sighed and began, "Yes, Johnny and Dee Dee left here awhile ago." Then Roy thought about Johnny's injured hand. "Chet, Johnny isn't going to be able to bowl this weekend anyway."

"Not bowl. Ah, man, why not?" Chet asked.

Roy hoped this would get Chet's mind off Johnny and Dee Dee, "He cut his hand and has stitches. Morton has him off work at least until Monday."

"Ah, man! That's a load of crap." Chet fussed, "I'm telling you I talked to Joe at the bowling alley last night. He said 110 has been there every off night for a month and I can't get you guys together to bowl one game." Chet continued.

Roy said, "Yeah, well, we'll try next week. Johnny's hand should be good by then. We'll see when Morton releases him this week and plan something at the station."

"Yeah, well, alright. Night Roy." Chet said disappointed. He looked at the clock, it was still early as far as Chet was concerned. Maybe he'd just head out and bowl a couple games himself. Who knew maybe he'd meet up with someone who seemed to enjoy the game a bit more than Sandy had last night. "If you change your mind, come on out, I think I'm going to try my luck at a couple games."

Roy replied, "Thanks for the invitation, but don't hold your breath."

"Great. OK. Night Roy. See ya tomorrow night." Chet said.


Study time had been more productive than Johnny or Dee Dee had figured that it would. Dee Dee had found several questions that Johnny was able to explain for her. He had also found several interesting things in the upcoming chapters to bring up to her. In fact, he managed to add a couple of 'been there, done that' stories for her including the rescues at the tunnel collapse the night the Townsend Act had passed. Doctor Brackett had given them the go ahead to treat the patients, even before he knew the bill had passed.

"You mean he didn't know it had passed and gave you the go ahead?" Dee Dee asked.

"That's right. He didn't even know if the bill would pass but he knew he'd spoke on it's behalf." John said with a grin, "I guess its a good thing he was right."

"I guess so." Dee Dee said.

Johnny had already closed his book, "So, have you had enough studying for tonight?"

Dee Dee grinned, "What do you have in mind, Mr. Gage?"

Johnny just grinned and took her by the hand with his good hand, "Come on and I'll show you."

Forgetting everything else, Johnny and Dee Dee headed to the bedroom of her apartment.


Chet had found nothing to hold his interest for long at the bowling alley, so he decided to take the long way home instead of just going straight home to an empty apartment. As Chet passed a parking lot for an apartment complex he couldn't help but do a double take. He knew that Rover and it was parked beside a familiar car that Chet was sure was Dee Dee's. Chet checked the time. It was far later than most normal dates lasted.

After driving around for another hour or so, Chet was in Johnny's neighborhood and decided to make a quick pass through the parking lot. If Johnny was home, he might just stop in if the lights were on. Chet was more than just a bit surprised that Johnny wasn't home yet when he saw the Rover not in it's normal place and no lights on anywhere in Johnny's apartment.

As Chet drove around heading basically toward home, but he had not taken a direct route, he noticed he was only a block away from where he was sure he spotted Johnny's Rover earlier. He was too close not to make another pass by the parking lot. Once again he saw the familiar Rover parked in the same spot. Checking the clock it was nearly two in the morning. One thing he knew for sure, if that was indeed Johnny's Rover, like he was almost sure it was, then Johnny was not going anywhere else tonight. Chet smiled broadly, his pigeon had been holding out on him. Now he had enough ammunition to box Johnny in a corner. Chet smiled broadly as he headed toward his apartment.


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